July 19, 2018

iNews Briefs & Community Events

Community Events MAY 11 National Workforce Development Agency in North Side The National Workforce Development Agency will be at the North Side Library to assist job seekers on Monday (11 May) from 10am until 1pm.   Five people shot dead in Swiss town Wuerenlingen From BBC Five people have been killed in a shooting in […]

Cayman Islands National Day of Preparedness

National Day of Preparedness is being celebrated on May 18, 2015. The theme this year is “Volunteer for a resilient Cayman, prepare for all hazards!” National Day of Preparedness is observed each year in the Cayman Islands to encourage residents to prepare for the hurricane season and any other disaster event. The day is observed […]

Scientists think they can cure blindness within 15 years — here’s their plan

By Ellie Kincaid From Business Insider When someone loses their vision, their world goes dark for the rest of their lives. But recent developments hint that certain common causes of blindness might be reversible in the near future. We are able to see because nerve cells at the back of the eye respond to light […]

iNews Briefs & Community Events

Community Events MAY 8 CINICO Cayman Brac Closure Due to illness, the CINICO Cayman Brac office will be closed Tuesday, Thursday & Friday of this week. During this period, all Cayman Brac Civil Servants needing assistance should contact the Grand Cayman Office at 949-8101. Victory in Europe Beacon Lighting Ceremony The 70th Anniversary of the […]

Feds paid $45M to Northrop to settle trade secrets case

By Jenna Greene, From The National Law Journal Company claimed agencies stole info related to a polar satellite program. The U.S. government paid $45 million to Northrop Grumman Systems Corp. over claims that federal agencies misappropriated trade secrets related to a polar satellite program, The National Law Journal learned through a Freedom of Information Act […]

Cayman Islands hospital unveils $5M MRI Unit

Last Thursday (April 30) the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) and members of 3T Cayman unveiled their new 3.0 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine. Governor Helen Kilpatrick cut the ribbon at the Grand Ribbon Cutting ceremony held at the George Town Hospital. Officials said the investment of approx. S5M has put the Cayman […]

Caribbean economies face peril as coral reefs decline

By David Montalvo From NBC News Swim out into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, just beyond where the sandy sea floor gives way to massive rock formations, and a decades-long transformation has become apparent. Where a vibrant coral reef should be, there is a vast, colorless surface of almost nothingness. Years of overfishing, boating […]

iNews Briefs & Community Events

Community Events MAY 5 Special Olympics Cayman Islands Aquatics Special Olympics Cayman Islands invites you to the 2015 Annual National Games and Week of Awareness. The next event is Tuesday (5 May) at 5:30pm at the Lions Pool where athletes compete in aquatics.   Notice of call for proposals for establishing Coral Nurseries George Town, […]

Global warming may cause as many as 1 in 6 species to go extinct

By Andrew Freedman From Mashable The planet is nearing a species extinction threshold, beyond which the signal of global warming will become clearer with each passing year, a new study finds. The faster the climate changes as a result of manmade emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, the greater the extinction risks to […]

Reef preserves marine wildlife through education and conservation

Keynoter Publishing From Keys Info Net In 1990 three men (Paul Humann, Ned DeLoach and Lad Akins), who share a love of the sea and a strong interest in protecting it and its inhabitants, happened to be at the right place at the right time at the Atlantis Dive Center in Key Largo. The result […]