February 17, 2019

The Editor speaks: Too much fencing around

A spokesperson for the KAABOO Cayman Festival said on Rooster’s early morning radio show that the temporary double line fence that was erected across the public beach in West Bay was exactly that – temporary. “It is just like Pirates Week,” the man said. “Traffic gets diverted along Harbour Drive in George Town whilst the […]

Salt stone

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio his past Christmas we had a Secret Santa, a practice that was new to me. Everyone buys a present without knowing who the present is for. On Christmas, we present that gift to a family member who opens it in front of the group. If another in the group […]

The Editor speaks: Love wins!!

Yes, today (14) is Valentine’s Day. [Although I wrote this on the 13th] Men. Are you going to do anything special for your love one? Flowers? Card? Chocolates? Meal? Me? Well. Done that many times over my 36 years. No excuse for not doing it again……. No matter how many dark days, and in every […]

How do snowbirds escape the winter blues?, Martin

By Melissa Martin I’m dreaming of a colorful beach get-away. Perhaps, a jaunt to the Caribbean Islands. A slice of paradise to refresh the chilly mood and attitude. Leave the snow and slick-iced roads behind. The Caribbean culture is calling for beach bunnies.  “The Caribbean region is located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and […]

The Editor speaks: Hunger strikes

With so many millions of people starving (according to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 2016 815 million people of the 7.6 billion people in the world), why do persons go on hunger strikes? Well, Ghandi did it, suffragettes in the UK did it, Republican prisoners in Northern Ireland did it and here, just […]

Caribbean unity or mutiny?

By Tony Deyal from Jamaica Gleaner In a bar in Oistins in Barbados, way past midnight into morning, we had gathered eating our fish, partaking of the waters of life, and talking about this, that and the other. We had exhausted religion, politics and women and somehow reached our Caribbean friends and neighbours. Not for […]

The Editor speaks: KAABOO and a lot to do

When I drove past all the colourful tents yesterday (Sun 10) already in place for the KAABOO Cayman event it looked like something that would fit in Wonderland. KABOO is very nearly here – it starts on Valentine’s Day Thu Feb 14 and finishes on the Sat 16. The expected audiences have been estimated at […]

The Editor speaks: Another International Day I wasn’t aware of……

It seems every day on our Calendar has “A Day” set aside to remember and/or recognize some one, some people, some occupation, etc. etc… The list goes on and on and as all the days in our Calendar Year have been used up there are now more than one “A Day” on the same day. […]

Twitter tweeters need to chill before they spill, Martin

From Melissa Martin Twitter, created in 2006, is an online social networking service where users post messages known as “tweets.” No chirping, cheeping, peeping birds—only humans. Twitter is designed to elicit frequent, unprompted, spontaneous, and unfiltered thoughts from its users, who come into conflict with one another as in no other medium, sometimes tweeting things […]

A “Venezuelan-owned” solution: Too much to hope?

By Sir Ronald Sanders From Caribbean News Now Commentators in western media, that dominate international news distribution, characterise any government, entity or person who speaks out against meddling in the internal affairs of Venezuela as “supporters of the Maduro regime”. Implicit in the characterization is that all these governments, entities or persons are “in the […]