September 16, 2019

Cayman Islands Children’s Storyboard Competition


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:          Cayman Islands Information Professionals (CIIP) in association with and sponsored by the Cayman Islands Public Library Service and

WHAT:       CIIP Storyboard Competition – includes exhibition, judging and prize giving

WHEN:        Saturday, 23 February 2019 @ 10am

WHERE:      George Town Public Library

:         Cetonya Cacho, Acting Chief Officer


The CIIP Storyboard Competition gives students the opportunity to share their favourite books through a storyboard display. The event is similar to a science fair where the entrants’ storyboards are displayed in public and entrants can dress up like characters from their chosen book when presenting their storyboard to the judges.

Storyboards will be judged on guidelines that include plot summary, issues of conflict, the author’s purpose, tone and mood and how that information is expressed in terms of clarity, creativity, thoroughness, interest invoked and quality. 

Students will be prepared to answer questions and talk about their book without the use of the storyboard, as well as answer questions about the elements included in the storyboard and how they relate to the chosen book.

Competition Divisions

Division A: Individual student aged 5-8 years old

Division B: Individual student aged 9-12 years old

Division C: Individual student aged 13-18 years old

Division D: Small Group (maximum 3 students) all aged 5-8 years old

Division E: Small Group (maximum 3 students) all aged 9-12 years old

Division F: Small Group (maximum 3 students) all aged 13-18 years old

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