January 22, 2019

Don’t worry, our cats won’t turn us into psychopaths

By Steve Williams From Care2 A 2012 article by the Independent shines a light on the already known, but still tentative, link between the cat parasite Toxoplasma gondii and a potential for psychological disturbances in those humans it infects. Furthermore, the article draws readers’ attention to the fact that a soon-to-be issued report that shows British infection rates may […]

2018’s extinct creatures

These are the animals that went extinct in 2018 By Mark Kaufman From Mashable With the end of 2018 comes the near-certain reality that some critters, after millions of years of existence on Earth, are gone for good.  There’s little question that humanity’s continued exploitation of wild animals and the depletion of their habitats have left many species either […]

Petlands puppy cruelty

By Alicia Graef From Care2 US: Investigation puts Petland back in the spotlight for cruelty to puppies Petland is back in the spotlight yet again thanks to an undercover investigation that has exposed its troubling treatment of puppies, and highlights some of the many problems with buying dogs from pet stores. With 80 locations, Petland is  […]

iNews Briefs & Community Events

Cayman Islands: Prospect Red Bay Community Potluck Party This is a Prospect Red Bay Area event and we encourage everyone to bring a dish as share in fun, food and fellowship Cayman Islands Needs AssessmentUnit: Holiday Office Closures The Needs   Assessment Unit (NAU) advises the public that its offices, on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, […]

Sully, George H.W. Bush’s Service Dog, will now help other veterans

By: Laura Goldman From Care2 Mission complete.” Regardless of whether you agreed with President George H.W. Bush’s politics, when you saw that viral photo of his service dog curled up in front of his casket, you probably got a little (or a lot) choked up. The two-year-old yellow Lab, named Sully H.W. Bush after the hero US […]

5 reasons not to buy a puppy for Christmas

By: Joel Boyce from Care2 1. FAMILY MEMBERS SHOULD BE ADOPTED, NOT “BOUGHT” There are enough shelter animals looking for homes that the idea of encouraging the demand for backyard-bred puppies is difficult to justify. In case you need any more convincing, just watch this adorable animal shelter commercial: I’ll also add that some people purchase their animals, especially dogs, because they […]

Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture seeking public assistance in re-homing rescued dogs

The Department of Agriculture (DOA) is expressing its gratitude for the public’s positive response to its appeal for homes for 16 Shih Tzu breed dogs between one and three years old after they were rescued from a home in George Town recently.  The removal of the animals from the home occurred as part of a […]

8 unexpected holiday dangers to pets and wildlife

By: Natalia Lima From Care2 Once Thanksgiving is crossed off the calendar, it is time to deck the halls in anticipation of the holidays — but getting in the spirit of the season could unintentionally harm pets. From Christmas trees to guests’ thoughtful gifts, these are some of the hidden dangers to watch out for […]

Do pets really make people healthier?

By: Mary Daly From Care2 Who exactly are the people sharing their homes with animals? And how does it affect their lives? One large study aimed to explore just that. It’s been widely reported that pet scan improve our health — both mentally and physically. But it might not be that simple. Here’s what researchers […]

US: Joe Biden adopted a German shepherd and he’s precious

BY NICOLE GALLUCCI From Mashable Joe Biden just welcomed a majorly cute addition to his family — a German shepherd named Major. On Saturday, the former Vice President and his wife Jill officially adopted Major the rescue dog, who they’ve been fostering, from the Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington, Delaware. “We are so happy to […]