July 17, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Anon

I would caution the Independent member for N. Side Mr. Ezzard Miller to be very carefully to avoid political postering and consider what is really happening to Caymanians. What he is suggesting as a solution in part is far from the truth and far from reality. CONSIDER WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING TO CAYMANIANS Firstly, I […]

Letter to the Editor: A Word Of Advice To Mr. Ezzard Miller

Before you make a complete fool of yourself; Remember expats on work permits CAN NOT VOTE FOR YOU!!!!??? Political postering and playing footsie will only hurt you politically and expose you for who you really are. How can you Ezzard Miller even suggest that government should TAKE AWAY SOCIAL SERVICES AIDE from Caymanians who have […]

Richard Murphy agrees with the premier’s tax

Richard Murphy on his Tax Research UK website heralds the Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush’s announcement of implementing a ‘Community Enhancement Fee’. With a bold headline saying, “Tax is the answer – even in the Cayman Islands” he quotes from another Cayman media house that calls the “fee” a payroll tax. Mr. Murphy starts off […]

Letter to the Editor: Don’t Let South Korea Kill Whales for Research

From Care2 Hi iNews, When will humans learn that whales are mammals too: capable of thoughts and emotions, including fear? When will we stop trying to find excuses to massacre these beautiful, intelligent animals? Now, South Koreans want to begin slaughtering whales for research purposes. South Korean fishermen have complained that whales are eating all […]

Letter to the Editor: Anon

OPEN LETTER TO THE UK ECONOMIST EXPERT  NOW IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS It is a gross injustice for the government of the Cayman Islands to disenfranchise its people by freely granting work permits to every Tom, Dick and Harry collecting millions in fees. WHILE CAYMANIANS ARE DENIED JOBS FILLED BY EXPATS less qualified whereas Caymanians […]

Letter to the Editor

Anon NO MR. BUSH KEEP THE ELECTION SYSTEM AS IT IS DO NOT CHANGE IT This is exactly what I am talking about. Did you hear what Quincy Brown said on Cayman Radio just now on Talk Today?. That foreigners will demand to take over, and run for office in our country? they do not […]

Why Meat Causes Inflammation

by: Dr. Michael Greger* The anti-inflammatory effect of plant-based diets is about more than just the power of plants. It’s also the avoidance of animal foods. In my Care2 column last week, Dietary Treatment for Crohn’s Disease, I profiled the extraordinary power of even a semi-vegetarian diet to calm inflammatory bowel disease. We’ve known for […]

Letter to Editor

Anon North Siders. You are faithful to your cause. But Some Cubans are faithful to Castro as well. North Siders need to know that to support Mr. Miller who is pushing this OMOV determining to cut up Cayman into l8 pieces means that he is pushing political power into the hands of expats. As though […]

Richard Murphy doesn’t like the Cayman Islands. But it’s so nice here.

Richard Murphy (54) is a chartered accountant and economist. He has been described by the Guardian newspaper as an “anti-poverty campaigner and tax expert”. He is a co-author of ‘Tax Havens: How Globalization Really Works‘, Cornell University Press, 2009. He is now working on a new book entitled ‘The Joy of Tax’. Richard was voted the seventh […]

Letter to the Editor

From Florence Nozza First Letter SHOCKING DETAILS ABOUT THE OMOV, ONE MAN ONE VOTE The proposed Cayman Islands One Man One Vote System is controversial and has far too many holes and no stoppers. OMOV  will only establish electoral boundaries, a Political Geography of Immigration Controls  as a Fast Developing Country. A small population of […]