December 17, 2017

The Editor Speaks: “No Tolerance” or “Zero Tolerance”. What happened to “Tolerant”?

These expressions are the same and mean the same. They are usually barked at us by the law. The law that is presumably made up of human beings. Human beings who are presumed to have a brain. Robots are machines and programmed. They have no brain. If we are going to adopt a “No Tolerance” […]

The Editor Speaks: Bikers are winning, police are running, call in the Keystone Cops.

I expect most of you have seen the video circulating on social media of two police officers trying to stop 200 bikers at a roadblock in Bodden Town. The copy I received was titled “Keystone Cops”. It was an apt description. Watching two officers on foot running after people on motorbikes who performed circles around […]

The Editor Speaks: Day the rains came down

Yesterday (Sun 26), was one of the worst days I have ever driven in the rain. It was dark and getting darker, just before 6PM and as my wife and I got into the car the heavens opened and the rain came down and down and down. We were originally going to the “Singing Christmas […]

The Editor Speaks: Status granting by government

I have nothing against the granting of Caymanian status granting by members of the legislative Assembly. Premier, Alden McLaughlin, said by law, Cabinet can only grant status on four people per year and confirmed that the law protecting people from ever losing that status, when bestowed by Cabinet, had been amended. Three persons were made […]

The Editor Speaks: A good man leaves

I have to confess, when Neil Lavis arrived here from the UK to take up his job as Director of Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service, I didn’t think he would last twelve months. He not only had to battle with the challenging job of dealing with criminals, but the government who would not spend […]

The Editor Speaks: How much for a new courthouse?

At the Finance Committee this week we learnt that the government has spent over $1M on reports exploring the “where, what and when?” on a new courthouse. It has taken ten years to come to no conclusion whatsoever, except we can’t afford $177M. Now they want to spend $400,000 on another report! And while we […]

The Editor Speaks: Black Friday and Thanksgiving

Thursday (23) is the American Thanksgiving. Over the years I have lived here (35+), I have watched Thanksgiving celebrations grow, especially the Restaurants, primarily because of the large number of American tourists and now with the increase of American workers here. Even locals are celebrating it. Now we have “Black Friday” sales. This was unheard […]

The Editor Speaks: Men

How many of you celebrated International Men’s Day last Sunday (19)? The Government sponsored Cayman Islands “celebrations” comprised a Men and Boys church service at Savannah United Church on Sunday. Rooster 101 had a roundtable at 7:30am last Friday and there was a Family Day at Kings Sports Centre on Saturday 18th. Wow. How much […]

The Editor Speaks: CarePay and does anyone really care?

I came down heavy on Bodden Town MLA Chris Saunders in a recent editorial and likened him to the late British Actor Sir Christopher Lee’s performance playing the notorious “hanging judge” Judge Jeffries. Today, I am somewhat on his side, as it still does not remain clear to me how only one man has been […]

The Editor Speaks: The law was not followed but……

Jobs for Caymanians! That is the trumpet call. Laws were put into place to protect Caymanians. Transparency. Caymanians must have the opportunity to take the top jobs. This applies, especially when the jobs are Government bodies. When our most proven financial qualified Caymanian, Marco Archer, incredibly lost his seat at the last election, we knew […]