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Showdown between Auckland City FC and Cayman Island’s Bodden Town set to decide second finalist


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Oceania Football Confederation: November 20, 2014 – With Vanuatu’s Amicale FC having already secured a spot in the final of the inaugural OFC President’s Cup the most likely contender to join them is Auckland City FC.

However club Bodden Town will be out to deny a rematch of the 2014 OFC Champions League final when they take on the FIFA Club World Cup bound Auckland City side in the Match Day 3 opener.

Meanwhile professional outfit Busaiteen of Bahrain are out to edge Fiji U-20 for a place in the 3rd/4th place play-off.

Auckland City coach Ramon Tribulietx has a full roster to call on with defender Marko Dordevic rested up following his arrival in New Zealand and striker Emiliano Tade back from South Africa.

“He’s got his aspirations and we have to cope with that unfortunately and he may be another one who leaves us to play professional football,” Tribulietx says of the Argentinian attacker.

“It’s understandable and I think it helps our reputation. The good thing is that we can also attract very good players.”

Looking ahead to says having seen them in action on Wednesday evening against he’s very aware of the need to approach the encounter with caution.

“We will approach the game with a lot of respect. They’re a different, unexpected team that do random things and this could be a danger to us, so we have to be aware of that,” he says.

Fortune leans slightly more favourably for Tribulietx and his side with their 4-0 victory over Singapore U-23 on day one giving them a decent advantage. To join Amicale in the final Bodden Town will need to record a victory of at least 4-0.

Coach Elbert McLean believes that is entirely within his side’s capabilities.

“Each match we play is going to be different but we’re going for the three points, we’re going for the win,” he says.

The late match will see Busaiteen out to overturn a disappointing opener, in which they were downed 2-1 by a thrilling Amicale, against the youthful .

Coach Khifa Hamad Isa Alzayani was disappointed not to earn three points after a decent performance from his players in their opening match, but is already looking ahead.

“We will try to improve on our performance and get a win.”

Fiji coach Ravinesh Kumar was in the stands for Busaiteen’s match and says it was a good opportunity to gauge the side and how they perform.

“I know that they’re a professional club and they will be good,” he says.

No matter what the outcome is, Kumar knows even the experience of playing a side like Busaiteen is going to be of huge benefit for his players.

“It’s all good for us playing with better teams here because we are preparing ourselves for the FIFA U-20 World Cup and we need to play as many good sides as we can.”


Auckland City FC [NZL] vs. Bodden Town [CAY]

The Trusts Arena, Auckland

Friday 21 November 2014

Kickoff: 5pm

Referee: Nelson SOGO [SOL]

Auckland City FC

Squad list: 1. Tamati WILLIAMS [GK], 2. Simon ARMS, 3. Takuya IWATA, 4. Mario BILEN, 5. Angel BERLANGA, 6. John IRVING, 8. Tim PAYNE, 9. Darren WHITE, 10. Ryan DE VRIES, 11. Cam LINDSAY, 14. Sanni ISSA, 15. Ivan VICELICH (c), 16. Dae Wook KIM, 17. Marko DORDEVIC, 22. Andrew MILNE, 23. Sam BURFOOT, 24. Jacob SPOONLEY [GK], 25. Frabrizio TAVANO, 26. Kohei MATSUMOTO


Bodden Town

Squad list: 1. Ramon SEALY [GK], 3. Maynor RODRIGUEZ, 4. Yefry ARZU CALDERON, 5. Santangelo BUSH, 6. Wesley ROBINSON, 7. Thomas BUSH JR, 8. Kareem JAMES, 9. Charlo McLEAN, 10. Karl SOLOMON BORDEN, 11. Theron WOOD, 12. Joshwa CLARKE, 14. Casey McLAUGHLIN, 16. Andra ALLEN, 17. Emmanuel BROWN, 20. Jonathan EBANKS, 21. Mario BERRY, 22. Fabio GALL, 23. Michael GOURZONG [GK]

Coach: Elbert McLEAN [CAY]

Busaiteen [BHR] vs. Fiji U-20 [FIJ]

The Trusts Arena

Monday 17 November 2014

Kickoff: 7.30pm

Referee: Nick WALDRON [NZL]


Squad list: 1. Mahmood Isa Mohamed SHARIF [GK], 2. Mohamed Nabeel Bakheet MUBARAK, 3. Juliano de PAULA, 4. Abdulla Ahmed Jasim BUDHAISH, 5. Mohamed Sultan Hamad ALI, 6. Abdelkarim KOUSSI, 8. Hesham Ahmed Mansoor NAYEM, 9. Mohamed Abdulaziz AJAJ, 11. Abdulraham Mohamed Fares FALEH, 12. Hesam Jasim Najim ALMANNAE [GK], 14. Abdulla Ali Hasan ALAJMI, 16. Mohamed Khalil Ebrahim ALQALLAF, 17. Mohamed Jasim Ali ALBADAL, 18. Isa Abdulla Ahmed ALROOMI, 19. Mujtaba Mohamed Ghuloom MALEK, 20. Ahmed Yusuf Hasan MOHAMED, 22. Husain Abdulla Hasan HARAM [GK], 23. Yusuf Salah Yusuf ALBUSAITINI, 25. Eliel da Cruz GUARDIANO, 30. Salman Ahmed Saleh ALDAKHEEL

Coach: Khlifa Hamad Isa ALZAYANI [BHR]

Fiji U-20

Squad list: 1. Misiwani NAIRUBE [GK], 2. Praneel NAIDU, 3. Garish PRASAD, 4. Jale DRELOA, 5. Tony TUIVUNA, 6. Mohammed KHAN, 7. Nickel CHAND, 8. Setareki HUGHES, 9. Gabrieili MATANISIGA, 10. Narendra RAO, 11. Joseva KOROI, 12. Ratu WARANAIVALU, 13. Mataiasi TOMA, 14. Ravnit CHAND, 15. Saula WAQA, 16. Jonetani BUKSH, 17. Kolino SIVOKI, 18. Al-taaf SAHIB, 19. Ashnil RAJU, 20. Shaneel NAIDU [GK], 21. Divikesh DEO [GK], 22. Samuela NABENIA

Coach: Ravinesh KUMAR [FIJ]

Broadcast details:

OFC TV will provide exclusive coverage from The Trusts Arena in Auckland with live streaming of all six matches from the group stage plus the play-offs and final on 23 November. The streaming will be available via with low-resolution and high-resolution options to cater for different internet speeds.

Several broadcasters from around the region have come on board including VBTC in Vanuatu, EMTV and Kundu 2 in Papua New Guinea, FBC TV and Fiji TV in Fiji, Solomon Telekom in Solomon Islands as well as MediaCorp in Singapore and Cayman (27) in the Cayman Islands.

Live radio broadcast of selected matches includes coverage provided by APNA 990, Radio Tarana, Ethnic Media 360, Humm FM, VBTC Vanuatu with Radio Live Sport in New Zealand covering preview and reviews of the event.

Full live stream details

Friday 21 November

5pm: Auckland City FC v Bodden Town – Live stream link here

7.30pm: Busaiteen v Fiji U-20 – Live stream link here

Sunday 23 November

1pm: Play-off for 5th/6th – Live stream link here

4pm: Play-off for 3rd/4th – Live stream link here

7pm: OFC President’s Cup Final – Live stream link here

IMAGE: Bodden Town’s Emmanuel Brown in action for the Cayman Islands club. Image: OFC via Phototek

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