October 18, 2018

The ancient earthquake detector that puzzled modern historians

By Jamie Rigg From engadget Modern seismographs are extremely sensitive pieces of equipment. By recording the slightest movements of laser light or magnets, these devices can detect the smallest of rumbles even when we can’t sense them. There are networks of thousands upon thousands of seismographs set up across the globe that can accurately determine […]

US: A whole bunch of cows are loose on a Georgia highway

BY AMANDA LUZ HENNING SANTIAGO From Mashable We typically expect fender benders, construction, and terrible drivers to cause traffic — but never do we imagine that our morning commutes will be disrupted by loose livestock. Welp, naturally chaos ensued after a tractor-trailer transporting cattle overturned on Monday morning, releasing more than 70 cows onto a […]

Guyana: Madness can’t done! – Man constructs a fence on the Public Road

By Wonita Stephens From Guyana Guardian Motorists, members of the public, pregnant mothers, patients, and pensioners who uses the Melanie Cinema Road (ECD), are now at their wits end, after a man decided to literally construct a fence on the public road, leaving no pavements for persons to walk, if they are visiting the Melanie […]

After ‘killing’ over a dozen people, Guyanese are afraid of this tree

By Dennis Adonis From Guyana Guardian Guardian mystery – If someone is to tell you that there is a tree in the middle of a road in Guyana, that will somehow kill anyone who tries to cut it down, what would you say? Utter nonsense, farce, rubbish, foolishness, mythical crap, untrue, unbelievable, and all of […]

With the belugas.. and a narwhal!

Le BpJAM est le zodiac du GREMM From Baleinesendirect A new season is getting underway aboard GREMM’s Zodiac, the BpJAM. New season, new team! This year, the crew is composed of two research assistants returning for their second consecutive season. After finishing a technical field work program as part of his college studies, Mathieu joined […]

The Parallelogram Bicycle

Steven M. Johnson’s Bizarre Invention #208: The Parallelogram Bicycle BY STEVEN JOHNSON From Core77 The latest design news, jobs & events. Straight to you every other week. STEVEN JOHNSON Sideline business as cartoonist specializing in quirky invention ideas since 1966. Author of 8 books: What the World Needs Now; Public Therapy Buses (two editions); Have […]

Some people thought this meteor in Australia was a UFO

BY MORGAN SUNG From Mashable A meteor seared over Australia on Tuesday night, lighting up the sky over Perth. According to the ABC, the local Department of Fire and Emergency Services received calls from “more than one concerned caller” who thought the meteor could be a UFO. The meteor’s fiery descent was captured on several […]

Low-impact yoga, pilates brings big health benefits to all ages

From Newsmax Yoga and Pilates are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, medical experts say. These low-impact workouts don’t require special equipment and, after initial training, can be done at home to improve physical and mental health. “Both use your own body weight and can be tailored for levels from beginner to […]

Goats like it best when you smile, new research shows

BY LAURA BYAGER From Mashable You should be happy when you meet a hoofed friend. Especially if that friend is a goat. Because, it turns out, goats can read human moods and are more drawn to people who look happy. According to a new study recently published in the journal Open Science, goats prefer “positive […]

Daydreaming might actually be a good thing — here’s why

By Krista Gray, INSIDER From Business Insider Daydreaming is actually a sign of brain efficiency. Daydreaming offers mental health benefits, such as increased creativity. Maladaptive Daydreaming is a known condition with intense daydreams that can overpower reality. Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming and feel guilty for wasting time or not being as productive as […]