March 21, 2018

The Editor Speaks: Hurt

We’ve all, I believe, been hurt. Who was it who said, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional”? I am going through much pain at this moment. It is difficult to concentrate on my everyday life. My mind keeps going back to the injustices I feel. Very difficult to shake off. I know it will ease. […]

The Editor Speaks: Old and discriminated against. If I can’t be the young and handsome St George – I’ll be the Dragon.

‘“ We are all familiar with racism and sexism – but what about “ageism?” ‘“Ageism” was first defined by Dr. Robert Butler in 1968 as “a systematic stereotyping of and discrimination against people because they are old.” “Social scientists agree that when we meet new people, we automatically first look for three things – race, […]

The Editor Speaks: Regulations and more regulations

In the Cayman Islands we were once blessed with common sense regulations that were easy to understand and were pivotal to being blessed with charities. We rely heavily upon them and without their existence the welfare of our poor and destitute, our homeless and animals, etc. would be in more serious at risk than even […]

The Editor Speaks: Mental health

There is no doubt that mental health patients have suffered here in the Cayman Islands for decades with no proper facilities. At long last it seems that these patients are going to get a facility that is being specially tailored to their needs. The lock em up – out of mind mentality has been the […]

The Editor Speaks: Prayer Power

“Oh dear Colin is getting religious, AGAIN!” Yes, he is, especially after the disgusting ‘joke’ made against Vice President Mike Pence, that I mentioned in a previous Editorial. The ‘joke’ inferred if you believe God talks back to you after talking to God it is called “mental illness”. Pence was excellent in his reply back. […]

The Editor Speaks: It is dumb to act dumb.

Why do governments play the dumb dumb game? Are they frightened of lawsuits if they open up and tell us the truth? It doesn’t matter to them that employees who are on full paid leaves of absence for months and sometimes years it’s us the public that pays for it. It doesn’t happen in the […]

The Editor Speaks: Mocking religious beliefs

It is now common place and acceptable to mock people who have religious faith, especially if you are a Christian. The recent example by Joy Behar and Omarosa Manigault on the ABC show “The View” was appalling. They mocked the power of prayer and Behar went one step further saying, “It’s one thing to talk […]

The Editor Speaks: Honda Civics

There is a spate of car theft here. It seems hardly a weekend goes by when we learn of another car theft or thefts. The stealing seems to be in pairs. Just this weekend we received a report from the RCIPS of two more cars gone missing. And once again they are Honda Civics. If […]

The Editor Speaks: Pop-ups

Virtually every Internet website I log onto (excepting ours) has these annoying pop-ups. Most are ads and others want to know where I’m located. Yes, I know you can use ad-blocker and settings in your web-browser. However, when you do that now, more and more websites will not allow you to read their content because […]

The Editor Speaks: Guns kill

No one can argue with that, except it takes someone to pull the trigger. If it is very, very difficult to own a gun it automatically lowers the chances of someone being able to use an AR-15 rifle and go on a deadly rampage at a school. That a 19 year old expelled student from […]