November 20, 2017

The Editor Speaks: CarePay and does anyone really care?

I came down heavy on Bodden Town MLA Chris Saunders in a recent editorial and likened him to the late British Actor Sir Christopher Lee’s performance playing the notorious “hanging judge” Judge Jeffries. Today, I am somewhat on his side, as it still does not remain clear to me how only one man has been […]

The Editor Speaks: The law was not followed but……

Jobs for Caymanians! That is the trumpet call. Laws were put into place to protect Caymanians. Transparency. Caymanians must have the opportunity to take the top jobs. This applies, especially when the jobs are Government bodies. When our most proven financial qualified Caymanian, Marco Archer, incredibly lost his seat at the last election, we knew […]

The Editor Speaks: It is no surprise private sector pension and health insurers are failing Cayman and so is CINICO

In the Legislative Assembly last Tuesday (14) the Finance Committee were discussing the thorny subject of insurance – pensions and especially health. With the burden of the uninsured Cayman Islands citizens falling on government to address when they reach retirement age the current system cannot be allowed to continue. These are not entirely my words, […]

The Editor Speaks: World Prematurity Day and World Orphans Day. Linked by children.

Two stories celebrating special days may have escaped your notice or about too. The first, World Prematurity Day, you can read today as the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority are celebrating it. See today’s story “Cayman Islands Health Services Authority celebrates World Prematurity Day”. The day earmarked for this is November 17th. The World Health […]

The Editor Speaks: The Weather Man

It was a very fitting tribute to the late Frank Ellsworth Roulstone Jr. last Wednesday (1) when Members of the Legislative Assembly stood for a minute of silence. Frank Roulstone was known as “The Weather Man” when he pioneered Cayman Islands Weather Station. He was the head man from the early 1960’s until he retired […]

The Editor Speaks: Halloween and Guy Fawkes

October 31st was Halloween and November 5th is Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes. Both are celebrations that children and grownups can enjoy together. Halloween is the biggest of the two events in the USA whilst the other is the biggest in Great Britain. When I grew up Halloween was hardly celebrated at all, although I expect over […]

The Editor Speaks: Health care and Cayman Airways take the wrong direction

It was a good thing government managed to generate $26.3 million more than the forecasted $908.5 million that was in the last budget prepared by former Finance Minister Marco Archer. Health care and Cayman Airways travelled the wrong way ending up costing more than $17.4 million than had been budgeted. Persons needing health care because […]

The Editor Speaks: The ‘great actor’

If anyone should get the Great Actor of the Year Award it is Bodden Town MLA Chris Saunders. To my knowledge I have never met the gentleman although I know he was present at a party I was at but he chose to hide away in a corner somewhere with people he knew. I thought […]

The Editor Speaks: Why do we give some “stars” the added title of “super”?

It has always irritated me at the use of the word “super” being added to our “stars” – the human kind. There are the other kind – the ones in outer space – that deserve the word because they are ‘special’. Extraordinary. However, the word “super” being bandied about to non extraordinary people, mostly entertainers […]

The Editor Speaks: Another breach and another cover up

Bermuda based Appleby has admitted there has been a breach earlier this year but did not disclose exactly when. It all smells very much like the 2015 Panama Papers case and the UK’s Daily Telegraph said the exposed information could place a high amount of scrutiny on various tax havens used by the rich. The […]