October 20, 2018

Letter to the Editor

Anonymous A FOREIGN ENTITY UST NOT OWN ANY PART OF OUR AIRLINE IT IS OURS 100% NOT THE PREMIER’S We can not have philipinos own any portion of our airline! It’s suicidal! No!No!No! Has someone lost their mind? The Philippinos are too strong as one demographic destroying Cayman with cheap labor. This brings an imbalance […]

Invade the Cayman Islands!

By Dana Blankenhorn, The Street NEW YORK (TheStreet) — There is a relatively easy answer to the financial troubles of Europe, America and Asia. The answer lies in so-called “tax havens.” A consensus is emerging among the world’s major taxing powers that tax evasion may not be a good thing. Starbucks (SBUX) is being grilled […]

Letter to the Editor

Unemployed Caymanians denied jobs must sue the government I hope  the citizens do not hesitate to file law suits against the Cayman Islands government for the work permit disenfranchise and abuse to its citizens right to work in Cayman their own homeland especially grassroots Caymanians.  I for one look forward to seeing this unfold. SUE […]

“Stand up for your country” from PPM

Stand up now for your country The letter of 2nd November from the Overseas Minister, Hon. Mark Simmonds, to the Premier must be a matter of grave concern and import to all the people of the Cayman Islands.  Please read the letter and recognize that it uses diplomatic language to condemn: 1.         the Premier’s failure […]

Letter to the Editor

The Human Rights Commission Is Wrong About Cayman Offering Cubans Asylum. We cannot take care of our own! Anon I just read an article in the Compass where special interest seeking to further destroy Cayman is now trying to dictate our future. HAVE THE CAYMANIAN PEOPLE NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH ALREADY? This new recommendation the HRC […]

MENA Region Needs $600 Billion Investment

By Evelyn Robinson, iNews Cayman Special Correspondent Although it remains at the heart of international oil and gas production and distribution, the Middle East bears much inefficiency when it comes to energy consumption. Largely due to energy subsidy and pricing issues, this uneconomic usage now means that the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region […]

Can peace agreement between Islamists and government in the Philippines herald optimism in the World?

By Mohamed Zayed, iNews Cayman special correspondent In our fresh memory, regardless of religion, gender or ethnicity, lie the violent images of protests across the Islamic world because of US amateur –made video describing the Prophet Muhammad as a womanizer and child molester. The reaction was so tense that the whole world forgot the issue […]

What our tourists say about us:

Note: taxi cab rip off and the “American” feel of Grand Cayman. Liked Cimboco and Turtle Farm! June 2012 in Grand Cayman (report) By yannis, Fodor’s Travel Intelligence Hello all, I realize it took me a while to report on our trip last June, to the Cayman Islands, and I am not good at writing […]

Democratically speaking: ones own right to choose

Joyce Pursley All women from High School to College, black or white, single or married, young or old at sometime in your life when sexually active you have been late. When you are late, even just a little, your mind wonders if your birth control has failed and if you could be pregnant. What if?    What if I […]

Letter to the Editor from World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)

World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) Committed to ending animal cruelty & suffering across the world, for over 30 years Dear Colin Please find below our response to your article on October 14th regarding WSPA and the Cayman Turtle Farm (CTF):  (see at http://www.ieyenews.com/2012/10/cayman-turtle-farm-fights-back-against-wspas-stop-sea-turtle-farming/) The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) […]