November 17, 2019

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Grand Court Jurors Report Date Changed

The Grand Court jury report date has been changed.

Grand Court Jurors who are in the 1 July – 6 October 2015 session are now to report on Monday, 3 August, 2015 at 9:45 a.m.

Please call the Jury Information line at 945-5072 for the most up-to-date information.

Immigration Department Closure On 31 July 2015

The Department of Immigration Headquarters, including Passport & Corporate Services, Visa Office and Front Counter, will be closed to the public for all but essential services on Friday, 31 July 2015. Only work permit and permanent residence applications (including applications for permission to continue to work (PCW)) that must be submitted prior to 1 August in order to allow continued employment will be accepted.

Time sensitive applications for visitor extensions will also be accepted.

The Passport & Corporate Services Office will not accept any applications but passports and visa waivers may be collected at the Immigration main counter location.

The Department will resume normal operations on Monday, 3 August and will also remain open to the public until 7.00pm on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 July.

The Department apologizes for any inconvenience the closure on 31 July may cause.




Closure of Harbour Drive on Friday, 31 July

Please be advised that Harbour Drive between Goring Avenue and Boilers Road in central George Town will be closed beginning 11AM on Friday, July 31 until midnight for the Harbour Nights festival. While Harbour Drive will be closed to traffic, Goring Avenue and Boilers Road will be open in order to allow for the free flow of traffic around the closure. We encourage the community to take note of this closure and plan accordingly.

The closure will be on the section of Harbour Drive between Goring Avenue and Boilers Road only.

Deadline for Early Childhood Assistance Programme

The Ministry of Education offers funding to assist eligible young Caymanian children to attend an early childhood centre. Children who are eligible for either full or partial funding are able to receive this support between September 1st, 2015 and June 30th, 2016Application forms are available at the Government Administration Building on Elgin Avenue, at the Department of Education Services on Thomas Russell Way, and from early childhood centre directors/operators.



Clifton Hunter High School Uniform Shop Open

The Clifton Hunter High School Uniform Shop will be open Saturday (1 Aug) from 10am until 12pm.

Webster Memorial United Church in Bodden Town Breakfast Sale

The Webster Memorial United Church in Bodden Town will be having a Breakfast Sale on Saturday (1 Aug) at the Church Hall from 7:00 a.m to 10:30 a.m.

5th Annual Memorial Family Fun Day for Jeremiah

The All Against Violence in Cayman group is inviting everyone to the 5th Annual Memorial Family Fun Day for Jeremiah at 7 Mile Public Beach on Saturday (1 Aug) from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

National Gallery Cayman Brac Summer Camp

The annual National Gallery Cayman Brac Summer Art Camp will be held on Saturday (1 Aug.) The exciting, full-day summer camp will feature guest artist Robin McLaurin, a fine art photographer and educator with years of experience under her belt. The day will host a wide variety of art activities and discussions, and will close with an art show of the work completed during the Summer Art Camp. For details and to register, call 945 8111.

Prison Sports Club 2nd Annual Fish Fry

For the Love of Cricket Prison Sports Club 2nd Annual Fish Fry is Sunday (1 Aug) at the Smith Road Oval.



Grand Court Jurors Report Date Changed

Grand Court Jurors in the current session, are now to report on Monday (3 Aug) at 9:45 a.m

Church of God Chapel George Town VBS

The Church of God Chapel George Town extends an invitation to all children between the ages of 3 and 13 to Vacation Bible School “Scavenger Hunt” Monday — Friday (3 — 7 Aug) from 6:00 – 8:00 p. m. at the Family Life Centre. Call 949-9393 to register.

National Pensions Bill North Side Civic Centre

The next public consultation meeting for the National Pensions Bill is Monday (3 Aug) at the North Side Civic Centre at 8pm.


Cayman Islands businessman says fine is too high

Cayman Islands businessman Gilroy Bryce Merren says he cannot pay his fine of $75,000 that was included in his nine-year prison sentence for drug trafficking by a U.S. District Court in Puerto Rico.

Merren has been imprisoned since his arrest in March 2014 and his attorney Jennie Espada used this fact in her request filing to the Court to have the case judge reconsider the fine.

Merren’s probation officer who reviewed the case stated Merren doesn’t have the ability to pay the fine.

According to Espada’s statement she said most of Merren’s assets “had been sold to be able to support his daughter, pay for her university and living expenses in the mainland”.

Her other main argument centred on similar drug conspiracy cases and money laundering allegations that had fines leveled against perpetrators at less than one-third of the amount Merren had been assessed.


Obama says Ethiopia should not jail journalists, restrict opponents

From Caribbean Digital Network

ADDIS ABABA, July 28 (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that Ethiopia “cannot unleash the full potential of its people” if it jails journalists and restricts legitimate opposition groups.

Ethiopia’s government has acknowledged it had more work to do to develop its democracy but also says any journalists it has detained committed crimes.

In a speech at the African Union, Obama also said Central African Republic leaders needed to commit to inclusive elections and a peaceful transition of power. Elections in October will mark a return to democratic rule after the Seleka rebels toppled President Francois Bozize in March 2013, sparking a conflict.

(Reporting by Jeff Mason and Aaron Maasho; Writing by Edmund Blair; Editing by Larry King)

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Jamaica atop Hoerman Cup standings … Cayman player second

From Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica Confident Of Finishing Well At Caribbean Golf Championship

Jonathan Newham had to overcome strong winds on Day Two of the Caribbean Golf Championship, Hoerman Cup, to fire a safe 71 at the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course, Montego Bay yesterday to pull team Jamaica into the lead.

Newham and teammate for the round, Owen Samuda (72), managed the course expertly as the Jamaicans took over the lead from Puerto Rico, who held a 154-pt lead from the opening round.

Jamaica claimed the lead with 602, 26 over par as a team, and are followed by the Dominican Republic 32 over. Puerto Rico are next 36 over par. Barbados had a 42 over par, Trinidad and Tobago 46, Cayman Islands 48, Bahamas 63, and the US Virgin Islands 110 over par, round out the team standings in the Hoerman Cup.

Newham bettered his opening round 73, and is at Even for the championship, while Samuda who had a bad opening round with 78, managed the windy conditions expertly to fire a second round 72, but is in sixth place on six over par through two rounds.

Good Luck On Windy Day

“It was a tough day; very windy, so to shoot a 72 today, I am pleased,” Samuda said.

“This Jamaica team is a pretty strong one and if it remains windy for the rest of the championship, I think Jamaica will be in a better position to win outright,” Samuda added.

The Cayman Islands’ Brian Ross is second on the leader board, having stroked 73 on the day, one higher than his 72 on Monday’s first round.

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CARIBBEAN: Cosmetic medical tourism to come to Turks and Caicos


Many people in the Caribbean region travel for cosmetic surgery to the Dominican Republic. The Turks and Caicos Islands want to take part of that market. Cosmetic surgery clinics used by locals depend on two American cosmetic surgeons travelling every few months from the USA to perform operations. For patients who need immediate surgery, they are flown to other islands as the Americans only appear three or four times a year.

Breast reduction surgery was considered non-cosmetic and was covered by the National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP), but that changed and it is no longer covered as it is classified as cosmetic surgery. A few years ago a local hospital agreed to offer cosmetic surgery where patients pay out of pocket, to help the hospital earn some money.

Most patients from these islands went to the Dominican Republic and other islands, so the American surgeons set up a programme where the costs are very similar but are better as there is no need to travel, and they can get follow-up care at home too.

Only 10 to 15 surgeries are performed during every visit, of which four or five are for cosmetic operations, and for these operations they usually see more patients than they actually operate on. The surgeons see people and decide if there is an operation that will help them. Operations are then priced, and some decide not to proceed. Most people are operated on at the next trip in four months from the date of first appointment.

Although the hospital is ready and capable of offering more cosmetic surgery to the local market, they are not set up to take in people from other countries. But the surgeons intend to expand in the near future, with the possibility of an off-site location for outpatient surgeries.

Some operations are on locals who have had surgery in the Dominican Republic and had problems or infections. On the islands there is a high proportion of large breasted women, so there is a lot more need for reductions than augmentations.


A plan is to have a website so that patients who are interested can get online and see what operations are offered, the prices and can have a direct line to the surgeons.

Progress is very slow locally so these future projects will probably take years rather than months.

The main local hospital does some medical tourism with knee and hip surgeries, but as it is government owned it waits for the government to push any initiative, as for every operation not covered under the NHIP, the government takes 50 % of the cost.

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Cayman Islands rocks Lake Forest special needs dance

iNews b nsa0kb-b88463506z.120150729180742000gl5b1cmn.10By Scott Bosco From The Orange County Register

IMAGE: Timothy Jamar, left, of the Cayman Islands’ Special Olympics team danced with Tim Robertson. PHOTOS: BILL ALKOFER, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Over 150 people, including 56 delegates from the Cayman Islands’ Special Olympics team, attended Lake Forest’s special-needs dance on July 22.

The theme for the evening was “Lake Forest Luau.” The event featured a disc jockey playing current dancing hits, a luau-themed photo booth and prizes provided by Autism Behavior Services and Chick-fil-A.

The DJ even threw in some reggae dance tunes in honor of the delegates.

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Climate change and why geothermal could be a solution for the Caribbean

iNews b Dominica_CaribbeanFrom Think Geoenergy

IMAGE: Dominica, Caribbean (source: flickr/ boshamite, creative commons)

Climate change will take a heavier toll on island nations in the Caribbean. The time to change to renewables and geothermal is now!

Climate change and global warming affect us all and unless carbon emissions are reduced consistently, we will see dramatic changes in the coming decades to nations worldwide.

This is particularly relevant for the Caribbean, where rising sea levels can have a disastrous effect both on their territories and economy.

A local news source states that “To solve the problems of global warming and climate change, the world needs a new energy source to replace coal, oil and other carbon-based fuels. OGEF’s mission is to fund the R&D needed to tap into the earth’s vast geothermal energy resource” says the President of the Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation Jim Shnell.

Energy and Power are in high demand in these regions, fuelled by economic growth. This often translates into more fossil fuel being burnt to generate electricity and contributing to the problem instead of fixing it.

By developing local renewable energy sources, such as Dominica is doing with geothermal, both the need for energy and cutting carbon emissions are met. Many of these island nations have significant renewable potential still untapped.

Source: Caribbean Life News

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Undocumented Cubans apprehended in uninhabited US territory off Puerto Rico


CBPAGUADILLA, Puerto Rico, Wednesday July 29, 2015 – Eight more illegal immigrants from Cuba have been held in Mona Island off Puerto Rico, bringing to 47 the number of undocumented Cubans smuggled into the uninhabited US territory this month alone.

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents held the Cubans yesterday morning after they landed on the island, located approximately 42 miles west of Puerto Rico.

The men were then transferred by helicopter to the Border Patrol Station in Aguadilla for immigration processing.

“Migrants continue to put their lives at unnecessary risk by venturing into Mona Island not knowing the multiple hazards within that area,” said Ramiro Cerrillo, Ramey Sector Chief Patrol Agent.

“We reiterate our warning of the perils of making such a dangerous journey.”

Smugglers in the Dominican Republic strategically navigate to and use Mona Island as a drop off point for migrants who ultimately then have to be recovered from the island and transported to Puerto Rico by CBP or US Coast Guard air or marine assets.

The Ramey Border Patrol Sector has apprehended 488 undocumented migrants, 238 Cubans, 104 Dominicans, and 146 Haitians since last October.

For more on this story go to:


Tackling Corporal Punishment in the Caribbean

Saint Lucia has joined the growing Caribbean campaign against corporal punishment.

Michael Joseph is a young Saint Lucian who has used his vocal talent to spread the anti-corporal punishment message.

The student, with the help of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has released a song condemning the practice, which will be used across the globe as part of a massive campaign.

“I feel good because I am getting the message out to those who beat their children. I hope that parents will stop beating their children. That they will have lessons with them and talk to them instead,” he said.

Saint Lucia’s Director of Human Services Elizabeth Lewis said that too often parents and teachers opt for the quick fix that is physical punishment, bypassing the proven alternatives.

“Corporal punishment for us, is not the best way at all. It is not something that we support at Human Services, because we realize it entails some level of violence and we are certainly not in favour of violence against children,” she said.

The issue of physical discipline was again thrust in the spotlight on Wednesday, after a video of a mother beating her daughter for missing her curfew went viral.

Pediatrician and child rights activist Dr. Jacqueline Bird denounced the incident and said it is sad that countries like Saint Lucia continue to legitimize physical punishment of children in homes and schools. Through the non-profit organisation RISE St. Lucia Inc., Bird has been challenging the Ministry of Education to abolish the practice in schools.

Saint Lucia’s Health and Gender Relations Minister Alvina Reynolds said the government continues to advocate for new strategies and methods for disciplining students. She says this pertains to both parents and teachers.

Child rights agencies across the Caribbean say ending corporal punishment is a priority.

They say getting rid of this type of discipline is essential to ending all forms of violence against children.

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Caribbean Airlines and Emirates in key deal

Port-of-Spain,Thursday, 30 July 2015 00:00

Piarco, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I., July 28, 2015 – Caribbean Airlines is pleased to announce that it has signed a key new interline deal with Emirates – now the world’s largest international airline. The arrangement gives customers:

greater choice of destinations

easy transfers in key airports such as London’s Gatwick and New York’s JFK, and

an opportunity to take advantage of through fares from the extensive Emirates network via London and New York to Port of Spain, Georgetown, Kingston and Montego Bay.

The benefits to consumers will be tangible: a hassle free journey with a single ticket and the lowest available fares in both economy and business class. For example, a passenger traveling from Mumbai, India, can fly on one of Emirates six (6) daily non-stop flights to their hub in Dubai, then connect to one of their three (3) daily non-stop services to London Gatwick (including the 380’s) and then connect to one of Caribbean Airlines four (4) weekly non-stop flights to Port of Spain.

“Caribbean Airlines is thrilled to expand our relationship with Emirates: which is a significant powerhouse in the airline industry. Emirates’ is well respected globally with an outstanding reputation” stated George Reeleder, VP Commercial and Customer Service, Caribbean Airlines.

He further added, “Many people are unaware that Emirates carries more passengers to and from the Indian sub-continent than any other airline in the world, or that they fly to 19 cities on the African content – all key markets for the Caribbean.   Simpler transits and connections with more destination options will make it easier for our customers to travel the world.”

As the co-operative agreement unfolds, Caribbean Airlines, the premier airline to the Caribbean looks forward to the opportunities that will become available through Emirates extensive network beyond Dubai to over 142 cities globally.

Caribbean Airlines envisages that other markets will open up allowing passengers seamless transitions through some of the world’s major cities. The complete co-cooperative agreement will be fully rolled out in the coming weeks.


A sailors’ haven in the Caribbean for Dh40 million

iNews B &MaxW=640&imageVersion=default&AR-150739933By Michael Fahy from the National

The delightfully named Oil Nut Bay is set on Virgin Gorda, one of the biggest Caribbean islands that make up the British Virgin Islands.

The bay is on the eastern side of the island, which is 22.5 kilometres from the nearby Tortola and Beef Islands airports, accessible either by boat, private airplane or helicopter.

It has been transformed into a 121-hectare community with just 88 homes.

Its developer is the Victor International Corporation, which was founded by David Johnson, who started as a house builder in Detroit but later branched out into creating luxury Caribbean resorts.

  • Take a look around the property here at web link below

He has reportedly spent US$100 million on the infrastructure of Oil Nut Bay, which has a town hall, boutique shops, a beach club and a marina that can house huge yachts of up to 88 metres.

For instance, the company has developed an underwater and in-ground electric power network capable of generating two megawatts, able to keep every light and appliance in all of the homes powered at the same time.

Internet, mobile and data connections are also available, and for those who can’t be torn away from work there is an on-site business centre, a children’s club and nature centre to keep children entertained.

Oil Nut Bay has been designed as a sustainable, low-density project, with 50 per cent of the land dedicated to open space, and individual land plots range between 0.1 hectares and 7.2 hectares in size.

Solar power systems from rooftop panels generate electricity for desalination plants, air conditioning, refrigeration and hot water. And reverse osmosis turns seawater potable for drinking and use in swimming pools, while grey water from rain collection and sinks and toilets is treated for use in landscaping.

This US$10.95m home, Seashell Beach Villa, is a beachfront property with four bedrooms – two master suites with views of the ocean and a pair of guest suites. All four rooms have en suite bathrooms with outdoor showers.

The property boasts open-plan floors with a combined office and sitting room, a fitness studio, staff quarters and a chef’s kitchen.

There is also a large terrace outside overlooking a private infinity pool and a rock waterfall. It is set on a half-acre site.

The property is being marketed to Middle East investors by Knight Frank in Dubai.

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Scare on Caribban Airlines Flight

From Caribbean News Now

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Jul 29, 2015 – Caribbean Airlines is reporting “an incident” on its flight BW 526 destined for JFK, New York today.

In a statement the company said the aircraft was about to take off from Piarco International Airport, but “as power was applied to initiate take off roll, an abnormal sound was heard.”

The airline said the cockpit crew initiated all appropriate procedures and reported the incident.

“The aircraft was safely repositioned to the gate, where passengers and crew disembarked. Arrangements are being made for the onward travel of all passengers later this evening,” the airline said.

“The aircraft has been withdrawn from service and all appropriate inspections and procedures are in progress.”

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Watch Episode One of controversial Caribbean-set TV series ‘Chee$e’

By Sergio | Shadow and Act From Indiewire

Controversial in that, the main protagonist happens to be a pot dealer which, no doubt, some people will object to. But then again, nothing gets more people more curious to watch anything than controversy.

The 10 episode series is called “Chee$e”, which is still in production, and was created and directed by Damian Marcano, a native of Trinidad & Tobago, and whose previous work includes, “The Little Boy & The Ball,” and the feature film “God Loves The Fighter”

Starring Akil Williams, Lou Lyons and Julio Prince, Marcano describes his film as the story about a young man, Skimma (Williams) whose world is turned upside down when he gets the news that his girlfriend is pregnant.

Desperate for money, he “embraces a new profession: the village pot supplier. And it quickly becomes evident that everyone wants what he’s selling — even local rastaman Osiris (Lyons). As a result, Skimma is faced with making some money to provide for his new child, and keeping his new enterprise out of the reach of the law.”

The filmmakers admits that some may not like the premise of his series but, as he says, in his own words “Let’s see if the people like it. Let’s see if they like CHEE$E. We all like it, but some of us smoke; so who really knows :)”

Like I said his words, not mine…

Here’s is Episode One: See link below

For more and video:


Jamaica records third straight Tuesday of police deaths after cop commits suicide


KINGSTON, Jamaica, Wednesday July 29, 2015 – Yesterday marked the third consecutive Tuesday that a police officer in Jamaica died. But while the first two were killed by criminals, it appears Corporal Tyrone Thompson’s death came by his own hands.

Police have confirmed that they are investigating the apparent suicide of the 32-year-old who was found lying across his bed with a gunshot wound to the head and a gun in his hand around 7:30 p.m.

His twin brother, also a policeman, made the discovery.

Reports indicate that Thompson, who was assigned to the Clarendon Division, had been under stress and was facing some financial and other personal problems.

According to the Jamaica Observer, he called his brother and other relatives during the day yesterday, telling them he loved them.

His brother promised to visit him after work, but when he got to the residence in central Manchester, he didn’t get any response. It was after removing some louvres and getting inside the house that he realised his twin was dead.

In the wake of the tragedy, head of the Manchester Police Superintendent Melvin Brown urged police officers to seek help from friends, colleagues, professional counsellors and God, when they faced mental and emotional crises.

Thompson’s death follows last Tuesday’s murder of Constable Lyndon Barrett –who was shot in the head and upper body while on patrol in downtown Kingston – and the killing of 24-year-old Constable Crystal Thomas, who was shot on a bus after leaving work on Tuesday, July 14.

Both worked at the Denham Town Police Station in west-central Kingston.

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CONCACAF announces review of the Confederation’s refereeing department

Miami (Thursday, July 30, 2015) – The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) announced today that Acting President Alfredo Hawit will personally oversee a review of the Confederation’s Refereeing Department.

The review, which is already underway, includes a detailed evaluation of refereeing standards throughout the region in addition to an assessment of processes for determining referee assignments for each match.

The designation of President Hawit to lead this review process was approved unanimously by the CONCACAF Executive Committee at an in-person meeting on Saturday, July 25, 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Committee based its decision on Mr. Hawit’s 24-year experience in referee administration .

“The foundation of our game is fair play, and we must take the required steps to reinforce the importance of this principle,” President Hawit said in a statement. “This review will allow the Confederation to take the next step towards improving refereeing across the region.”

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