April 24, 2018

The Editor Speaks: Do you agree with no-fault divorce?

Although the Cayman Islands has a high divorce rate (in 2010 it was reported as 5th highest per capita in the world -UN), it has one of the most strict divorce legislations. Now the Law Reform Commission has presented three bills for discussion that will make the divorce process much easier. Proposals include eliminating the […]

The Editor Speaks: Crime still high – less than 1% drop and serious crime up just over 1%

If you analyze the statistics just released by the RCIPS – see iNews Cayman story today “Cayman Islands Crime and Traffic Statistics Report 2017” – you will note that nearly half – 44% – of all crime is serious. These comparisons are against year 2016. I must commend the RCIPS on providing more detail than […]

The Editor Speaks: Outrage and rightly so

The Cayman Islands Immigration Department have sparked outrage to not only Caymanians but the paper variety too. The Immigration Department issued a statement aiming to clarify the situation for people who are Caymanian by right through descent who have to acquire a letter from immigration proving that fact. See iNews Cayman story published April 18 […]

The Editor Speaks: “The Day After Tomorrow”

“The Day After Tomorrow” was a disaster film that depicted catastrophic climatic effects following the disruption of the North Atlantic Ocean circulation in a series of extreme weather events that usher in global cooling and lead to a new ice age. It was based on the book The Coming Global Superstorm by Art Bell and […]

The Editor Speaks: Arson. A new low

The utter disdain that has crept into our society for our hardworking police force reached a new low this morning. “Around 2:45AM this morning, Tuesday, 17 April, police and fire officers were dispatched to the scene of a fire at a local garage on Walkers Road where two new police cars had been damaged as […]

The Editor Speaks: When transparency becomes opaque. When it’s the Cruise Berthing Facility!

“Government is deliberately misinforming the public,” says Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller. Jumping up and down is Kenneth Bryan, the independent MLA for George Town Central, who noted the lack of transparency. Speaking to CNS, he stated that he believes the public should be told what is going on. He said the silence was an indication […]

The Editor Speaks: Sol issues statement praising itself

After the damaging report by the utilities regulator, OfReg, who stating clearly Sol Petroleum Cayman Ltd were responsible for the fire last year at its fuel depot at Jackson point, SOL issued its own statement in reply. And what did it say? It praised itself for its commitment to safety over the past 58 years! […]

The Editor Speaks: When ‘Freedom of Expression’ is a crime

“My art is an expression of my religious convictions and I do not understand why I’m being prosecuted for it.” The above was said by Cayman Brac resident artist Ronald Gregory Kynes (64) in Cayman’s Summary Court last Friday (6) at a case management hearing before his trial for possession of an obscene publication. The […]

The Editor Speaks: Alarming report on diesel tank fire

“The primary investigation was conducted over a period of four (4) months and concludes that SOL, through its employees and contractors did not take all reasonable precaution as required by relevant code, standards and best practices to which it subscribes or mandated under the Dangerous Substances Law (“DS Law”) for the prevention of the incident […]

The Editor Speaks: Missing: Yellow lines! Missing: Road sweeper! [UPDATE- sweeper found, missing white lines]

Have you noticed the missing yellow lines along our roads? I have to admit I hadn’t until it was brought to my attention by one of our readers. This is what he wrote to The NRA: Dear Mr Parchment I note that many yellow lines have been destroyed by sidewalks and road alterations or just […]