April 27, 2017

CCJ denies corruption allegations

From Caribbean News Now ROSEAU, Dominica — The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has issued a media statement denying allegations of corruption made by Dominican lawyer and show promoter, Cabral Douglas. “Mr Douglas’ claim of a politically motivated decision appears to stem from the presence of the court’s president at the 16 to 17 February […]

Five obstacles to a more productive Caribbean

By DR SYLVIA DOHNERT From Nation News Barbados CARIBBEAN ECONOMIES HAVE have hardly grown in the last 30 years. The last significant growth was in the 1980s when tourism and banana production expanded, but has since declined due to the loss of competitiveness in the bananas market and the emergence of other tourism destinations. To […]

An exit from the Caribbean housing trap

BY MICHAEL G. DONOVAN AND THERESE TURNER-JONES From Americas Quarterly Putting a decent roof over everyone’s head in the Caribbean would cost $18 billion. Here are three keys to making it happen. The Caribbean is caught in a housing trap. The cost of living is high: building a house in Kingston is three times more […]

A labyrinth of deception: Secretary Clinton and the Honduras coup

By Daniel Beckman Guest Scholar at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs From Caribbean News Now At 4 a.m. on June 28, 2009, a battalion of 150 masked Honduran soldiers under orders from Gen. Romeo Vásquez Velásquez initiated a shootout with the Presidential Honor Guard. Honduras’s President Manuel Zelaya was then dragged in his pajamas onto […]

Chronicles of a Chronic Caribbean Chronicler: Red lights flashing for Ecuador’s Citizens Revolution

By Earl Bousquet From Caribbean News Now Red lights are flashing across Ecuador, as millions in the small South American nation prepare to return to the polls on April 2, in an election that will determine whether they continue the ‘Citizens Revolution’ of the past decade, or opt to reverse the progressive socialist trend that […]

The Unfinished Work of Maurice Bishop, by Peter Binose

Here is an extract of the last chapter in Peter Binose’s unpublished book about Maurice Bishop. I am not sure when Peter actually wrote this because he started the book in 2004 and I believe but am not sure finished it in 2010. I thank his family for allowing me to publish this and I […]

Sir Ronald Sanders: Alternative facts and undisclosed sources in Citizenship by Investment

By Sir Ronald Sanders From The Sun Dominica The Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP), operated by many countries in the world, including the US, Spain, Switzerland, Malta and Portugal to name a few, is particularly misrepresented in relation to the small countries in the Eastern Caribbean. At the outset, I make it clear that this […]

David Jessop: The coming trade disorder

By David Jessop From Jamaica Gleaner A few days ago, an astute observer of the United States political scene told me: “Watch what the new administration and Congress does, not what the President tweets. That is the secret of understanding future US policy,” she said. If this is correct, the Caribbean should ignore the noise […]

The View from Europe: Tourism is vital to the Caribbean economy

By David Jessop From Guyanese Online David Jessop “Tourism is a vital sector to the economies of member states.” So said Caribbean Community (CARICOM) heads of government in the communiqué that followed their recent inter-sessional meeting in Georgetown, Guyana. Taken at face value the statement is unremarkable, even obvious; but the language chosen, its inclusion, […]

Trump’s America – episode #6 – good news, fake news

By Arthur Piccolo From NAN News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 24, 2017: Thank you Donald Trump. Yes I did say it! It is GOOD news …  FAKE news has entered the popular lexicon. It should stay there forever. It’s about time. FAKE news is always on our minds. FAKE news has existed since […]