August 20, 2019

Rina may have reached its peak. Invest 97L of no concern except for heavy rain

As of 10am this morning (26) Hurricane Rina is holding its own and is a borderline Cat. 2/3 storm. Wind shear values from the CIMSS products indicate that there is about 20 knots of shear right over the core of the hurricane with 30 to 40 knots of shear waiting for Rina as it approaches […]

Hurricane Rina and Invest 97L

Hurricane Rina yesterday morning (25) was at Cat. 2 strength and struggling a little bit. It’s path is uncertain. Both Crown Weather and Weather Underground mention various scenarios and few of the models agree. There are so many ‘ifs’ the National Hurricane Centre (NHC) has a path graphic with a huge balloon ‘trapping’ where the […]

The earth moved on Sunday

The Cayman Islands region experienced an earthquake in the early hours of Sunday morning. The quake struck at 03:23am and was measured at a magnitude of 4.1 mb. It was located 475 km W Spanish town and 146 km S George town, 17.97 N ; 81.44 W, at a depth of 10km.  

Hurricane Rina means wet weather for Cayman

Hazard Management is sending Advisories on Hurricane Rina that is producing a lot of rainfall over our area.  The general direction which is forecast for this storm steers it away from the Cayman Islands but severe weather associated with this strengthening storm will continue to affect the local area with moderate to heavy thunderstorms, squally […]

Potential trouble for Cayman and the Caribbean next week

Rob Lightbown of Crown Weather warns of potential tropical troubles over the next week. The various model guidance forecast have differing views: The GFS model starts to spin up this low pressure system in the southwestern Caribbean during Saturday into Sunday and forecasts it to attain tropical storm strength by Sunday night. After that, the […]

Western Caribbean weather disturbance

Rob Lightbown of Crown Weather says, “I am closely watching an area of disturbed weather in the western and northwestern Caribbean. There is an area of low pressure associated with this disturbed weather and satellite imagery this morning (14) showed some deeper areas of convection about halfway between the Yucatan Peninsula and the Cayman Islands. […]

Philippe being ripped apart and developing LP system over Cuba

Hurricane Philippe’s time is running out as it is being ripped apart by high wind shear of 40-50 knots. By the time you read this Philippe should be receiving his last rites without affecting any land areas. As we reported yesterday (7) a large low pressure system with heavy rain is expected to develop over […]

Tropics forecast to hot up from this weekend until next weekend

After 12 days and 49 advisories, Philippe has finally intensified into hurricane, becoming the fifth hurricane of the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season. The fifth hurricane normally arrives on October 7, so this is a very average season for hurricanes, despite the fact it is already the 7th busiest season since record keeping began in 1851 […]

Tropical storm Philippe may turn into hurricane.

Tropical Storm Philippe remains no threat to land and is located about 530 miles south southeast of Bermuda. There are currently no coastal watches or warnings in effect. Philippe’s centre was located near latitude 25.3 north and longitude 61.3 west. He is moving toward the northwest at about six mph and is expected to make […]

Tropical or sub-tropical development between the Florida Straits & the western Caribbean

According to Rob Lightbrown from the Crown Weather Service, there will be a hint for some sort of tropical or even sub-tropical development either in the western Caribbean, the eastern Gulf of Mexico or the Florida Straits & the Bahamas starting this upcoming weekend. The latest GFS model forecasts that a storm system will form […]