May 21, 2018

Heath Ledger and benzodiazepines

The first time I saw Heath Ledger, it was in the movie “10 Things I Hate About You”. Well passed ‘teen’ movies, even those with Shakespearian-based scripts, I shyly admitted to liking “10 Things.” I really like the male lead; what was his name? Heath Ledger. I was hooked. I’m not a star-struck fan and […]

Christmas candles

You can change your interior with the colour, beauty and fragrance this Christmas with candles; you can easy bring relaxation and warmth with candles. There are lots of candles and accessories you can buy here in Cayman’s stores or online from all the leading manufacturers e.g. Yankee, PartyLite, Bath and Body Works, Colonial,  Crate and […]

Believe you me

Life on Grand Cayman in my ‘growing up days’ was a very simple but enjoyable experience. We were all so close.  Everyone was your friend. Personally speaking, I had a different friend for every occasion. For instance, if I wanted to sing I’d go to certain friends; cycling, I’d go to another; horse riding, to […]

Christmas Morning of Yesterday

It was no ordinary Christmas morning for me As I opened the bedroom door to have a peep Just so excited and eager for the sun to rise So I could quickly claim my Santa surprise So quietly I closed the bedroom door Returning to my bedroom as I said before Just a minute or […]

Really bad Christmas presents

Have you ever sat with your family or friends at Christmas, only to watch the false smiles appear on their faces as you hand over a pair of socks and a box of chocolates for the third year running. If this sounds like you then you may just benefit reading my advice before it is […]

Christmas for kitchen lovers

The Christmas season is upon us, and stress has begun to fill the air! Sometimes we just don’t have the time to be creative! As giving should never be a source of stress I felt the need to share my personal gift ideas for Christmas this year for those who find it difficult to get […]

Music can help you during the Christmas holiday

During this Christmas holiday when you’re looking for some different ways to soothe, level, motivate, energise yourself and otherwise get on top of your cascading emotions – may I suggest music? If you are a metaphysician and you can answer: what is there?: and what it is like?, and you can clarify the fundamental notions […]


Thousand of years ago, the people of Caribbean South America had a need for a versatile but comfortable device to sleep in. Using the supple bark of the Hamack tree, the Latin villagers wove a mesh like net. The net could be hung out of the way, not taking up very much space in the […]

Ben Stein’s Christmas email chain letter

iNews Cayman has been sent an email purporting to be from Ben Stein. I received one too and I expect you have. It’s going the rounds not only here but in the USA and the UK. I actually received a similar one in 2006 with some subtle differences. Because of this I began to have […]

Will tablets replace computers?

On recent trips to the USA and UK I did not take my laptop with me but instead my tablet – the Apple iPad. Interestingly, on my long flight across the Atlantic I noticed more people using tablets than laptops. That doesn’t mean more people actually travel with tablets than laptops as they may have […]