November 15, 2019

Cayman Islands police continue proactive weekend operations; Traffic and Warrant arrests


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On Sunday, 27 August, police continued proactive operations in to address drunk driving, noise complaints and unsafe boating practices. Uniform officers, together with armed and marine officers, carried out water, mobile and foot patrols in the areas of Rum Point, and Kaibo.  Two road blocks were also carried out in and near Breakers.  Altogether, eight tickets were issued and two drivers were warned for prosecution of traffic offences; marine patrols boarded two vessels but did not find evidence of illegal activity and in general, and raucous boat gatherings that have been the subject of community complaints were not observed.

“We are glad to say that in general this was an orderly weekend in North Side,” said Robert Graham, Superintendent of Uniform Operations, “and we would really like to thank the communities of the Eastern Districts for their support of our weekend operations.  Achieving this calmer and safer atmosphere is something we are doing together.”

Also this weekend, police made six arrests related to drunk driving and a further four arrests on outstanding warrants.

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