January 17, 2019

This turkey optical illusion will make your head spin

BY MORGAN SUNG From Mashable This Thanksgiving how-to might give you a headache. Redditor u/Dently stumbled across the mindblowing video uploaded in 2015 and posted it to r/videos. “Found this freaky optical illusion while watching a cooking video,” they wrote. “Stare at the center of the brine until the scene changes.” If you look into […]

Kick off 2019 at major festivaI – finaI call

From International Screenwriters’ Association The Coolest FiIm FestivaI is Approaching Let US Take YOU There! Experience the Sundance FiIm FestivaI in Park City, UT and a Table Read of your script at one of the most thrilling festivaIs of 2019! In addition to attending festivaI events and screenings as an Award Winner, a professional director […]

Russia domestic abuse: ‘My husband chopped off my hands’

From BBC In December 2017, Margarita Gracheva’s husband took her into a forest and cut her hands off with an axe. Her case has highlighted activists’ fears that the softening of Russia’s laws applying to domestic violence may be emboldening abusers. First offences where the victim is not hospitalised are no longer treated as criminal […]

Staff shortages defense can have consequences for presence in the Caribbean

From Curacao Chronicle THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD – Staff shortages at Defense can lead to pressure on the strength of the armed forces that are stationed in Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten. Chairman Jean Debie of the trade union for defense personnel VBM has been warning for some time about the consequences of the growing outflow […]

Hurricane-hit Caribbean states target future safe from climate harm

By Sophie Hares Thomson Reuters Foundation TEPIC, Mexico, Dec 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A group of Caribbean nations, many devastated by recent hurricanes, will work with companies, development banks and other organisations to curb damage from climate change and grow cleanly, under an action plan launched this week. The countries aim to restructure up […]

Camera lenses literally melted during the solar eclipse

BY YVETTE TAN From Mashable Will people ever learn? A camera rental company found its cameras and lenses severely damaged after people took them to shoot the solar eclipse last month. This, despite warning users not to point their cameras directly at the sun. Online rental shop LensRentals told renters that solar filters had to […]

Sulfur fire & sunset

Bizarre sulfur fire footage will leave you in awe BY NICOLE GALLUCCI From Mashable The Worland Volunteer Fire Department in Wyoming was recently called upon to extinguish an unusual fire — and the footage they captured is stunning. Firefighters determined the otherworldly blaze was the result of a sulfur mound that had been ignited. They […]

Hurricane season may be more active than first thought

By Pierce Legeion From WCNT9 GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) –  The tropics are quiet right now, but we have a long way to go before hurricane season is over. And it’s a season that may be more active than initially thought. NOAA’s 2017 hurricane outlook calls for a normal or slightly above normal number of named storms. This […]

Unique bird experiences

Thousands enjoy unique bird experiences on St Martin and throughout the Caribbean From Soualiga Newsday GRAND CASE, St. Martin – Thousands of people throughout the region had fun experiences with birds and nature over the past month during the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival. Dozens of festival events took place on different islands to celebrate the […]

‘Supermoon’ Science: NASA explains the closest full moon [today 14] until 2034

By Samantha Mathewson, Space.com Contributor From SPACE.com The November “supermoon” is extra close to Earth today  (Nov. 14), providing an extraordinary sight for skywatchers — but exactly what makes this month’s full moon so special? November’s supermoon —a term used to describe a full moon is at its perigee, or closest point to Earth during the […]