October 15, 2018

Eating leafy greens may reduce glaucoma risk

By Victor Johnson From Immortal News Daily consumption of green leafy vegetables might reduce the risk of the serious eye disease glaucoma by 20 percent or more, new research suggests. The eye condition known as glaucoma, which can lead to vision loss, generally develops as a result of an increase in fluid in the front […]

Caribbean seaweed will be as bad as last year

by Kelsey Blodget From Oyster 2015 was a bad year for Caribbean seaweed, and 2016 isn’t shaping up to be much better. The record amount of sargassum that washed up on beaches from Cancun to Antigua marred many a beach vacation and threatened the region’s tourism. Unfortunately, visitors to the Caribbean and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula […]

Scientists from the University of Southampton have uncovered evidence of a previously unknown large volcanic eruption in the Caribbean Sea

By The Curacao Chronicle From Repeating Islands Scientists from the University of Southampton have uncovered evidence of a previously unknown large volcanic eruption in the Caribbean Sea, The Curaçao Chronicle reports. The university says on its website that by studying ash layers, known as tephras, in marine sediments they identified an eruption that took place […]

Hubble spots faint galaxy

Hubble spots faint galaxy with ‘natural magnifying glass’ By Steve Dent From engadget ‘Tayna’ existed just 400 million years after the big bang. NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer have been ridiculously successful at spotting distant objects, but some galaxies are too faint to spot directly. Thanks to gravitational lensing, the space telescopes have found the dimmest […]

Guinea Worm Disease: Jimmy Carter to thank for almost totally eradicating flesh-eating disease

By DANNY COX From Inquisitr A horrible flesh-eating disease known as Guinea Worm Disease has no cure, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be something that is eliminated. The disease is one that many scientists have studied, but still can’t find a cure for it, yet it needs to be treated. In 2015, there were a […]

Zika virus may be transmitted through sex

By lisaparavisini From Repeating Islands A virologist at the Bernhard-Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg, Germany, has suggested that Zika virus infection is the only vector-borne disease that may be transmitted by sexual intercourse, St Lucia Online reports. The first suggestion that you could get Zika virus infection from both a mosquito as well as […]

Illumina is teaming up with Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos to develop a new kind of cancer test

By Kevin Loria, Tech Insider From Business Insider Catching cancer early is an incredible challenge, but a new way to detect it in the blood may totally revolutionize cancer treatment in just a few years. Illumina, the $25 billion maker of gene sequencing technology, has created a new company to invent a blood test to detect […]

Dinosaurs may have performed bird-like dances to attract mates

By Michael Casey From FoxNews.com Some dinosaurs may have engaged in courtship rituals similar to ostriches and other birds, a finding that could shed light on the poorly understood mating behavior of these giants. The evidence comes from a series of scrapes that were uncovered in 100 million year old Dakota sandstone at four sites […]

This is your closest look yet at a Kuiper Belt object

By Jon Fingas From engadget NASA’s New Horizons probe spotted an object 3.3 billion miles away from the Sun. That moving dot you see in the picture above may not seem like much at first glance, but it’s a pretty big deal — it’s humanity’s closest-ever look at an object in the Solar System’s distant […]

Glowing bandages can reduce the chances of antibiotic-resistant bugs

By Mat Smith From engadget It also glows bright green. Bacteria that can shrug off antibiotics is a medical problem that still needs answering, but this prototype could help reduce how much antibiotics are used on patients, and decrease the chances for bugs to become resistant. The experimental bandage from researchers at the University of […]