June 26, 2019

Trading vitriol for views

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio No, I am not going to mention any websites nor point any fingers. I don’t need to because you already know what I am talking about. Angry forums with millions of views. If you build a platform for angry voices they will rush to spew their ill temper. One […]

Martin: Hip hip hooray for newspapers

By Melissa Martin “For the times they are a-changin’” sang Bob Dylan. And the digital age has changed the way information is eaten, swallowed, and digested. We can’t stop progress, but we must maintain the salience of our newspapers (in print or digital). Why? Newspapers, whether country, state, or local serve significant roles in societies […]

Sir Ronald Sanders: OAS should promote systemic change in Haiti not an external agenda

By Sir Ronald Sanders From Antigua Observer In what is increasingly becoming a pattern of ignoring established procedures and authority in the Organisation of American States (OAS), a delegation went to troubled Haiti on June 19 without any discussion or mandate by the Permanent Council, the organ responsible for making and overseeing policy between General […]

Terms and conditions

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio My fancy digital watch just asked if I want to upgrade to the latest operating system. Sure, why not? Maybe it’s better? Maybe it’s worse. I have no way to judge except to try it (knowing full well there’s no going back). First, I need to agree to the […]

Tourism Matters: Majority ownership in LIAT

By Adrian Loveridge From Caribbean News Now After trying to avoid the subject intentionally for many years, is it now the time to focus all our attention that any change in the proposed majority beneficial ownership in LIAT (1974) Ltd could bring? Following a whole pile of forays into competing with LIAT over the past […]

Drug trafficking is a global problem foist upon Caribbean countries

By Bocchit Edmond FromJjamaica Observer Violent crime is down in countries across the Caribbean. Jamaica’s prime minister said that homicides fell by 22 per cent last year. Homicides in the Dominican Republic have been on a downward trend since 2011. In the Bahamas, statistics for 2018 highlight an overall drop in crime from the previous year […]

Sir Ronald Sanders: St Vincent on the UN Security Council – More valuable than coin

By Sir Ronald Sanders From Caribbean News Now Make no mistake about it, the election of St Vincent and the Grenadines – one of the world’s smallest states – to a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is both an important and timely event. The election, primarily by the world’s developing states, […]

Martin: Ageism is not funny

By Melissa Martin The World Health Organization (WHO) defines ageism as the stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination towards people on the basis of age. In 2016, a global campaign to combat ageism began to percolate because ageism happens around the globe. Ageism lives in every country and culture—some more than others.  By writing humorous columns and […]

Does purity lead to distortion?

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio When new technologies replace old ones they’re judged on how close they replicate the original. How else would we know if it’s as good as what we’re replacing? Take for example digital photography. The holy grail for digital photography was to duplicate film. Photoshop, the digital photographic program designed […]

Do facts matter?

By Paul McGowan Opinions are easy enough to accept or ignore. After all, they are just opinions. But facts? No, we believe facts are facts and therefore inviolate. Except we tend to wiggle our way out of those as well, choosing which facts suit us and which do not. Take the atmospheric cancer that is […]