September 19, 2019

Music is essential

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio We imagine music as a luxury but I would argue it’s as essential as eating. We’re social creatures and music, speech, and the arts are core components dating back to our beginnings as a species. It’s easy enough to mistake what we want for what we need. Take cooking for example. We […]

Field or vineyard?

By Menachem Feldman From Chabad Among the many laws in the Torah that command us to treat those less fortunate with dignity, we are instructed to allow an employee to eat from the produce he is harvesting:1 When you enter your neighbor’s vineyard,2 you may eat as many grapes as you desire, until you are sated, but you […]

The Editor speaks: 1934

As September 10th 1934 was when Joan was born, and 85 years is a milestone not all of us reach, I thought I would look up and try and find some notable events around that time. I share a few of them with you. Sep 10 1934 The 8th Nuremberg Rally ended with a closing […]

Sharing noise

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Few connection mediums have been more revolutionary than the internet. Where once I could only chatter and share what’s in my head with my neighbors and community, now the whole world’s abuzz with connection. And I am riffing on this today because of a recent comment to one of […]

The Publisher speaks: Where to park? [And celebrates 85 years]

By Joan Wilson [Who is 85 years YOUNG today Sep 10] Where do we park? Trying to find somewhere to park gets more and more difficult. Was it easier ten years ago? No. How about fifteen? I wrote this poem then. You can judge. PARKING By Joan (Watler) Wilson We’ve got a real problem with […]

OPINION: PUTIN, Russia’s regret and the worlds greatest threat

By Jolly Green Bill Browder’s book ‘Red Notice’ Just the excerpt gives an insight into Russian corruption and Putin’s involvement in charging protection money to every Russian oligarch, 50% of everything they earn. The author, Bill Browder, maybe Russian President Vladimir Putin’s No. 1 foe. For the past several years, the British-American investor has led […]

Editorial: Elizabeth Hurlston 105 RIP

It is with much sadness to announce the death of Elizabeth Hurlston who passed away last Sunday morning 1st September, just after her birthday August 31st. She was 105 years old. I have known Elizabeth for many years, mainly through meeting her at Elmslie Memorial Church and through my friendship with her son-in-law, Mike Bowerman. […]

OPINION: An outsider looking in at the US gun culture

By Jolly Green The Second Amendment provides U.S. citizens the right to bear arms. Ratified on December 1791, the amendment says: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. It is quite obvious to any fair-minded […]

Injustices meted out to students by CXC

Letter To EDITOR NEWSDAY TT THE EDITOR: Open letter to the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC). I’m calling into question two things. Firstly, the physical conditions under which e-marking takes place and whether or not our local students are marked fairly and accurately under these conditions. Are scripts marked in an environment free of distractions and noise? […]

The Editor speaks: Togetherness and Love

I really didn’t know what to write about today. The aftermath and the death of CITN/Cayman27 is still occupying my mind. I happened to say to the lovely Jamaican young lady (Phyllisia) that stays with us, “I don’t know what to write about today” She said, “Write about love. Surely Joan wrote a poem about […]