August 25, 2019

National Drug Council officially opens Cayman Brac office


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The National Drug Council officially opened its Cayman Brac office last week during a visit by Minister for Health, Environment, Culture and Housing, Hon. .

The office, which has been operating since last year, offers full-time services to all residents. Prior to the office opening last year, only limited services conducted by National Drug Council staff visiting from were available to residents of the Brac.

“I’m very pleased that we now have this essential office providing key services to the residents of Cayman Brac,” said Mr. Seymour. “The National Drug Council plays a crucial role in education and prevention of drug misuse and abuse, so the office is a vital resource on the island, particularly for our young people.”

The office is run by Julianne Scott, who has returned to her native island after several years working on Grand Cayman.

National Drug Council Director Joan West-Dacres and the five members of staff from the Grand Cayman office travelled to Cayman Brac for the opening reception on Thursday (12 April 2018).
Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, MLA for , also attended the event, along with Ministerial Councillor Capt. Eugene Ebanks and Chief Officer for Health, , as well as members of the Brac community

Children from the Creek, West End and Spot Bay Primary Schools performed the national song for the gathering.

The Ministerial party went on to visit the Department of Environmental Health, Faith Hospital, and the Mosquito Research and Control Unit in Cayman Brac, as well as the medical clinic and Department of Environment facility on Little Cayman during their two-day tour.


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