March 24, 2018

Sir Ronald Sanders: Is the OAS’ credibility in doubt?

By Sir Ronald Sanders From Caribbean360 WASHINGTON, United States, Friday January 26, 2018 – Not for the first time, the Organization of American States (OAS) is in danger of reinforcing the widely held view that it ignores its own declared values and principles. This time, the danger is posed by the way the organization is […]

Eric Douglas: Don’t be lonely just because it’s winter

By Eric Douglas From Metro Kanawha I just finished reading the book “The Healthy Writer” by Joanna Penn and Euan Lawson. It’s not about writing, but being healthy in a life that involves a lot of sitting and sedentary behavior. While it is specifically aimed at writers, it really applies to all of us. We […]

The Caribbean is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman

From The Tempest I recently attended a memorial service to mark the one year anniversary of a woman who was kidnapped and found dead a few days later. It shook me to my core. For the last decade or so, there has been an increase in violent crimes in Trinidad, with an alarming number of […]

Peter Polack: The case against a new Cayman Court House

By Peter Polack The present congestion and lack of court space has its genesis in several factors the greatest of which was the 2011 removal of the preliminary inquiries in the Summary Court. The brief and low resource preliminary inquiry still used in most of the Caribbean today was able to remove many cases destined […]

The Caribbean needs incubators!

From SMN-N Wow, why, what? Is there an upcoming baby-boom? Is it related to this year’s carnival? Why don’t they distribute contraceptives? Those are questions that I don’t have answers for. But I had something else in mind anyway. I believe that the Caribbean needs Business Incubators. Unemployment rates in the region are too high; […]

Ewin James: Stupid and brilliant

Many people are allowing themselves to be convinced by the mainstream media in America that President Donald Trump, is stupid and is  pathologically unfit to govern, especially when compared to the reputed brilliant President Barack Obama.   Is that so so? Is Trump too stupid to govern? Is Obama brilliant as some in the media […]

The View from Europe: Time to reconsider the value of cruise tourism?

BY DAVID JESSOP From Barbados Advocate At the end of November, the Cuban government hosted an unusual meeting. Then, the Presidents of nine of the world’s leading cruise companies, plus significant figures from three others, met with Cuban ministers and senior officials in Havana. The meeting was in part to discuss how the cruise lines […]

VIEWPOINT: Cock-a- Snook

By Jolly Green This morning, the last day of 2017, I read for the first time the column written by Dr Kenneth John in the Vincentian News Paper, FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017. From which I have posted some excerpts below. “The heaviest blow for the ULP so far, was recorded in the cold-blooded murder of Glen […]

The overlooked past of the ‘next PM of Greece’

By NIKOLAS LEONTOPOULOS, INVESTIGATE EUROPE From EU Observer ATHENS The current leader of the Greek opposition, New Democracy party leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is odds-on favourite to become the next Greek prime minister. Both German and US media have dubbed him a “star of the people” offering Greece “a glimmer of hope”. A sworn reformist, he […]

Sir Ronald Sanders: 2018 will test CARICOM’s collective resolve

By Sir Ronald Sanders From Kaieteur News In 2018, unless Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries eschew their tendency to pursue narrow ‘national interests’ in the conduct of their international relations, each of them individually, and all of them collectively, will be buffeted by larger and more powerful countries and regions. The CARICOM states that accede or […]