June 25, 2018

Cayman Islands: Proud of Them Bios Part 3


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Brittany Mobley – – 23 – George Town

Brittany Mobley has the distinction of being a member of two national sports teams, and has represented the Cayman Islands, in ten different countries, in both football and netball. Her ability to excel at both sports, and be a key player in both areas, shows her high level of commitment.

The 23-year-old got her start in football as a defender for Elite Football Club where she worked hard to develop her skills. In addition to playing for the National Team for four years, she was also part of the pioneer , which made their mark at the CONCACAF Championships. Brittany’s dedication has earned her the role of captain for several of the teams she has played for. Even when she did not hold that title, she still was a guiding force for her team.

Her time on the netball court started in high school, where the avid player took on the position of centre. In addition to playing on the National Netball Team, Brittany was also a member of All Stars, a champion team well known for their winning abilities. She also served as captain for this team.

Brittany is sharing her skills in netball with young players at Red Bay Primary School, as a volunteer coach.  She achieved success in both netball and football, all while working part-time, and attending classes at graduating in 2015 with an Associates of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. During her time at , she was on the President’s List and graduated top of her class with a GPA of 3.83.

Brittany is also committed to serving the community. She attended the Word of Life Bible Institute for one year. Following her completion of the course, she served as a summer counsellor with the institute’s summer camp. She has also participated in mission trips both locally and internationally, and serves as a Sunday school teacher at her church. Brittany is currently an honour student at the University of South Florida. She is maintaining high grades in her the Bachelor of Science degree course in Industrial Engineering and is expected to graduate in 2018.

When Brittany completes her degree, her desire is to continue to play sports, as well as coach and guide young athletes.


Jessica Moore – Career – 24 – George Town

Jessica Moore is a self-proclaimed food enthusiast, and the 24-year-old is set to be a major influence in the Cayman Islands’ food industry. Jessica’s passion for the culinary arts started after high school. Her desire to explore her passion led her to shadow local chefs, to learn the tricks of the trade, all while performing her day job as a property manager. After a year of learning, Jessica decided to share her knowledge and passion with the world.

In 2016, Jessica launched her blog and catering company, Taste This Life. In the blog, and on social media, Jessica shares her recipes and tips, highlights local farmers, vendors and cottage industry entrepreneurs, and features trends that peak her interest. Jessica has a special interest in the Farm-to-Table movement, which promotes the serving of locally grown food and creating relationships with the farmers who grow the produce. Indeed, the self-taught chef loves to use local ingredients in her culinary creations, and is more than happy to share with anyone who would have a seat at her table.

Jessica’s food chronicles helped her win a blogging competition, where the main prize was a chance to cover one of Cayman Islands’ premier foodie events – Cayman Cookout. Taking place every January at the Ritz-Carlton, the event is hosted by celebrity chef Eric Ripert, with regular appearances from other famed culinary masters such as Anthony Bourdain and Jose Andres. Jessica also covered Taste of Cayman, the national drink and food festival, where she also hosted a cooking class.

Food is not the only arena where Jessica has found success. In high school, she served as a peer counsellor, participated in sports, and was involved in community events. She graduated with honours and full house colours. She participated in the Global Young Leaders’ Conference where she was selected as an International Scholar Laureate. The hard work, dedication and passion that Jessica has displayed since her teens have shaped her career as a young adult.  Given her drive she will doubtless continue to be a tastemaker in Cayman’s culinary scene.


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