June 25, 2018

The Editor Speaks: Seafarers

“Here in the Cayman Islands our rich maritime heritage plays a very important part in determining who we are as a culture. “One thing that many Caymanians and residents have in common, regardless of how recent our arrival, is that we all feel the pull of the sea that bounds our beautiful Islands. “Yet while […]

The Editor Speaks: The Digital age

Cayman Islands Digital Economy conference commenced today (Thu) at the Kimpton Seafire Resort. The agenda included digitising public services, Cayman Islands e-government, the future of financial services, the world of cryptocurrencies and digital identification systems. In his opening address, Cayman’s Premier Alden McLaughlin commenced by quoting Charles Darwin – “It is not the strongest of […]

The Editor Speaks: World Refugee Day

Today (20) is World Refugee Day. World Refugee Day commemorates the obstacles refugees face each year, while also celebrating their courage and strength. Since 2001, the United Nations and more than 100 countries have observed World Refugee Day annually on June 20th. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has started the #WithRefugees petition to […]

The Editor Speaks: Shouldn’t the sea level rise worry us?

“The Antarctic Ice Sheet is an important indicator of climate change and driver of sea-level rise. Here we combine satellite observations of its changing volume, flow and gravitational attraction with modelling of its surface mass balance to show that it lost 2,720 ± 1,390 billion tonnes of ice between 1992 and 2017, which corresponds to […]

The Editor Speaks: Blood

Last Thursday, another important day passed by with barely a murmur. Strange, because the subject was blood and without it no living creature here on Earth would exist. It is something we take for granted and we must certainly praise the persons who donate this precious liquid. Our Minister of Health, Hon, Dwayne Seymour, sent […]

The Editor Speaks: The Bible says it’s OK to separate young children from their parents. Shame on all of us.

The above prognoses is the interpretation executed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He said in a speech to police officers in Indiana: “I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes. […]

The Editor Speaks: Mysteries

I love mysteries. They are the top of my list when reading and watching movies. I love to be surprised and I hate it when I am right after the reading and/or the movie has ended. Often now we see the unfolding of government secrets. Secrets that have remained so for years. This makes for […]

The Editor Speaks: Pigeon post and telephone landlines is the safest

We have published today two articles concerning security and malware. All, of course, involving the Internet. Add to that the story we published over the weekend, “Scamming Emails from Fake Cayman Islands Government Email Address”. This one warns: “The RCIPS wishes to alert the public of a fake phishing email scam circulating in the Cayman […]

The Editor Speaks: World Oceans Day

Last Saturday (9) the Cayman Islands celebrated HM The Queen’s Birthday. We had two special honourees, marching parades, pomp and bands. The day before, Friday 8th, passed by with barely a murmur. However, it was justifiably important enough for our Minister of Health Hon. Dwayne Seymour , to mark the day with a Message. It […]

The Editor Speaks: Loud noise

Have you noticed we are bombarded every day with noise? Loud noise! Even louder noise!! It seems every ad that comes on the radio has someone shouting at the top of his voice over the most horrible noise that’s supposed to be music. To add even more to this horror they add an echo so […]