April 25, 2018

The stuff that launched at CES 2017 but never came out

By Kris Naudus, from engadget Not everything we saw at the show made it to your local Best Buy. CES is the busiest time of year for Engadget, with our team spending a week on the ground in Las Vegas looking for the latest and greatest products from companies of all sizes and persuasions. Last […]

Researchers improve spinach-based solar cells by adding blackberry dye

By David Lumb From engadget The ol’ farmyard tinkering strikes again. Biohybrid solar cells aren’t nearly as efficient as standard silicon panels, but including natural materials in renewable energy could make it more cost-effective. Scientists have refined one design based on the proteins in spinach leaves by adding natural dye extracted from blackberries, a combination […]

iMore Game of the week: Death coming

By LUKE FILIPOWICZ From iMore Although the iOS version of Fortnite Battle Royale dominated the mobile gaming headlines this week, the first wave of invites have yet to be released, which means there are other games to be played! Death Coming is a wacky, morbid puzzle game that forces you to imagine all the ways […]

Mysterious new ocean ‘twilight zone’ full of previously unknown fish identified by scientists

By Josh Gabbatiss Science Correspondent from Independent UK Researchers say deep ‘rariphotic zone’ around coral reefs could provide a vital refuge for many fish species as shallower regions are threatened by climate change Exploration of the “twilight zone” found in deeper regions surrounding Caribbean coral reefs has revealed numerous fish species previously unknown to science. […]

Wild boars taking over Japanese towns as humans grow old and move out

From WN Rapidly shrinking towns and cities across Japan are experiencing a population explosion, not in humans, but in wild boars, The Washington Post reports. Across the country, wild boars are moving in as Japan’s rapidly aging population either moves out or dies out. The boars come for the untended rice paddies and stay for […]

Beyond The Frame | The Shinto Bride

Meiji Shrine | X-Pro2 From The Travel Photographer t’s a real shame that the traditional Shinto wedding ceremonies in Japan have dropped in popularity in the recent years, and that these only represent 20% of all weddings in the country, dropping from 70%. The drop may have to do with Japan’s modernization, but it may also […]

We went for a ride in a Huawei smartphone-controlled, self-driving Porsche

By Brian Heater From Techcrunch Huawei didn’t have a new phone to show at MWC this year, so it did what any good smartphone maker would: it put the Mate 10 Pro in an autonomous car and drove it directly at a dog. Of course, the promotional video was a lot more dramatic than what […]

We found the ultimate Caribbean beach bar (It’s made of driftwood and a mile offshore)

By MARY TOMLINSON From Coastal Living Less than a mile off Jamaica’s southwest shore (literally in the middle of the water—Google Map it!) sits the humble wooden bar of your beachside hangout dreams, Floyd’s Pelican Bar. The handcrafted structure, built from driftwood and palm fronds by local fisherman Floyd Forbes, rises about three feet above […]

Russian court rejects mother’s adoption bid after breast surgery

From BBC A Russian court has ruled that a woman who chose to have her breasts removed cannot look after two adopted boys since she identifies herself as a man. The long-running case of Yulia Savinovskikh affects two mentally disabled boys who were removed from her care last August. She appealed against the decision, but […]

18-year-old Harry Hambley became famous on Instagram with ‘Ketnipz’ comics

BY ISOBEL HAMILTON  From Mashable Harry Hambley from Cardiff is only 18, but he’s something of an Instagram sensation. In June 2016, Hambley put up his first cartoon on Instagram. Hambley is the artist behind the webcomic Ketnipz. It’s an odd name for a comic, and purposefully devoid of meaning. “The name doesn’t really mean […]