October 22, 2019

Music’s story

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Music conveys story and emotions more easily than most art forms. Take literature for example. Novels and short stories can evoke emotion and action through the ideas put forward by their authors—but it typically takes some effort and time on the part of the reader to become one with […]

OPINION: The Past and present barbarism of the Turkish State

By Jolly Green One of the world’s nastiest collection of brutally barbaric peoples came to an end in 1922. The Ottoman Empire, empire created by Turkish tribes in Anatolia (Asia Minor) that grew to be one of the most powerful states in the world during the 15th and 16th centuries. The Ottoman period spanned more […]

Negative voltage

by Paul McGowan from PS Audio When I was first learning electrical engineering one of the terms I struggled with was negative voltage. How could a voltage be negative? There was ground and there was + voltage. To me, voltage was always a higher potential than zero. I understand this is something most people don’t […]


By Paul McGovern From PS Audio  sometimes get the craziest comments. Following the recent upgrades to DirectStream a flood of people smelling a conspiratorial cover-up have emerged. Weird, right? The general line goes something like this: “If you know how to improve the DAC’s performance why didn’t you just release it like that in the […]

OPINION: Turkey’s attempt of genocide against the Kurdish peoples with Russian and American approval

By Jolly Green Russia has taken a fortune out of Syria; they have milked it dry. Sold them arms protected the president while emptying the Syrian gold and monetary reserves. Followed up with protection by Both Russian military conjoined with Russian mercenary private soldiers owned by Russian corporations which Vladimir Putin is a sleeper shareholder […]

OPINION: Would you buy a used car from Vladimir Putin? How about a Trojan Horse?

By Jolly Green If you wouldn’t buy a used car from them, God help you if you buy a new one. Even worse, if you want to buy their military equipment because Vladimir, the armaments salesman, wants’ to sell the World military equipment that is not just grossly unreliable, but may be programmed to be […]

Blind faith

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio When we hear a change in our systems or setups that we cannot explain or prove—or worse when it goes against accepted doctrine—some of us go with it while others don’t. It’s just human nature. Thankfully, there are those of us comfortable with relying more on observation than proof. […]

Perfection vs. procrastination

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio It’s easy enough to mistake procrastination for perfection. “As soon as I get this last little tweak, I’ll go ahead and launch my new initiative or buy that new product.” Most of us are wonderful procrastinators. It’s built into our DNA. The less we do the more energy we […]

OPINION: Citizen by investment in SVG, and the reasons why not

By Jolly Green When Gonsalves became PM in 2001, about 250 expatriates were living in SVG as permanent and temporary residents; some were even citizens. Many of those had political voting rights in SVG. None of them voted for the comrade because they were in the main, not extreme socialists like the new SVG members […]

The truth of it

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio That if you set a CD transport on an uneven surface and it lists to one side or another more than about 2 degrees, the sound is off? That the laser, working harder in the uphill direction and easier in the opposite will cause the error correction system to […]