September 17, 2019

The curse of new

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio No sooner do I get a new ache or pain than my mind gravitates to the worst possible scenario. “No doubt it’s cancer.” When a new product has a hiccup or fails to meet expectations we often jump to a worst-case conclusion that it’s defective or broken. We rarely […]

HiFi: 4th speaker drive

When it rains, it… By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Today I wanted to share the new 6.5″ midbass couplers. While not as big and beast-like, they’re even more important to sound quality than the woofer itself. Very few speaker systems are 4-way with midbass couplers. This 4th driver has been sparingly used on a […]

KAABOO Del Mar 2019 Daily schedule announced

KAABOO DEL MAR ANNOUNCES DAILY SCHEDULE FOR FIFTH YEAR EVENT KAABOO Kindness Launches Land + Sea Initiative To Decrease Environmental Impact and Support Positive Change The daily schedule for KAABOO Del Mar, happening September 13-15, 2019, is now available. The full lineup of music, comedy, chef demonstrations, and more is available online at In addition to previously enforced sustainability efforts, KAABOO’s Partner + Chief […]

Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, BTS, Lil Nas X, Billie Eilish, Missy Elliott win big at MTV VMAs

From ALL ACCESS MUSIC GROUP Lizzo, Jonas Bros., Normani, Mendes/Cabello Performances Dazzle Ten years after she was bum-rushed on the VMA stage by KANYE WEST, TAYLOR SWIFT had her moment in the spotlight, earning her second VIDEO OF THE YEAR and VIDEO OF GOOD honors for her anthem to equality, “You Need to Calm Down.” […]

In harm’s way

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio We have a pretty versatile warehouse at PS Audio. Where normally we’d be moving inventory in and out on a daily basis, the main warehouse has other uses too. In yesterday’s post, I showed how our engineers take over to make polar measurements of the new AN3 loudspeaker. Today […]

Warehouse sounds

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Long ago, in the prehistoric days of HiFi, there was the first HiFi mail order catalog I knew of called Warehouse Sounds. They sold all kinds of stereo gear across the nation and even had “head cleaning kits” which consisted of a roach clip and pack of rolling papers. […]

Taylor Swift wants to re-record her music to reclaim master rights

From All Access Music Group TAYLOR SWIFT told CBS SUNDAY MORNING that she plans to go back into the studio to create new masters for all of the albums in her catalog that are now owned by SCOOTER BRAUN (NET NEWS 7/1). The interview will be broadcast SUNDAY, AUGUST 25th at 9a (ET). SWIFT, who […]

How to connect multiple bluetooth devices to a single device

Most people have Wi-Fi routers in their homes to connect them to the internet. But have you ever heard of a Bluetooth router? With the release of new technology such as a Bluetooth Hub, you may be wondering what you might need it for. For a start there are more devices and gadgets manufactured that […]

How the customer interview illuminates innovation

By Christie Nicholson From Core77 Few companies set up their customer conversations in ways that lead to accurate and useful data. The key is to ask better questions. Often our most painful experiences lead to our best lessons. Here’s a story of an awkward moment that inspired one of the most widely used practices in […]

Weird to wonderful

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Bringing new ideas, concepts, and radical change to an established way of doing things requires great effort—moving from weird to wonderful. Imagine just a few of the major shifts within our lifetimes: tubes to solid-state, vinyl to CD, records to streaming. Each and every shift began life as the […]