October 15, 2018

US: Ninth Circuit decision for IRS affects shifting of income to tax havens

By Peter J Reilly From Forbes The Ninth Circuit is generating a lot of excitement this week.  Probably most exciting is its ruling that open carry is a constitutional right protected by the Second Amendment.  But this is a tax blog, so I get to write about Altera Corporation & Subsidiaries v IRS.  It is […]

OPINION: If the US-China trade war escalates, how will the Chinese economy respond? Here are the numbers

By Lawrence J. Lau From South China Post Lawrence J. Lau says China can weather the effects of a trade war with the US, even if imports of the products the US is targeting with its tariffs halt completely. The result would mean only a marginal drop in annual economic growth, and China is unlikely […]

Why Trump has such a soft spot for Russia

By Andrew Sullivan From New York Mag It is possible, is it not, that Donald Trump simply believes what he says. I realize, of course, that this is technically impossible from moment to moment. But bear with me. The slackened jaws, widened eyes, and general shock that greeted his chuffed endorsement of the Kremlin over […]

Letter to the Editor From Barbara Conolly, MLA,

George Town South Following a 10 July community meeting regarding the redevelopment of Smith Bacadere at South Sound Community Centre and the ensuring comments made through the various forms of media, I want to assure the people of the Cayman Islands that I have the best of my people at heart. I want to take […]

OPINION: When a political party takes a country down the wrong road

By Jolly Green Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has become a sinister land where right is wrong and wrong is right. Knowing what is right and doing what is right has become a lost cause in SVG, handed down by current and even some past Vincentian leaders to their followers. Current Vincentian leaders have caused […]

OPINION: Please show them some mercy President Trump, I implore you

By Dennis Adonis From Guyana Guardian [On the 12th July] I had a lengthy but troubling conversation with a Rwandan government insider. The country is panicking. President Trump has issued a threat that they cannot ignore, even if they wanted to. I am not a mouthpiece or supporter of the Government of Rwanda. I am […]

People can survive without shelter and clothes

OPINION: (Project No.14, from S.Patnaik-India) From S.Patnaik Dear United Nations & World Governments, People can survive without shelter and clothes for long period, but not possible to live a day without medicine and food (21 days).   For all living creatures in this world, midday meal is most important for their survival.   In eatery […]

OPINION: Ralph Gonsalves Doesn’t Want any Rich People Investing in SVG

By Jolly Green Worse still he does not want any Vincentian getting rich either unless they are a member of the family dynasty or a chartered supporter thereof. Citizenship by investment is a No! No! As far as Ralph Gonsalves prime minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is concerned. He has spent seventeen years […]

Sir Ronald Sanders: Justice free of politics

By Sir Ronald Sanders From Caribbean360 PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Friday July 6, 2018 – As controversy currently surrounds the appointment of a Judge to the Supreme Court of the United States, the ease with which a new President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) was installed on July 4, without any political involvement, […]

OPINION: When financial dunces in the Caribbean become ministers of finance

By Jolly Green Ralph Gonsalves was Finance Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, he has a little knowledge of finance but was most probably unfit to be finance minister. His performance has proven that, the state of the country’s finances have proven that, the loss of the NCB bank has proven that. Bad financial […]