April 27, 2017

The Editor Speaks: Fathers

To follow on from my Editorial the other day on “Children” I thought I would say something on Fathers. Before I could write anything the following turned up in on ‘What’s App’. It is supposedly true but may not be. It doesn’t matter if it’s not. But it shows how all fathers should be to […]

The Editor Speaks: McLaughlin and McKeeva AGREE!

I did not believe it would ever happen but it has. The Party and nothing but the party. Both Premier Alden McLaughlin and Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush, who have been for most of their time like my dog Sugar snarling and attacking the Rottweilers she passes every morning during our walk, agree! The party system […]

The Editor Speaks: Children

In one of our stories here today the plight of the refugees highlights how children are not immune from the brutality of police on a daily basis. See story “Refugees beaten, abused and tear-gassed as they sleep by police in Calais, report warns”. The Independent UK has the exclusive story and it is not easy […]

CCJ denies corruption allegations

From Caribbean News Now ROSEAU, Dominica — The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has issued a media statement denying allegations of corruption made by Dominican lawyer and show promoter, Cabral Douglas. “Mr Douglas’ claim of a politically motivated decision appears to stem from the presence of the court’s president at the 16 to 17 February […]

The Editor Speaks: Marco v Kenneth

Announcer: In the blue corner we have the Challenger, Kenneth Bryan. His record is unimpressive. Once a reporter for CITN/Cayman27. Once an assistant to the Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin. Stood in the 2013 General Election for the Progressives. Lost. Bit of a brawler. In the red corner we have the Champion, Marco Archer. He […]

An absence of peace: When is a war actually a war?

By Jonathan Marcus From BBC Earlier this month, a relic from World War Two intruded into daily life in north London. A 500lb Luftwaffe bomb was discovered by builders excavating in the leafy suburb of Brondesbury. Local homes were evacuated, local train services were closed down. Eventually the weapon was made safe and finally removed […]

The Editor Speaks: Election fever

If you aren’t completely worn out from the US Elections at the end of last year and the hoopla that carried on the beginning of this year with the president’s inauguration, we have our very own Cayman election, and now followed by another UK one. Our own one is the more exciting, even if it […]

Five obstacles to a more productive Caribbean

By DR SYLVIA DOHNERT From Nation News Barbados CARIBBEAN ECONOMIES HAVE have hardly grown in the last 30 years. The last significant growth was in the 1980s when tourism and banana production expanded, but has since declined due to the loss of competitiveness in the bananas market and the emergence of other tourism destinations. To […]

An exit from the Caribbean housing trap

BY MICHAEL G. DONOVAN AND THERESE TURNER-JONES From Americas Quarterly Putting a decent roof over everyone’s head in the Caribbean would cost $18 billion. Here are three keys to making it happen. The Caribbean is caught in a housing trap. The cost of living is high: building a house in Kingston is three times more […]

The Editor Speaks: Kill the Iggies – Bounty Hunters wanted

It’s the months the Bounty Hunters will be riding – MAY thu AUGUST If you’re a green iguana you’re a wanted iggie and there’s a price on your big head. WANTED DEAD (no alive here)! Price $2. To get your Bounty Badge you must be eligible. No upper age limits and you don’t have to […]