October 22, 2018

California councilwoman says anonymous group tried to ‘slut-shame’ her into dropping reelection bid by creating website with ‘racy’ pictures of her at Burning Man

By Ashley Collman From Business Insider Rachel Hundley is running for reelection to the Sonoma, California, city council. The 35-year-old says she received an email earlier this month, threatening to publicize a website that included “racy” pictures of her at Burning Man if she didn’t drop out of the race. She recorded a video in […]

Cayman Islands’ new National Dress Code Policy for 2018 School Year

In consultation with the Education Council, the Ministry of Education revised the National Dress Code Policy for all Government Schools. This policy takes effect the first day of September 2018. Students must also dress in accordance with their specific school’s uniform policy.  Take Pride in Your Stride is the campaign that will be utilised to […]

Inside SF’s multi-million-dollar condos

Inside the multi-million-dollar condos of San Francisco’s newly-opened $850 million residential tower — the first one just sold for $15 million By Katie Canales From Business Insider The newest member of San Francisco’s iconic skyline is officially open for use. The new tower opened in May and is notable because it houses one commercial tenant, […]

Poor Cat Designs’ take on virtual personal shopping uses real people instead of AI

BY JAKE KROL From Mashable Facebook has been pushing for AI Bots to handle customer inquiries, and Apple is offering Business Chat for iMessage.But where do smaller sized businesses fit into this equation? For them, the AI helpers might carry too high a price tag and, more importantly, cut down on the personalized service a […]

Study: 76% of Americans favor appearance over reliability in a new car

It is hard to describe the mental processes that go into buying a car to someone who has never been through that experience. The car has to be durable, affordable, reliable, and suit the purchaser’s needs. Another important consideration is its appearance, and rightly so. Many people treat their cars as a visual representation of […]

The Caribbean woman who shocked the world as the first black Miss Universe in 1977

BY MILDRED EUROPA TAYLOR From Miss Universe She was not considered to be the favourite to win the Miss Universe competition in 1977 but she eventually sailed through, becoming the first woman from the Caribbean and the first woman of African ancestry to be crowned. Born in June 1953 to a Trinidadian father and a […]

Unique ways decorative mirror upgrade a room

As homeowners want to accentuate the clean environment of their rooms by adding furniture and other displays, the variety of the fixtures that are available seems to overwhelm homeowners. But looking into the piece that can make even more standout to your room, a mirror can make a huge difference in use and style. Mirrors […]

How to save money on your bathroom remodel?

Bathroom renovations and remodeling are not cheap by any means; this is why it is important that you’ve set a budget during the planning stage of the project. While most fixtures can be expensive—especially those which are of the highest quality, it is important to shop wisely, be resourceful, and creative. Here are some tips […]

Cayman Islands Dressage Show Season wraps up

By Eve van den Bol From CIEF The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation (CIEF) held its fourth and final dressage show of the season this past Sunday at the Equestrian Center located on the Linford Pierson Highway. The judge, Nicola Vogel (USEF – R) who flew in for the show, is originally from England. Ms. Vogel […]

Author Ryan Holiday on “the nature of world-altering success”

From TechCrunch It could be said that the first few years of this current tech boom were fueled by mostly harmless, relatively easy products—websites for sharing your photos, for looking up stuff, for connecting with old friends. And the people who made them were seen as mostly good people. Yet this feel-good perception has slowly […]