December 16, 2017

Spyware Detection

I have written on this subject before and after a number of calls I received on this subject I decided to go into this serious problem in greater detail. Anti spyware software provides the best spyware detection capabilities. Even though programmes, such as the Windows Task Manager indicate programmes and processes running on your system […]


With the announcement recently that Grand Cayman’s landfill will re-locate near to Breakers, Bodden Town it has brought a loud NIMBY reaction from the District’s residents. NIMBY stands for ‘Not In My Backyard’ and this was understandably the feeling from the meeting on Thu (12) night held at Bodden Town Civic Centre. The residents are […]

Courage and Love

To many, work is a necessary evil they would gladly forgo if they won or inherited a fortune. Its meaning is the paycheck and the value it has in terms of service to their community is indifferent or very subordinate. This calculating and uncaring attitude is recognizable. Whereas people who heartily act in the interest […]

Generally appearances are generally everything

There is a general appearance to the general public that generally the Central Planning Authority (CPA) will generally be on the side of the big developer no matter how much they (the public) protest or object to the project that is before the CPA for consideration. You can object to the Cabinet and object to […]

Unrest, youth and smart phones

The pictures and reports coming from England over the past few days are disturbing to say the least. That the unrest is coming mainly from the youth, however, is not surprising. Whilst one can label the latest violence on the streets of London that has spread to other parts of England, as the work of […]

Death of America

From the first day the USA was founded to the days since Bill Clinton left office was, for me, the last time America was in touch with reality. The USA was not founded by politicians, it was founded by leaders. Leaders that were born and did not have to be educated to lead the country. […]


One of our reporters, Kevin Creary, had a one on one interview with the premier, Hon. McKeeva Bush last Saturday (6) following his appearance at a Jamaican Independence Day Celebration at Reflections on Godfrey Nixon Way. In this interview, the premier claimed the granting of Caymanian status to qualified Jamaicans and other suitable applicants caused […]

Public support

It has been an emotional last week. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Kerran (Kerry-Ann) Baker is still a mystery. The RCIPS have held many police conferences, conducted searches, made appeals, published CCTV pictures, etc. and have had to admit they have no leads. The public support has been immense. They have themselves instigated searches […]

More questions than answers

Not until the last cheque is written by corporate America to all the special interest groups with their insane politics, and hang them on a museum wall next to all those wax figures of career politicians and lobbyists, with a explanation of who these people once were, will America be truly free. What was the […]


Independence Day in Jamaica was last Saturday (6) and there were many who celebrated it here. Jamaica and the Cayman Islands have close ties. The Caymans were officially declared and administered as a dependency of Jamaica from 1863 and that lasted until 1959 although the Governor of Jamaica also remained as the Governor of the […]