November 15, 2019

Cayman Islands Green Iguana cull results


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Good afternoon media folk,

We’ve received questions from some of you regarding how DoE will update the cull numbers going forward. For the first week, we will be releasing daily cull numbers on our website,

You can scroll down on the front page to ‘news releases’ and click on the furthest news release to the left ‘Green Iguana cull updates’.

If all goes to plan, the total number from the previous day’s cull should be placed in the spot designated for it, so the Monday, Oct. 29 final total should appear there Tuesday morning [the total there now is only through 11am Monday].

We’ll also have some charts and graphs and additional information down toward the bottom of the page with links to various details of the Green Iguana cull program.

Beyond the first week, we’ll need to gauge the public’s [and the media’s] interest in continuing daily updates.

If there is no appetite for it to continue, we can probably scale back to once a week for the next several weeks and then reevaluate from there.

However, if there is some desire on the press’ part to update these numbers on a daily basis beyond the first week, please let us know.


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