August 14, 2018

OPINION: The Art Of The Deal as taught in Havana, Cuba

By Jolly Green The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so the saying goes. Picture taken July 13 2018 at the Saint Cristobel Palace Hotel, Havana, Cuba. [San Cristobel Palada, Havana] Two very fat doctorate owners Dr Ralph E Gonsalves and Dr Uday Narain Nayak, with their women, enjoying dinner, very-very expensive […]

The Editor Speaks: Why I write Editorials and Not “Fake News”

I write Editorials mostly. Only occasionally do I write articles claiming to be news. When I do sit down to write an article I point to the facts and, where I can, I give the source. I NEVER write the word ‘COULD’ in an article. I had not read the CNS article regarding the Cruise […]

Sir Ronald Sanders: EU and OECD have Caribbean on the ropes again

By Ronald Sanders From Caribbean360 WASHINGTON, United States, Thursday August 2, 2018 – The financial services sector of Caribbean jurisdictions, and other parts of the developing world, have been under continuous assault by the European Union (EU) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) since the mid-1990s. This assault will peak again in […]

The Editor Speaks: Arming ACC officers seems unnecessary

Even though the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has never had to deal with violent criminals they are seeking a change in the law so that their officers can battle any such white collar thief turning into one. If the amendment is passed, and most likely will be, ACC officers will be able to arm themselves with […]

The Editor Speaks: Petitions

We now have two rival petitions circulating in our country both concerning our governor. We published the former “Bring Back Choudhury‘ petition” that I supported but now we have a second one we have published today advocating our very own (and Deputy Governor) Franz Manderson for the top job of Governor. That in itself is […]

The Editor Speaks: The Exclusive Club

In today’s iNews Cayman we have published an article courtesy of Business Insider under the title “London’s most exclusive clubs”. However, my Editorial has nothing to do with that story. The Exclusive Club I am talking about is here in the Cayman Islands operating, I believe, illegally and the government agencies who are supposed to […]

The Editor Speaks: The Curious Case of Governor Choudhury

Following on from a petition being circulated here titled “Bring Back Cayman Islands Governor Choudhury” and a Statement from the Governor’s Office on “withdrawal of Governor Chaudhury” we now have two Memos written by Leader of the Opposition, Ezzard Miller. I can agree with Miller entirely with his concerns. The update that from the Governor’s […]

The Editor Speaks: News media houses should be worried

In January in a Gallup poll they found in the USA 54% of Democrats have a very or somewhat favorable opinion of the media. Republicans, however, have a 68% unfavourable view of the media. Six months later the situation is even worse for US news media houses. Two new Gallup polls have found that wide […]

US: Ninth Circuit decision for IRS affects shifting of income to tax havens

By Peter J Reilly From Forbes The Ninth Circuit is generating a lot of excitement this week.  Probably most exciting is its ruling that open carry is a constitutional right protected by the Second Amendment.  But this is a tax blog, so I get to write about Altera Corporation & Subsidiaries v IRS.  It is […]

The Editor Speaks: Why do we still drink and drive?

For as long as I can remember we still drink and drive. It doesn’t seem to matter how many statistics we publish at the accidents, deaths, injuries, etc that result from drinking and driving we still do it. It doesn’t matter how many adverts we publish showing the horrifying accidents, deaths, injuries, etc that result […]