September 16, 2019

Has another interstellar visitor been found?

By Paul Rincon From BBC An amateur astronomer has discovered a comet that could come from outside our Solar System. If so, it would be the second interstellar object after the elongated body known as ‘Oumuamua was identified in 2017. The Minor Planet Center (MPC) at Harvard University has issued a formal announcement of the discovery. […]

Camping: Its role in shaping the modern west

Article written by Emma Johnson from OuterOptics When you hear the word “camping,” what do you think about? Pleasant nights spent singing and toasting marshmallows around the campfire. Pitching a tent as you hike your way towards a rock face you want to scale. Exploring the dark, cold outdoors with your night vision goggles All […]

Boyfriend buying tampons for girlfriend asks whether she wants ‘lemon or lime’ flavor

By Sage Anderson From Mashable Aunt Flo waits for no one. There comes a time in every relationship when she will bust in the doors, and you will be tasked with the sacred, late-night convenience store run.  Too often, it’s this classic scenario: the boyfriend gets squicked out by having to even make eye contact with a floral […]

Thanking Pachamama: The Andean peoples pay tribute to Mother Earth

By Sandra Sparrowhawk From Reuters Community Catch a glimpse of this month-long Inca shamanic ritual with Reuters Connect For the indigenous peoples of South America’s Andean states, which span Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, the month of August is dedicated to the sacred worship of Mother Earth, also known as Pachamama in the indigenous […]

The Air Force’s secret space plane sets a new record: 718 days in orbit

By Marc DeAngelis From engadget But what the heck is it doing up there? The U.S. Air Force’s X-37B space plane has been orbiting Earth since September 7th, 2017, crossing the 718 day mark and breaking its previous record of 717 days, 20 hours and 42 minutes in flight. While little is known about the […]

French man spent five days with head trapped in ladder

From BBC This one wasn’t in the DIY manual: a man decorating his bathroom in eastern France slipped and got his head stuck in his stepladder… for five days. French media report that the man, in his 60s, was still conscious when the medics turned up. They were alerted by his sister, who visited him […]

Visual phenomena

2018 Best of Visual Phenomena By Rain Noe From Core77 Eye candy means different things to different people. To us, it means photos and videos of unusual objects, interiors and phenomena. We’ll take a vintage Soviet control room over a carefully-curated Dwell magazine interior any day. Here’s the best of what we saw in 2018: […]

Makerspaces are dying

Why are Makerspaces Dying? Can Designers Bring them Back to Life? By Paul Sohi From Core77 Back in 2008, I was an architecture student in England living a blissful student life of beans on toast, late nights in the studio and keeping myself awake with Red Bull. Okay, in retrospect “blissful” is probably not the […]

10 of the most bizarre details people have reported finding in Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC mansion, from a painting of Bill Clinton in a dress to prosthetic breasts mounted on a bathroom wall

By Libertina Brandt From Business Insider Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on July 6 on suspicion of sex trafficking minors in his Manhattan and Florida homes from 2002 to 2005. On August 10, he was found dead in a Manhattan jail cell in an apparent suicide. An autopsy report showed that he had multiple broken bones in his neck. Epstein reportedly decorated his […]

Tesla Model 3 owner implants RFID chip to turn her arm into a key

By Kirsten Korosec From TechCrunch Forget the keycard or phone app, one software engineer is trying out a new way to unlock and start her Tesla  Model 3. Amie DD, who has a background in game simulation and programming, recently released a video showing how she “biohacked” her body. The software engineer removed the RFID chip from […]