May 23, 2018

The View from Europe: The Overseas Territories – The long view

By David Jessop From Barbados Advocate A few days ago, the British Parliament voted to compel Britain’s overseas territories (OTs) in the Caribbean to adopt public registers of company ownership. The decision, which has been condemned by the states concerned, has multiple implications. It ignores their sovereignty, disenfranchises locally elected legislatures, undercuts economic development, harms […]

The real beginning of the end for tax havens has begun

By Richard Murphy From iNews The Essential Daily Briefing As the government agrees to calls for new measures aimed at increasing transparency in tax havens, tax justice campaigner Richard Murphy hails a momentous victory. Fifteen years ago John Christensen and I became the first full time anti-tax haven campaigners in the world. We had almost […]

Richard Coulson’s Business Bites: Blacklisting – Why not fight back?

By RICHARD COULSON From Tribune242 I have just read press reports that another bill has been tabled in the House to avoid blacklisting, by satisfying – better read “appeasing” – the European Union (EU) in its campaign to extract full compliance on tax matters. Our Government will now face the tedious task of collecting comprehensive […]

OPINION: A reaction that reeks of no justice for all

By Michael Fahy From Royal Gazette On April 25, the Governor of Bermuda made an announcement that the next Chief Justice of Bermuda would be Narinder Hargun. This after an exhaustive process that began when the post was advertised locally and internationally starting on December 20, 2017 — a day after Chief Justice Ian Kawaley […]

The View From Europe: Sanctions and the law of unintended consequences

BY:  DAVID JESSOP from The Barbados Advocate The problem with the use of trade sanctions is that the innocent get hurt. This is particularly so when one economically powerful nation acts against another, and regulations are written in such a way that they have an extraterritorial effect on third nations and their citizens. The best-known […]

Open letter to Caricom – Justice for the Windrush Generation

Dear Sir. I write to you on behalf of the Clement Payne Movement of Barbados, the Caribbean Chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity, and the Pan African Coalition of Organizations (PACO). On Saturday, April 21, 2018, the three above-mentioned organizations staged a “Community Grounding” at the Clement Payne Cultural Centre situated at […]

Letter to UN & World Governments re-global warning

Nine simple steps will remove “Global Warming” (Project No.12, from S.Patnaik-India) Dear United Nations & World Governments, Out of all, there are simple 9 steps to remove global warming within short period Except royal /expensive/costlier cars, all other cars should be banned, mainly in populated cities (more than 1 million). Because of cars we face […]

The View From Europe: Brexit’s many imponderables

By DAVID JESSOP From Barbados Advocate Many months have passed since this column last addressed the issue of Brexit and what it may mean for the Caribbean and its long-standing relationship with the United Kingdom. This is because the shape of Britain’s future relationship with the EU27 and other international trade partners including the Caribbean […]

Letter to United Nations & World Governments: Slaughtering of cow & buffalo (Project No.10, from S.Patnaik-India)

By S.K.Patnaik Dear United Nations & World Governments, In most of countries following facilities are given to the old age people (senior, senior citizens, old people, older adults, the elderly, elders)> old age home, respite care home, continuous care home, anti-loneliness program, multi service medical centre, mobile medical units, reservation quota in trains, bus sitting […]

OPINION: Simon Bolivar and chemical weapons

From Jolly Green ALBA or ALBA-TCP, formally the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America is an intergovernmental organization based on the idea of the social, political and economic integration of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. A socialist organization which is based in Marxist-Leninist ideals. The name “Bolivarian” refers to the […]