March 19, 2018

Why is the CMO running so much IT? Big data, says Ford exec

By Jason Hiner From Tech Republic The CMO has fully emerged as one of the most important players in corporate IT. In 2012, when Gartner famously predicted that by 2017 the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) would spend more on technology than the Chief Information Officer (CIO) — the traditional keeper of the keys of the […]

31 days under water aquanaut resurfaces/Technology changes water

Aquanaut Fabien Cousteau surfaces after spending 31 days underwater By Katie Nelson From Mashable Thirty-one days after his initial descent and 50 years after his famed grandfather’s original deep-sea mission, Fabien Cousteau is back on dry land. The 46-year-old ocean explorer and documentary filmmaker finished his stint in an underwater lab 63 feet deep off […]

3D printed organs/Awesome apps

Scientists have figured out how to create blood vessels in 3D printed organs By Nicole Lee From engadget While 3D-printed organs sound like a great idea — imagine no longer waiting around for a transplant — a major hurdle for printing internal ones thus far have been creating intricate blood vessels and ventricles that are […]

Mysterious meteorite/Things that delight

‘Mysterious’ meteorite may shed light on explosion of life on Earth From RT Researchers have discovered a fossilized space rock that stands out against anything seen before. It may advance the understanding of the asteroid clash that triggered off the diversity boom of life on early Earth. Most of the meteorites that have fallen to […]

Cold, dead star crystallized into Earth-sized diamond

By Megan Gannon, News Editor for Astronomers aren’t being poetic when they say this star is a diamond. Scientists have identified what is possibly the coldest white dwarf ever detected. In fact, this dim stellar corpse is so cold that its carbon has crystallized, effectively forming a diamond the size of Earth, astronomers said. […]

From despair to repair: Dramatic decline of Caribbean corals can be reversed

Gland, Switzerland, 02 July 2014 (IUCN) – With only about one-sixth of the original coral cover left, most Caribbean coral reefs may disappear in the next 20 years, primarily due to the loss of grazers in the region, according to the latest report by the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN), the International Union for […]

NZ scientist lands trip to Branson’s island

By Vaimoana Tapaleao From New Zealand Herald Michelle Dickinson has been on Necker Island in the Caribbean with billionaire Sir Richard Branson. A young Kiwi scientist has spent the past few days playing chess with Richard Branson on his private island and being served lunch in the pool via a sushi boat. But Michelle Dickinson […]

UK facing ‘major’ sperm shortage

By James Gallagher Health editor, BBC News online The UK is facing a major sperm shortage that may be tempting fertility clinics to accept poorer quality sperm, the British Fertility Society (BFS) warns. Some clinics rely on imported sperm to keep up with demand. However, the BFS chairman, Dr Allan Pacey, said he was “worried” […]

Scientists create Element 117, which Is 40% heavier than lead

By Lance Ulanoff From Mashable Element 117, a super-heavy atom with a long half-life is, according to an international team of scientists, real and ready to take its place on the Periodic Table. Scientists actually confirmed the existence and lifetime of the element in 2010 thanks to experiments conducted by teams in Russia and the […]

Distant galaxy has 3 supermassive black holes at its centre

By Charles Q. Choi, Space.Com Contributor for From Mashable Scientists have just discovered a distant galaxy with not one but three supermassive black holes at its core. The new finding suggests that tight-knit groups of these giant black holes are far more common than previously thought, and it potentially reveals a new way to […]