November 14, 2018

The View From Europe: The potentially destabilising effect of demographic change

By David Jessop Last month, Moody’s, the credit rating agency, published a report that indicated the potentially negative economic and political implications of demographic change in the Caribbean and Central America. It suggested that if government and the private sector do not make significant improvements in education, health care and other social determinants, many nations […]

Artificial Intelligence will change the nature of Caribbean tourism

By David Jessop From Jamaica Gleaner Among the extra-ordinary technological advances that will take place globally over the next decade, the most potent for the Caribbean may be artificial intelligence or AI. This is because its rapid introduction into almost every commercial aspect of tourism means that it will change fundamentally the relationship between visitors, […]

Former PM takes issue with St Lucia government accountability and ECCB monetary council

By Melanius Alphonse From Caribbean News Now CASTRIES, St Lucia — During the parliamentary session in Saint Lucia on Tuesday, when numerous motions and bills were tabled and passed, including additional borrowing in excess of EC$200 million and to authorise after the fact a US$20 million World Bank line of credit, former prime minister and […]

The Editor Speaks: Another ‘FIND’

My wife, Joan, wrote a poem some years ago called “What a Find”. She had found an envelope full of a large amount of cash outside a local bank. She placed an ad on the local radio station, Radio Cayman, inviting people who had lost some money. They had to identify the envelope and the […]

The Editor Speaks: New governor. New hope?

With the sourness that has arisen between the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and ourselves after the departure of our short termed previous governor, it was with anticipation and hope I attended the Reception at Government House last Monday. Hope that we weren’t going to be given the typical colonial autocratic career motivated UK civil […]

The Caribbean Golden Murder Awards

By Jolly Green 1st Place Award goes to the US Virgin Islands [top award of the Caribbean, Only El Salvador, Honduras and Venezuela have more murders per capita than the U.S. Virgin Islands (world murder ranking #4)] 2nd Place Award goes to Jamaica [a close run second place (world murder ranking #6] 3rd Place Award […]

The Editor Speaks: Halloween

My early life living in England, Halloween was hardly celebrated at all. It was too close to GuyFawkes/Bonfire night held on November 5th. Now that was some celebration. The only memory I have of Halloween as a child was Apple Bobbing or Bobbing for Apples. We would play the game by filling a tub or […]

The Editor Speaks: Is ‘satisfactory’ good enough?

Normally the word ‘satisfactory’ means ‘good enough’. Satisfies all standards. However, when it comes to education a ‘satisfactory’ grade in inverted commas is not the same meaning without them. When a school gets a ‘satisfactory’ grade it actually means “Well, it’ll do.” The reason is when education is the grade there are three others in […]

The Editor Speaks: Latest GIS Press release re Bodden Town fire

First of all full marks to the Cayman Islands Fire Service for finally extinguishing the fires at the Bodden Town Quarry. It took a long time as it was a very difficult job to do. With every fire there is smoke and even if the smoke isn’t black there is the smell. The residents at […]

OPINION: Has the so-called 21st Century Socialism improved the lot of countries adopting it?

By Jolly Green What exactly is 21st Century Socialism? Perhaps according to the people who are the new administrators of Socialism for the twenty-first century – it is not a society in which people sell their ability to work and are directed from above by others whose goal is profits rather than the satisfaction of […]