August 17, 2018

The Editor Speaks: A GOOD survey. Not a BAD survey.

We have published today a Press Release that carries the headline: “Cayman Islands Schools Survey: “Students are satisfied with their school”’. Excellent. This is a quite different outcome from what I was expecting. The consensus feeling I was getting from the poor examination results would have produced quite a different result. “Over 600 Year 5 […]

The Editor Speaks: Iggie hunters.

I must admit I am surprised there was as many as forty-four responses to the Cayman Islands Department of Environment’s call for Iggie Hunters. The need for the culling of our green iguanas has been recognized for a number of years now but very little has been done to curb the increasing numbers. There is […]

The Editor Speaks: Last call for cullers

Today (Thu Aug 9) is your last chance to join the submission of information on the green iguana culling. There are approx 2 million green iguana here, although I haven’t actually seen anybody physically counting them. Perhaps the police are doing this when they are up in the air in their helicopter looking for thieves […]

The Editor Speaks: Baffling and shocking

When will governments wake up and pour the funds required to deal with crime at the source and not after the horse has bolted? It is constantly baffling to me why there is always reluctance to commit monies and other resources into the nests where crime starts – the homes. The Cayman Islands Children & […]

The Editor Speaks: What the future holds for UK OT’s

Our government is going to try and renegotiate parts of our country’s 2009 Constitution after the shocking vote in the House of Commons making us more transparent than our competitors that are Crown colonies. A level playing field it is not. It is without doubt the large majority of the UK’s Members of Parliament have […]

The Editor Speaks: Tired and tyres

At the weekend we published four reports from the Economics and Statistics Office (ESO) that will take many, many hours to plough through them all. If I am at a loss to find something to write about I can delve into the myriads of pages and quickly fall to sleep. Not that what I have […]

The Editor Speaks: Why I write Editorials and Not “Fake News”

I write Editorials mostly. Only occasionally do I write articles claiming to be news. When I do sit down to write an article I point to the facts and, where I can, I give the source. I NEVER write the word ‘COULD’ in an article. I had not read the CNS article regarding the Cruise […]

The Editor Speaks: Arming ACC officers seems unnecessary

Even though the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has never had to deal with violent criminals they are seeking a change in the law so that their officers can battle any such white collar thief turning into one. If the amendment is passed, and most likely will be, ACC officers will be able to arm themselves with […]

The Editor Speaks: Petitions

We now have two rival petitions circulating in our country both concerning our governor. We published the former “Bring Back Choudhury‘ petition” that I supported but now we have a second one we have published today advocating our very own (and Deputy Governor) Franz Manderson for the top job of Governor. That in itself is […]

The Editor Speaks: The Exclusive Club

In today’s iNews Cayman we have published an article courtesy of Business Insider under the title “London’s most exclusive clubs”. However, my Editorial has nothing to do with that story. The Exclusive Club I am talking about is here in the Cayman Islands operating, I believe, illegally and the government agencies who are supposed to […]