April 24, 2018

Minimally invasive technique eases pain for Cayman Islands patient with rheumatoid disease

Patient and Deputy Chairperson of the HSA Board Karie Bergstrom, who has been struggling with the pain of rheumatoid disease for 15 years, has found relief after undergoing a minimally invasive procedure at the Cayman Islands Hospital. This is the first time the procedure was performed in the Cayman Islands and, with the exception of […]

The Editor Speaks: Do you agree with no-fault divorce?

Although the Cayman Islands has a high divorce rate (in 2010 it was reported as 5th highest per capita in the world -UN), it has one of the most strict divorce legislations. Now the Law Reform Commission has presented three bills for discussion that will make the divorce process much easier. Proposals include eliminating the […]

Competition arrives in Grand Cayman, monopoly no more

From BPN The launch of a startup company on Grand Cayman breaks a 60-year propane monopoly on the Caribbean isle. With phase one construction complete, Clean Gas Ltd. received its license to sell from the Utility Regulation and Competition Office in March, one of the final hurdles for pushing a head-to-head rivalry with the British […]

‘Operation Cayman’ launched to keep a lid on drugs violence [and it’s not in the Cayman Islands]

[‘Operation Cayman’ is in Norwich, England.] By Dominic Gilbert From Eastern Daily Press UK Seven months of intelligence work culminated in more than 33 arrests in 17 raids this week under Operation Cayman.. While there has been a focus on disrupting the drug supply since December 2016 under Operation Gravity, with more than 500 arrests […]

SPLC Cashes In On Trump era; Controversial nonprofit nears half BILLION in assets

By Peter Hasson From Daily Caller The Southern Poverty Law Center more than doubled its revenue in 2017, in the latest indication that the Trump era has been a financial boon for the left-wing nonprofit. The SPLC reported $136 million in contributions and grants for the most recent fiscal year, more than doubling the $50.2 […]

Opinion: Even its authors agree this is an appalling scandal. So why has no one resigned?

By Andrew Rawnsley From The Guardian The absence of any departures from office over Windrush illuminates a more general change in the political culture that has made it tougher to hold ministers accountable for their failures Earlier this year, Michael Bates, an obscure minister in the House of Lords, offered his resignation because he was […]

Are you paying too much in taxes? See the lists of corporate and personal income tax by country

By Sorin Melenciuc From Business-Review “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” according to Benjamin Franklin. But it is certain that some in the world are paying more taxes than others. And to the surprise of many, Romanians are at the bottom of the list of taxes paid around […]

Re-engineering teacher education in the Eastern Caribbean

From OECS Approximately 100 Education professionals of the 10 OECS Member States participated in the OECS Teacher Education and Professional Development Conference under the theme, “One Voice in Re-Engineering OECS Teacher Education”. The two-day event aimed at building a collective response to challenges in the education system in the OECS. Chief Education Officers, Directors of […]

ICO predictions for 2018: Big changes for utility tokens

by HOWARD MARKS From TNW 2017 was quite a banner year for the ICO marketplace with over $6.4 billion in crypto invested in hundreds of ICOs. Some investors thought the world had gone crazy, others were saying it was just the beginning. Will ICOs announce the end of Venture Capital as we know it? Clearly […]

Cayman Islands insists money laundering reporting cannot be delegated to third party

From STEP Cayman Islands investment funds must, from 1 June, appoint natural persons as their anti-money laundering (AML) reporting officers, rather than delegating their AML functions to corporate bodies. New AML regulations came into force on 2 October 2017, making both regulated and unregulated investment entities, as well as insurance entities and finance vehicles, subject […]