October 22, 2019

The Editor speaks: Gambling, same-sex unions, pot – or not

Whilst I applaud MLA Kenneth Bryan for his initiative in trying to execute a national survey to gauge the public’s opinion on gambling, same-sex unions and marijuana laws, his venue for it is absolutely ridiculous. He made the announcement at a Press Conference last Thursday. His venue is to place stations outside each polling station […]

Does polish hide perfection?

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Much of modern music is perfect to the point of boredom: Singers not hitting the right notes are tone shifted. Drumkits are replaced by beat samples. Mistakes are corrected. Nothing is left to art. Raw music is far more interesting because it’s believable. When I hear Johnny Cash singing […]

The Editor speaks: Norman, Cinema, Adverts

Last Friday (18) I received a PR from the Premier’s Office concerning the proposed cruise berthing facility. It had a message from one of our most respected Caymanians, ex leader of Government Business and Tourism Minister, Norman Bodden. The PR we have published today in full. It is one of the best PR’s I have […]

Music’s story

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Music conveys story and emotions more easily than most art forms. Take literature for example. Novels and short stories can evoke emotion and action through the ideas put forward by their authors—but it typically takes some effort and time on the part of the reader to become one with […]

The Editor speaks: The new and improved plans for the GT port

We received yesterday (Wed 16) a Government Press Release (PR) that unveiled the new and improved plans for the controversial George Town port. This is after our Premier, Alden McLaughlin told the Cayman Compass (his ‘happy’ news outlet) we would not get much new information until after the Referendum. After informing us that the new […]

OPINION: The Past and present barbarism of the Turkish State

By Jolly Green One of the world’s nastiest collection of brutally barbaric peoples came to an end in 1922. The Ottoman Empire, empire created by Turkish tribes in Anatolia (Asia Minor) that grew to be one of the most powerful states in the world during the 15th and 16th centuries. The Ottoman period spanned more […]

The Editor speaks: Statistics

Caribbean Statistics Day passed us by here in the Cayman Islands without even a whimper. If there were any government press releases they failed to meet my desk. I was only aware of it today (16) that is was yesterday (15) when two PR’s arrived for me albeit one day late. How has it made […]

Negative voltage

by Paul McGowan from PS Audio When I was first learning electrical engineering one of the terms I struggled with was negative voltage. How could a voltage be negative? There was ground and there was + voltage. To me, voltage was always a higher potential than zero. I understand this is something most people don’t […]

The Editor speaks: Do we really need a military unit here?

I haven’t, as yet, got my teeth chopping at the bit, but I can’t get my mind set on the need here in the Cayman islands for our very first military unit. The scheme has the support of our premier, Alden McLaughlin and by Britain’s Ministry of Defence and Foreign Office. Tory defence minister Mark […]


By Paul McGovern From PS Audio  sometimes get the craziest comments. Following the recent upgrades to DirectStream a flood of people smelling a conspiratorial cover-up have emerged. Weird, right? The general line goes something like this: “If you know how to improve the DAC’s performance why didn’t you just release it like that in the […]