July 18, 2019

UPDATE: Over 900 lbs. of Ganja recovered during Interdiction by the Joint Marine Unit early Monday, 18 March


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Drug packages recovered by the JMU after the pursuit.



March 20 – The three men, ages 66, 44 and 43, of , who were arrested on Monday, 18 March following an interdiction (see release below) have been formally charged with Importation of Ganja. One of the men (age 44) has also been charged with Possession of an Imitation Firearm with Intent, and Reckless and Negligent Act, and another (age 43) has been charged with Making a Threat to Kill.
They are appearing in court later today, Wed 20 March.

Around 6:30AM yesterday morning, 18 March, the , while on patrol approximately eleven miles off the coast of East End, came across a suspicious vessel that refused to stop when challenged.  

The JMU pursued the vessel for an extended period in open waters, during which packages were thrown overboard. One of the persons on board the fleeing vessel brandished and threatened officers with a firearm during the pursuit; officers discharged a service weapon in response, and the vessel was disabled and detained. During the pursuit officers observed the firearm that had been brandished at them, as well as other smaller items that appeared to be firearms, thrown overboard.

The boat seized by the JMU after the water pursuit.

A large number of the packages that had been tossed overboard were recovered by JMU officers. 

The three men on board the vessel were arrested, ages 66, 44 and 43 of Jamaica, on suspicion of drug related charges and firearm offences.   The suspects and the drug vessel were detained and conveyed to Grand Cayman.

Altogether approximately 900 lbs. of ganja was recovered with an estimated street value of approximately c.$800K KYD.  This was the largest seizure of drugs in the Cayman islands in the last ten years.

The matter is currently under police investigation.

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