August 14, 2018

The Editor Speaks: Losing your home to foreclosure

Today we have published an excellent article from The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority under the title of “Cayman Islands Monetary Authority issues Public Advisory: Understanding foreclosures”. It gives advice everyone should heed. Banks are merciless. They hold all the cards and they will take their pint of blood they are owed plus interest. CIMA’s article […]

The Editor Speaks: It only takes only one bad apple

I mentioned in passing in my Editorial yesterday concerning the petty crimes executed by teens that targeted the tourists on our beautiful beaches. Our tourism industry is booming and the CaymanKind advertising campaign has proved to be a winner. We pride ourselves on being one, if not, the safest place in the Caribbean. However, it […]

OPINION: If the US-China trade war escalates, how will the Chinese economy respond? Here are the numbers

By Lawrence J. Lau From South China Post Lawrence J. Lau says China can weather the effects of a trade war with the US, even if imports of the products the US is targeting with its tariffs halt completely. The result would mean only a marginal drop in annual economic growth, and China is unlikely […]

The Editor Speaks: Bingo. Up came Ringo.

I was reminiscing this morning and thinking back to my early life here in the Cayman Islands and some of the celebrities I met that I would never have done if I’d stayed in England. The most famous was Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach. They were here with Allen Klein, Ringo’s then ‘notorious’ manager. The […]

The Editor Speaks: Thieves are getting younger and younger

More and more crimes are being executed here by young men (and women), some barely out of their teens and others who are teenagers. Why? Frighteningly, these young persons are carrying weapons that include guns. Not content with brandishing these weapons to frighten their victims they even resort to pistol whipping them. One such incident […]

Why Trump has such a soft spot for Russia

By Andrew Sullivan From New York Mag It is possible, is it not, that Donald Trump simply believes what he says. I realize, of course, that this is technically impossible from moment to moment. But bear with me. The slackened jaws, widened eyes, and general shock that greeted his chuffed endorsement of the Kremlin over […]

The Editor Speaks: Astroturf waste!

I spoke only this week about how our government doesn’t seem to care how much money they waste on our behalf. The shocking disclosure from North Side MLA, Ezzard Miller, how the government have allowed the Astroturf that was purchased by a donor to sit at the George Town Port since May and accumulate charges […]

The Editor Speaks: Murals

It was Joan who first noticed the murals being painted on walls of differing structures along the roads around George Town, West Bay Road and Camana Bay. They are beautiful, colourful and I marvel at the artistry involved. I understand some of them are the work of artists Ian Ross and Amandalynn to promote next […]

The Editor Speaks: Health waste

When it comes to HEALTH government is a past master at wasting our funds. Whether it is the real, hard, natural waste or the medical health both manage to waste our funds. We have just learnt that Richard Simms, the director at the Department of Vehicle and Equipment Services (DVES), and Mark Bothwell, the manager […]

OPINION: When a political party takes a country down the wrong road

By Jolly Green Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has become a sinister land where right is wrong and wrong is right. Knowing what is right and doing what is right has become a lost cause in SVG, handed down by current and even some past Vincentian leaders to their followers. Current Vincentian leaders have caused […]