September 17, 2019

Functional vs. aesthetic

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio One of the challenges facing any designer or engineer is the quandary of form vs. function. On the one hand, function is a requisite for any sensible design. If it isn’t easy or useful the product doesn’t have a long life in store for it. But form and aesthetics? […]

Sanders: Caribbean contempt of Haitians is shameful

By Sir Ronald Sanders From The Tribune 242 THE response to Haitians arriving in Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries has been lamentable at best and contemptible at worst. They have been treated, for the most part, as pariahs particularly by the ignorant and bigoted. Recently, in Guyana, the arrival of Haitians has been greeted with an […]

OPINION: Vladimir Putin, now you see it, now you don’t. Part 1

By Jolly Green Part 1 of a 3 part series Most of the opposition party leaders have been gathered up and imprisoned to stop them organizing against Putin. Russian opposition supporters are starting to Revolt and protest, thousands are currently being arrested, locked up, and beaten. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is currently seen as a thief […]


By Paul McGowan From PS Audio One of the joys we share is the moment of the great awakening: when a music lover decides it’s no longer acceptable to sully music’s beauty with poor quality reproduction. I know many of us older audiophiles worry that the younger generation of music lovers will never come to […]

Reaching consensus

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Is it possible to reach consensus among dissenting views? I suspect it’s pretty rare. I think one of the classic problems with communication is how we present differing viewpoints as “evidence” to support our cases. If I hope to help a measurementist see the world from my viewpoint, it […]

Why work at training?

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio When I first got involved in high-end audio I was not a good listener. Sure, I loved music and always have, but I struggled with discerning small differences in the reproduction of music—a skill I would have to acquire if I were to spend the rest of my adult […]

Uncovering gems

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio “There’s buried treasure in them thar speakers! I feels it in me bones.” Sometimes I do feel like a pirate in search of buried treasure when I go to listen. Working on new technologies, new firmware, new components is really exciting—not just for the discovery of underlying new sonic delights, but […]

When measurements take a backseat

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio As engineers, we always start a new design with the best of intentions. We’re hell-bent on making sure our new creations perform to their best. One of the ways we do that is by measurement which always precedes listening. When PS Audio’s analog engineer Daren Myers set out to […]

The art of procrastination

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio I don’t know anyone as good at procrastination as I am. I’ll spend countless hours checking, organizing, thinking, preparing, and…well…procrastinating until I finally make the commitment. Or not. Mostly not. “I can’t handle another project.” “I don’t have the time.” “What’s wrong with the way it is?” “Why do […]

Gauging the absurd

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio I had to laugh. This morning I received an email asking if I get too much SPAM in my inbox and might I be interested in reducing the types of email they are sending. The ad campaign was just cheeky enough to make me laugh but I suspect that […]