February 22, 2019

Album art

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Say what you will about vinyl’s good and bad points but it’s hard to deny the joy of holding a 12″ album cover while you’re playing the treasures inside. Album art and liner notes on the back cover are perfect in this format, something CDs and digital of any […]

OPINION: A Cuban plant called Maduro

By Jolly Green I read Sir Ronald Sanders commentary with some amusement, because he has actually helped damn Maduro in his analysis. Nicolás Maduro was raised as a Roman Catholic, although in 2012 it was reported that he was a follower of Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba and previously visited the guru in India in […]

David Jessop | Private sector needs unified, external voice

By David Jessop From Jamaica Gleaner Caribbean private sector organisations are important. They like the media, academia and non-governmental organisations are central to the retention of plurality in the region. Until quite recently, such business associations in addition to their national, regional and sectoral role, regularly lobbied legislators and officials in Europe and North America […]

OPINION: Maduro’s lies and support by Apparatchiks

By Jolly Green Maduro’s claims that nothing is wrong with Venezuela that cannot be put right if the British, the Americans and all countries in between holding Venezuelan funds and gold, paid over such to him. But thankfully they won’t, they have impounded it for safe keeping for the people. I was considering something today […]

Marking our spot

by Paul McGowan From PS Audio Marking our spot, staking our claim, drawing lines in the sand. These are all euphemisms for setting boundaries when we build frameworks—and frameworks help us work within structure. My framework for assembling a system has changed over the years. When I first started my HiFi journey I included everything […]

Salt stone

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio his past Christmas we had a Secret Santa, a practice that was new to me. Everyone buys a present without knowing who the present is for. On Christmas, we present that gift to a family member who opens it in front of the group. If another in the group […]

How do snowbirds escape the winter blues?, Martin

By Melissa Martin I’m dreaming of a colorful beach get-away. Perhaps, a jaunt to the Caribbean Islands. A slice of paradise to refresh the chilly mood and attitude. Leave the snow and slick-iced roads behind. The Caribbean culture is calling for beach bunnies.  “The Caribbean region is located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and […]

Caribbean unity or mutiny?

By Tony Deyal from Jamaica Gleaner In a bar in Oistins in Barbados, way past midnight into morning, we had gathered eating our fish, partaking of the waters of life, and talking about this, that and the other. We had exhausted religion, politics and women and somehow reached our Caribbean friends and neighbours. Not for […]

Twitter tweeters need to chill before they spill, Martin

From Melissa Martin Twitter, created in 2006, is an online social networking service where users post messages known as “tweets.” No chirping, cheeping, peeping birds—only humans. Twitter is designed to elicit frequent, unprompted, spontaneous, and unfiltered thoughts from its users, who come into conflict with one another as in no other medium, sometimes tweeting things […]

A “Venezuelan-owned” solution: Too much to hope?

By Sir Ronald Sanders From Caribbean News Now Commentators in western media, that dominate international news distribution, characterise any government, entity or person who speaks out against meddling in the internal affairs of Venezuela as “supporters of the Maduro regime”. Implicit in the characterization is that all these governments, entities or persons are “in the […]