April 22, 2019

Russian Certificate GOST


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The particular and undoubtedly complex economic moment is forcing global companies to find new outlets for their goods, not to fail. For several years, the has been one of the preferred destinations for European companies. German, Italian, Dutch and French exporters have made great efforts to gain market share in all sectors of this large and promising economy.

The figures reflect an important global economy with a population of approximately 140 million people and a GDP (Current Rates, US Dollars) for Russia of US $ 1,465.08 billion in 2010, which has been a G8 member since 1998 do.

245 were imported with billions of dollars of goods in 2010, 39% more than in the previous year, but this was marked by the severe crisis that plagued the country in 2008-2009. In 2010, import volume almost fully recovered from pre-crisis levels, official data for the first six months of 2011 have already surmounted this level, and from January to July goods were actually imported for $ 174 billion.

It is natural that these numbers make the Russian market very attractive, especially if the markets in and the US are weak.

The decision to export to Russia brings with it the obligation to overcome various bureaucratic obstacles even before their products are on store shelves. Among these, the confirmation of conformity of products and production with Russian norms, which is usually referred to by the acronym GOST R, is probably the most important.

Gost R means a very different set of certifications outside of Russian territory. Certifications in Russia can be dedicated to specific sectors of the economy, such as hydrocarbon research, production, and transportation. In this case, Rostekhnadzor’s approval is erroneously known worldwide as a certified Gost RTN.

One of the certifications that will certainly have a greater impact on food products exported to Russia is certainly the GOST R Declaration of Conformity.

Or there are many certificates of conformity GOST R required for industrial production, such as valves, pipes, and building materials.

Gost These certifications, along with the State Health SGR Registration (also known as the Customs Union Health Certificate), are synonymous with the CE Mark and comply with the ISO rules in force in Europe.

Russia has just completed its 18-year political and bureaucratic process and will officially attend a WTO meeting on 15 December, which will allow even more convenient and secure export to the country.

This recent development will likely require the Russian authorities to abandon some of the measures still in force to protect their own producers, as expected, but the change will be gradual and major improvements may not be immediately apparent.

As part of the certification in Russia, progress has been made and is still ongoing, for example, the technical regulations to comply with European standards replace the very old certificate of conformity GOST R.

Moreover, the change in the in a genuine customs and economic union with a single currency will certainly improve the situation and make our distribution projects in the former and its profitable markets more profitable.


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