July 20, 2018

Africa Focus: The British Royal Wedding, Feelgoodism and the Colonial Jumbie

By Tyehimba Salandy From Trinicenter Ten years ago, British ‘royalty’, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visited the Caribbean and locals prostrated before them. Local leaders made arrangements for them to play the Steelpan and the sacred Rastafarian Nyabinghi drums. Leslie from Africaspeaks.com wrote an insightful article titled Royal Visit Highlights Lingering Colonialism that brought […]

Sir Ronald Sanders: The Commonwealth – What’s in it for small states?

By Sir Ronald Sanders Writing in the British Guardian newspaper on April 10, my colleague, Professor Phillip Murphy, the director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London, recalled that for those who campaigned for Britain to leave the European Union, “depicting the Commonwealth as a huge potential trading opportunity for the […]

Royal Gazette: Letter to the Editor – “What a mess”

Unbeneficial: what a mess the British have made of this From The Royal Gazette Dear Sir, On May 9, the London Evening Standard  published a Letter to the Editor entitled “The UK is bullying its overseas territories and trust is being lost” by Paul Byles of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce. And most surprisingly […]

The View From Europe: the future cost of Trump’s ‘America First’ policy

BY: DAVID JESSOP From The Barbados Advocate At first sight, last week’s decision by the US President to abrogate the hard-won 2015 UN Security Council deal on nuclear weapons with Iran may seem to have little bearing on the Caribbean. What it does, however, is take US exceptionalism to a new level. It ignores the […]

UK Evening Standard Editor replies to Cayman Chamber

EDITOR’S REPLY TO: Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce Dear Paul BRITAIN — in particular London — has long had the reputation of being a global money-laundering capital. This is partly due to years of a no-questions-asked regime on setting up companies and buying properties here, but largely because of our links to secrecy havens like […]

LETTER: Healthcare for sale in St. Lucia

From The Voice St Lucia THE question of healthcare delivery in St. Lucia has been the subject of public and political debate for some considerable time. We’ve had fires, electrical failures, inadequate human resources, leaking stadium roofs, and the ongoing saga of the Owen King European Union hospital (OKEU). At the governmental level, it’s been […]

OPINION: Were they sharing out donations belonging to the Unity Labour Party?

By Jolly Green A report about the money taken to banks by the Gonsalves family and friends by I-Witness News 24 November 2009 reported that Ralph Gonsalves said there was nothing wrong with members of the prime minister’s family and high ranking officials of his party selling thousands of US dollars to the state bank […]

The View from Europe: The Overseas Territories – The long view

By David Jessop From Barbados Advocate A few days ago, the British Parliament voted to compel Britain’s overseas territories (OTs) in the Caribbean to adopt public registers of company ownership. The decision, which has been condemned by the states concerned, has multiple implications. It ignores their sovereignty, disenfranchises locally elected legislatures, undercuts economic development, harms […]

The real beginning of the end for tax havens has begun

By Richard Murphy From iNews The Essential Daily Briefing As the government agrees to calls for new measures aimed at increasing transparency in tax havens, tax justice campaigner Richard Murphy hails a momentous victory. Fifteen years ago John Christensen and I became the first full time anti-tax haven campaigners in the world. We had almost […]

Richard Coulson’s Business Bites: Blacklisting – Why not fight back?

By RICHARD COULSON From Tribune242 I have just read press reports that another bill has been tabled in the House to avoid blacklisting, by satisfying – better read “appeasing” – the European Union (EU) in its campaign to extract full compliance on tax matters. Our Government will now face the tedious task of collecting comprehensive […]