November 11, 2019

Gorgeous 30-day timelapse


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Gorgeous 30-day timelapse captures what it’s like to be out at sea


The ocean is equally as beautiful as it is terrifying. This couldn’t have been captured anymore perfectly than in this timelapse video by YouTuber JeffHK.

In the video, JeffHK documents his 30 day journey from the to on a shipping barge. During his adventure, he travels through eight different bodies of water, and stops at ports in and .

The traveling sessions in between stops are the best parts of the video. It’s in these sections where you get to see how gorgeous the stars are, and how chilling thunderstorms can be when you’re surrounded by nothing but water.

Lightning storms aside, the video would make anyone want to go onto a boat, and just zone out for a bit.

IMAGES: Screenshots from video

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