September 22, 2019

The Cancer Within

Hello my people and residents of the Cayman Islands.  Over the years I have written many letters to the Press re my own views of our community, and giving suggestions on what I have experienced growing and living in these islands.  I don’t have a degree in Sociology (wish I did), but I have been […]

Letter to the Editor : Florence Goring-Nozza

The heathen believes that there is no God and that money can buy everything. I have what I believe is sound advice for Mr.John McLean Jr, and it is the same message I gave to Joey Ebanks of North Side in 2009 when he was running against Mr. Ezzard Miller. I recognized that Ezzard was […]

Letters to the Editor : Rocketman (unverified)

Since January 2011 there have been three disappearances of persons living and working in the Cayman Islands. Citizen as well as foreign nationals. None of these cases have been solved and have grown cold. The Tourism Industry has been a serious barrier to acquiring outside assistance needed to upgrade the quality of police searches because […]

Letter to the Editor: Dr. Florence Goring-Nozza, D.Div

In response to an article I read in another news media I’d like to share my thoughts with the people of the Cayman Islands. As some amongst us seem to push for self determination; I think more importantly we need to acknowledge the truths that reflect what is really happening in the present, and also […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor What we have to realize that the public was intentionally ignored about the For Cayman Investment Alliance deal.  It was only after all the plans were made that the public was informed. When the road is closed it is bound to inconvenience Cayman. Not only the closure but when the work begins because […]

Letter to the Editor: February 25, 2012

I just want to let you know that I enjoy reading your newspaper. Chris [Tobutt] you do a great job covering community events. I purchase a copy of iNews Cayman and Compass every night and the Net News every Friday along with watching the news on TV and listening to the Radio. I was raised […]

Letter to the Editor – Thank you Captain Kirk McCarthy of Charter Boat “Howdy”

18th February 2012 Dear iNews Thank you Captain Kirk McCarthy of Charter Boat “Howdy” On another lovely day in Paradise, my recent kayak reef snorkeling trip, with friend Chuck, off Boggy Sand Beach in West Bay, became a rescue operation. With our life jackets on, floating “divers down” flag, tie up ropes and snorkelling equipment […]

Letter to the editor: 12 February 2012

The United Kingdom is justified in exercising its right to require the Cayman Government to return to responsible financial management as required by section 14 of the Public Management and Finance Law (PMFLaw) and section 113 of the Cayman Constitution.  The UDP Government is acting responsible in agreeing to it. The agreement called “Framework for […]

Letter to the Editor

To: Joan and Colin Wilson iNews   Please don’t change the size   A very happy prosperous New Year. I hope iNews in 2012 will be bigger, brighter, bolder, more pages, and more stories. But the size of the paper is my favourite to read in bed without my hand being tired from stretching out […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir, I refer to the complaint from the Overseas Minister and read same with great interest. He is apparently upset at the Caymanians negative comments regarding the events happening in the Islands. The British do not invest in these islands and only use the island, and I find his comments upsetting.  It is time to […]