March 25, 2019

Shenel Gall’s Swiss team advances


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shenel gall first divisionCayman football star Shenel Gall’s Swiss team advances to Women’s Premier League

By Thiago Cunha

We have excellent news for Cayman Islands Women’s football.

On Sat (25) Cayman Islands female soccer star, Shenel Gall’s team made history in Zurich – Switzerland.

FC Neunkirch won the last and final game. FC Neunkirch 3-1 FC Thun NLA.

For the first time ever FC Neunkirch will play in the Switzerland Women’s Premier League.

Shenel gall celebrationI spoke with Shenel Gall on Saturday. The club had a big celebration.

Shenel arrived back in Grand Cayman on Sunday.

Shenel Gall played 90 minutes. They are celebrating the historic accomplishment.



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