September 21, 2017

The Editor Speaks: Peace

Today (Thu 21) is International Peace Day and peace is something we all need. Here in the Cayman Islands we are celebrating it at The Family Resource Centre. This year’s theme is “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”. It seeks to highlight key issues and encourage communities to focus on helping others, […]

The Editor Speaks: Starving!

I was much moved when I watched a BBC documentary last evening (Mon) titled “The boy who shocked the world”. It has been a year since starving Saleem became the face of Yemen’s suffering. But where is he now? “Parents can do little but hope they have something their children can eat”. You can view […]

The Editor Speaks: Who said the Caymans were the islands time forgot?

Once upon a time as all good stories start there were three islands that time forgot? Over the years there have been a number of islands given that title and when I first came to these shores nearly 36 years ago the Caymans were one of these. How quickly over those 36 years has time […]

The Editor Speaks: Well done Cayman Airways pilots

It is actually a rare occurrence thankfully to have an emergency landing here in the Cayman Islands. We did have one last Thursday (14) when Cayman Airways’ Tampa flight KX200, operated by VP-CNG, had to return to Owen Roberts International Airport (ORIA) shortly after its 11:50am takeoff. So rare, a Rooster 101 radio disk jockey […]

The Editor Speaks: Ivan, Irma and what else?

September 11th/12th passed the thirteenth anniversary of Hurricane Ivan and everyone who was here and when the storm hit us plus, the aftermath, can identify a lot with everyone who has just gone through Irma and before that Harvey. The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has been exceptionally busy with several remarkable and record-breaking events, the […]

The Editor Speaks: Protecting our children MUST be the priority

This statement was emphasized by Felicia Robinson, the director of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) when she appeared before the Public Accounts Committee. Since the introduction of the legislation to protect children, which requires everyone in the relevant fields to report concerns, there has been a notable increase in reports of potential […]

The Editor Speaks: There is an exception to every rule

A rule I have made and is universally normally followed, rarely do other media houses comment on another’s Editorial. I normally avoid our local media houses editorials like the plague. I do NOT read them. However, there are exceptions. I can remember two occasions where I actually read the Cayman Compass Editorials because I was […]

The Editor Speaks: Waide has gone but not quietly

For just over eight years Waide DaCosta has been Chairman of the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board. Now DaCosta has gone and according to him it was his decision to resign. In a Press Release issued on 8th September he outlines his reasons that mostly shows his frustrations and no blame for the Permanent […]

The Editor Speaks: Ashamed

I am ashamed to say that I agree with the condemnation of the British press to the United Kingdom’s handling of the Hurricane Irma crises in the Caribbean hitting their own territories. It is not as if they didn’t have fair warning of Hurricane Irma bearing down on their protectorates. We have two stories in […]

The Editor Speaks: A hurricane crystal ball is needed

When you are dealing with nature only God knows what it is going to do. Jesus is the only person I know who has been able to calm storms and as far as I know there is no one that fits that description on this planet today. The computers we have today that forecast where […]