September 22, 2019

The Publisher speaks: “In My Day”

The last inspection of the Cayman Prep and High School (March 2019), although in my day, when I was fifteen, it was The C-H-S, received a good report. In fact, the statement “Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of education provided at this school”, received a 93% agreement from the parents, 100% from the […]

Matters of opinion

From Paul McGowan From PS Audio Each of us has different wants and needs, yet all of us share much in common. While I might search for tonal accuracy, dynamics, and detachment from the speakers, and you might be more interested in transient and top-end response, we’re both here for the music. Our love of […]

The Editor speaks: Suicide

In the USA National Suicide Prevention Week is from 8th Sep to 14th Sep. Our Government here has not designated such a week or even a day to promote suicide prevention. In fact this country, using the words from the Press Release we have received and published today from the Alex Panton Foundation (APF) says: […]

Music is essential

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio We imagine music as a luxury but I would argue it’s as essential as eating. We’re social creatures and music, speech, and the arts are core components dating back to our beginnings as a species. It’s easy enough to mistake what we want for what we need. Take cooking for example. We […]

Field or vineyard?

By Menachem Feldman From Chabad Among the many laws in the Torah that command us to treat those less fortunate with dignity, we are instructed to allow an employee to eat from the produce he is harvesting:1 When you enter your neighbor’s vineyard,2 you may eat as many grapes as you desire, until you are sated, but you […]

The Editor speaks: 1934

As September 10th 1934 was when Joan was born, and 85 years is a milestone not all of us reach, I thought I would look up and try and find some notable events around that time. I share a few of them with you. Sep 10 1934 The 8th Nuremberg Rally ended with a closing […]

The Publisher speaks: Where to park? [And celebrates 85 years]

By Joan Wilson [Who is 85 years YOUNG today Sep 10] Where do we park? Trying to find somewhere to park gets more and more difficult. Was it easier ten years ago? No. How about fifteen? I wrote this poem then. You can judge. PARKING By Joan (Watler) Wilson We’ve got a real problem with […]

Vinyl exceeds CDs

Paul’s Post By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Yesterday we learned that sales of vinyl have outstripped CDs for the first time in decades. An article posted in Rolling Stone Magazine made the rounds at RMAF, yesterday. I haven’t yet figured out if this means sales of CDs are continuing their downward spiral or vinyl’s picking up […]

The Editor speaks: Referendums? Do the general public always know best?

After the mess and almost equal divide in the United kingdom’s public opinion on whether to stay in the European Union or exit it (Brexit) my fear is that we here are walking a road where angels fear to tread. From what I can gauge there seems to be a similar divide on whether to […]

OPINION: PUTIN, Russia’s regret and the worlds greatest threat

By Jolly Green Bill Browder’s book ‘Red Notice’ Just the excerpt gives an insight into Russian corruption and Putin’s involvement in charging protection money to every Russian oligarch, 50% of everything they earn. The author, Bill Browder, maybe Russian President Vladimir Putin’s No. 1 foe. For the past several years, the British-American investor has led […]