December 16, 2017

Letters to the editor

The iNews editorial of Wednesday 31st August has a lot of untruths in it. It falsely claims that the PPM “have said “NO” to everything the UDP has proposed”! This is a shocking & untrue statement! The PPM have supported a few of the UDP’s proposals. For example they have publicly supported some of the […]

Bodden and McLean speak out

The PPM’s motion of a lack of confidence (no confidence) in the UDP Government is a political maneuver. All the issues in that motion are normally debated in the throne and budget speech which debate was just two months ago. A vote of no confidence may be very serious and damaging and requires two thirds […]

Rev Donovan Myers puts the record straight

I welcome the opportunity to provide some context and [hopefully] clarity to my reported contribution to your papers vox pox entitled “Do Bob Marley songs have a place in Church?” published on 8/29/11.  I am more interested in offering my perspective to the discussion than to be bugged down by the sensational, but I figure […]