February 23, 2018

Cayman Islands swimmers National Championship results

CIASA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (15-18 Feb 2018) CIASA AND NATIONAL SC RECORDS Girls: 200 Breaststroke: J. CROOKS (CBAC) 3:03.09(F) 15/2/18: 11-12 NATIONAL RECORD. 200 Breaststroke: S. ELLISON (CBAC) 2:44.38(F) 15/2/18: 13-14 AND SENIOR CIASA RECORDS. 100 Fly: A. BELFONTE (SSC) 1:09.94(F) 15/2/18: 11-12 CIASA & NATIONAL RECORDS. 200 Freestyle: J. CROOKS (CBAC) 2:17.99(F) 16/2/18: 11-12 NATIONAL […]

Protecting personal data in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands

By Peter Colegate From iapp As personal data develops into an increasingly valuable business asset, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda have responded by passing comprehensive data protection laws. Cayman’s Data Protection Law was passed in March 2017 and is due to come into force in January 2019, while Bermuda’s Personal Information Protection Act will come […]

Gartner reports first ever global decline in smartphone sales

By Natasha Loma From techcrunch Global smartphone sales have not been firing on all cylinders for several years now but Gartner’s latest figures record the first ever decline since the analyst began tracking the market all the way back in 2004. (Though it’s not the first analyst to call a decline.) Gartner’s figures peg sales […]

Developing threats in mobile phishing

Over the past recent years, the mobile technology landscape has seen an upsurge of attack targeted at popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and even Google Play. And with more and more companies leveraging mobile devices in their workspace, the concern for mobile security has now become a hot topic in the business sector. One […]

This AI therapist is helping me get over my ex

BY MONICA CHIN From Mashable Many of us could use a professional to talk to. But therapists are expensive, and it’s hard to get an appointment. Luckily, artificial intelligence is here to save us. A team of UCLA researchers claim to have the solution: an artificially intelligent therapist. No more waiting rooms, small talk, or […]

Educators say ‘No Way’ to Trump’s suggestion of arming teachers

By Madeline Will From blogs.edweek President Donald Trump suggested a possible solution to preventing the kinds of school shootingsthat left 17 students and educators dead in Parkland, Fla., last week—arming nearly a quarter of the nation’s teachers. “If you had one teacher who was adept at firearms, they could very well end the attack very […]

All cryptocurrencies are crashing, and we have no idea why

By Chris Smith From BGR It was just Wednesday that we told you all cryptocurrencies were tanking, save for Bitcoin, which was trading well above $11,000. Sure, Bitcoin’s priced dropped compared to Tuesday’s highs, but it didn’t seem to be as affected as all its rivals. Well, fast forward to Thursday morning, and all digital […]

Tesla will face a reckoning this year if it doesn’t make a fundamental change

By Matthew DeBord From Business Insider Tesla is piling up promises, from the Semi truck to a new Roadster to fully ramped Model 3 production. The company has a long history of overpromising and underdelivering. That’s been acceptable until now, but in 2018 Tesla needs to make good on consumer and investor expectations. Tesla’s biggest […]

Gambling: From ancient Egypt to the 21st Century

Excitement is an inherent attribute of a person and civilization is a whole. Mankind has been playing games where the profit depends on the chance for thousands of years. Some games replace others, but their essence doesn’t change. Games at the Dawn of Civilization Researchers found that the first game, in which the win was […]

Local personal shopping business soaring to Cayman Islands; US

From Jamaica Global A few of their peers who explored the idea of personal shopping have migrated. However, Amanda Spencer and Manju Dadlani, chose to take the risk of investing in themselves and their country and are now owners of Acheteur Elite, a personal-shopping business based in Montego Bay. Though based in the Second City, […]