May 29, 2017

The Editor Speaks: Cayman Islands goes to the polls

I am NOT going to advise anyone on who to vote for. I pray you vote wisely and not just because the person running is family and/or a friend. Vote for whom you truly feel is the best person to run our beautiful country. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR SENTIMENT THIS TIME!! At no time […]

The Editor Speaks: There was little good nature in Progressives motorcade clash.

The Progressives put on a very Impressive motorcade last Saturday (20) that started at West Bay and went around Grand Cayman and finished up in Savannah in the backyard of one of the Progressives candidates, Heather Bodden. There were very nearly 300 cars in the motorcade and it was a spectacular sight. For most of […]

The Editor Speaks: How to hand over a seat in one easy lesson – don’t fight for it

Independent candidate for Bodden Town West, Chris Saunders, was handed the seat on a plate when Leader of the Progressives, Alden McLaughlin, decided not to take part in the CITN/Cayman27 National TV debate last Thursday (18). When leader of the Cayman Democratic Party (CDP), McKeeva Bush, announced he would not be attending, McLaughlin, along with […]

The Editor Speaks: Sharon sizzled

I was asked to speak last night (Wed 17) at Candidate for George Town East Sharon Roulstone’s Yard Meeting. It was nothing big. Just a few words and a prayer. The prayer was very specific. It was not just for Sharon but for ALL the candidates standing in the May 24th Elections. After a small […]

The Editor Speaks: LOUD!!!

Have you noticed nearly every advert you hear on the radio is loud? You have something that I believe is music (a very poor imitation of it to be sure) playing in the background at frantic speed comprising crashing drums, cymbals, guitars, etc. and loud. Above this mess is a voice shouting so as to […]

The Editor Speaks: Corruption

In more than one of our stories today there is a hint of corruption, and it is the banking sector again that the finger has been pointed. Nothing proved but there is a smell that something bad lurks at the bottom (or in these cases maybe the top). In another story today FIFA, itself tainted […]

The Editor Speaks: The Kiss of Death?

I was at the Progressives Newlands/Savannah rally last night (8) as I live in Newlands and wanted to hear if there was anything new they had to say. This is the second so called ‘backyard’ one I have been to and was much bigger than the first. I really couldn’t avoid that first one as […]

The Editor Speaks: A service of hope, and wisdom for the righteous.

I was very moved, as was my wife Joan, at the Service for Candidates we attended on Sunday (7) – see iNews Cayman story today “Service for candidates” in the top slider with images. Whoever came up with the idea and put it all together, and I could see a lot of work was behind […]

The Editor Speaks: No photocopying of court pleadings

It was with much surprise to learn after what has been practiced for a very long time the making of photocopies of court pleadings will no longer be allowed. Why? According to the court, publishing public court documents online could constitute a violation of copyright, But it is a PUBLIC document. The public can review […]

The Editor Speaks: Culture Policy – good effort but…

After nearly two years in the making the Cayman Islands government has presented a Cultural Policy with one of its aims to try and protect local artists. The Policy is calling for a national registry or database of artists working across all genres to provide access to education and training, marketing and promotional activities, and […]