September 21, 2019

Deputy Premier Visits Met Office, Radar Station

Deputy Premier and Minister of District Administration, Tourism and Transport, Hon. Moses Kirkconnell, JP, got a quick course in Doppler radar when he recently stopped by the National Weather Service (NWS). Accompanied by Ministerial Councillor Joey Hew, the Ministry’s Chief Officer Stran Bodden, and Acting Deputy Chief Officer Jonathan Jackson, Mr Kirkconnell received a guided […]

John Nelson’s mystery plant

From Aiken Standard Mystery plant grows in Canada, Caribbean and eastern U.S. The summer’s flower is to the summer sweet — William Shakespeare, Sonnet 94 Ah, late summer: hot and sticky, soft, fragrant mornings, with roiling storms darkening the afternoon skies, drenching our backyards, and bringing on evening symphonies of katydids and cicadas. It’s the […]

Flyways and Byways: Hawk-watch sites in Virginia

By Jerry Uhlman Special correspondent Times Dispatch As fall approaches, many thousands of raptors begin their migratory journey south to wintering grounds across the southern United States, Caribbean Islands, Mexico and beyond. Across central Virginia, they follow the Atlantic Flyway along the mountain ridges and coastal plain to their southern destinations. A wide variety of […]

Secrets of whale shark migration revealed

The world’s biggest fish travels far and wide, a tracking study shows. By Brian Handwerk for National Geographic The world’s biggest fish are hungry migrators on a mission, according to a tracking study that mapped whale sharks’ long journeys around the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean to a favorite feeding hot spot off the Yucatan […]

Scientists explore deep Caribbean trough

From news24 San Juan – The man whose research team discovered the wreckage of the Titanic has now turned his attention to the deepest trough of the Caribbean Sea. Dr Robert Ballard was aboard a 64m research vessel with dozens of other scientists to probe the Cayman Trough this week and collect samples of organisms […]

Thrilling “Silver Rush” an added summer dive adventure in the Cayman Islands

By Adela Gonzales White, The Cayman Bottom Times During June, July and August millions of Atlantic Silversides swarm into Grand Cayman’s reefs bringing drama and excitement Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – During the Summer when the coastal waters warm up, swarms of Atlantic Silversides, small schooling fish, pack Grand Cayman’s meandering reef caves, caverns and […]

Save Bio Bay, Don’t Dredge! Petition

Petition published by Cayman Kayaks on Mar 07, 2013 446 Signatures since March 2013. We want more. Target: Cayman Kai Property Owner Association (CKPOA), Cayman Government, DOE, DOT and National Trust Region: Cayman Islands Petition Background (Preamble): We need to preserve the Bioluminescent Bay here in Grand Cayman and protect the dinoflagellates from dredging, pollution, […]

Traumatized baboon mystery at Dutch zoo

From Global Post Zoologists are baffled by the strange behaviour of a troop of baboons at a Dutch zoo which have become inexplicably withdrawn, apparently fearful of an unseen threat. Zoologists are baffled by the strange behaviour of a troop of baboons at a Dutch zoo which have become inexplicably withdrawn, apparently fearful of an […]

Mini-monsters of the forest floor

From Science Codex Salt Lake City – A University of Utah biologist has identified 33 new species of predatory ants in Central America and the Caribbean, and named about a third of the tiny but monstrous-looking insects after ancient Mayan lords and demons. “These new ant species are the stuff of nightmares” when viewed under […]

Your brain cells may be capable of outliving you—by a lot

Courtesy of PNAS and World Science staff Some brain cells of mam­mals can long out­live the an­i­mal to which they orig­i­nally be­longed, if trans­planted in­to a dif­fer­ent brain, new re­search sug­gests. The find­ings are raising scientists’ hopes that if they find a way to greatly in­crease hu­man life­span, brain cells will co­op­erate by work­ing long­er […]