March 19, 2018

A bright idea: Streetlamps powered by dog poo

By Rain Noe From Core77 Your dog s***s free energy. As do mine. And every day I pick it up with a plastic bag and throw it in the garbage, where it does no good. British inventor Brian Harper is doing something about this. Harper lives in Worcestershire’s Malvern Hills, designated an Area of Outstanding […]

Local heroes helping animals in hurricane-ravaged Caribbean

By Brian J. Lowney, From South Coast Today As residents of the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda struggle desperately to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, a small group of islanders is trying to care for thousands of starving and sick animals and also working to curb the escalating […]

Monkeys have been successfully cloned in China, but you might not like the reason why

By Mike Wehner From BGR It’s now been over two decades since scientists in Scotland successfully cloned a sheep and named the newborn Dolly. In the years since, the technology that powers cloning has advanced slowly but steadily, and while many scientists fear the inevitability that one day a human clone will be created, others […]

Why our pets are so fat — and what we can do to save them

By Deborah Linder, The Conversation From Business Insider Obesity in pets is at epidemic proportions. Obesity in animals can cause complications in almost every system in the body. Managing obesity in pets will require veterinarians, physicians and psychologists to work together.  When I looked at my appointment book for the day, I thought something must be […]

Cayman Islands: Child seriously bitten by ferocious dog in Prospect

From RCIPS Child Seriously Bitten by Ferocious Dog in Prospect, 20 December Just before 5PM yesterday, Wednesday, 20 December, police and emergency personnel were dispatched by the 9-1-1 Communication Centre to a report of a ferocious dog attack on a child at a residence on Birch Avenue in Prospect.  A dog belonging to the residents […]

US: Woman mauled to death by own pit bulls while taking them out for a walk

By Ashitha Nagesh From A woman was mauled to death by her own pit bulls, who then stood guard over her bloodied body. Bethany Lynn Stephens was taking her dogs out for a walk in Goochland, in the US state of Virginia, when they attacked her. Police said the 22-year-old suffered horrific head and […]

Cayman Islands Mourant Ozannes supports four local charities during annual away day

Employees from the Cayman office of law firm, Mourant Ozannes, once again contributed to their community during their annual away day. Teams of people from the firm went out into the community to help local organisations including Literacy is for Everyone (LIFE), the Cayman Islands Red Cross, Francis Bodden Children’s Home, and the Cayman Islands […]

Scientists are using dogs instead of traps to study rare endangered species, and it’s working

By Mike Wehner From BGR Scientists studying hard-to-find endangered species are often left with a difficult choice when it comes to locating specimens to research. They can attempt to find the animals themselves, spending hours, days, or even weeks on what can sometimes be a fruitless endeavor, or they can set traps, which are more […]

Yet another mood-boosting reason to visit the Caribbean – A beach filled with puppies

By TAMIM ALNUWEIR Good Travel From Well and Good Among the endless number of reasons that the Caribbean might be desirable travel destination—the sun, the beaches, the crystal-blue oceans that conjurede-stressing selenite crystal vibes—spending your day with toes in the sandwhile hanging out with cuddly pups probably hasn’t even crossed your mind (though maybe your […]

NWDA and Cayman Islands DoA partner to offer internship supporting hurricane evacuees

Due to the devastating effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria throughout the British Overseas Territories (BOTs), namely the British Virgin Islands, the Turks and Caicos Islands and Anguilla, and in order to accommodate persons relocating to the Cayman Islands, the Department of Agriculture (DoA) established a temporary quarantine facility for their pets that did not […]