October 18, 2018

Design highlights

Highlights from London Design Fair, Design Junction and Biodesign 2018 BY MICHAEL COOPER From Core77 Good design isn’t child’s play. Or is it? Here’s another fresh bunch of festival favorites from London Design Festival Having handpicked the heroes from the show floor at 100% Design, we now turn our attention to looking back on a […]

Streaming accounts for 75 percent of music industry revenue in the US

By Mallory Locklear From engadget, Meanwhile, CD sales have taken a nosedive The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has released music industry revenue statistics for the first half of 2018 in the US, and on average, revenue growth has slowed. While overall revenue was up 10 percent compared to the same time last year, […]

Audiophile rating system

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio While answering a customer’s question about matching amps to speakers an old memory popped into my head. The industry’s effort to craft an audiophile rating system. It was a few decades ago but back then the idea seemed promising. Within the audiophile community, we’d set up a rating system […]

SoundCloud on the blockchain? Audius raises $5.5M to decentralize music

By Josh Constine From TechCrunch Audius wants to cut the middlemen out of music streaming so artists get paid their fair share. Coming out of stealth today led by serial entrepreneur and DJ Ranidu Lankage, Audius is building a blockchain-based alternative to Spotify or SoundCloud. Users will pay for Audius tokens or earn them by […]

Clear fog

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio In yesterday’s post I recounted a story of Telarc engineers in the recording studio control room comparing the output of an analog and digital tape recorder to the live feed from their mixer. To their ears the digital recorder was more faithful to the original signal. Which makes perfect sense […]


From Paul McGowan From PS Audio We perceive sound with our ears. We listen with our minds. What’s interesting about this observation is that no two people hear or listen in the same way yet we can each agree an oboe is an oboe, a guitar a guitar, Beethoven’s 5th rather than another symphony. Our […]

SOCAN signs admin deal with Dutch Caribbean PRO

From fyi music news Dutch Caribbean radio stations in Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, and St. Maarten will now be paying performing rights for the first time, which will be collected by SOCAN and newly minted PRO Ducapro. Under the services agreement, SOCAN will provide back-office royalty administration that includes matching reported information from music used on […]

YouthFlex hosts Poetry Slam Final this May

GRAND CAYMAN (GIS) – Def jams and monster slams will be showcased to listeners when the New Self Help Community Foundation’s Poetry Slam Final airs soon on Radio Cayman. The Youth Services Unit (YSU), which coordinates the weekly YouthFlex radio show, will host the finale of the lyrical competition on Wednesday, 2 May from 4 […]

Electrostatic loudspeakers

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio How electrostatic loudspeakers work Of all the speaker types we’re going to discuss in these three posts the electrostat is the oddest because it does not employ magnetic fields to move the diaphragm. Instead, it uses static electricity. And electrostat consists of a thin flat diaphragm usually consisting of […]

This killer whale has learned how to say ‘hello,’ ‘bye bye,’ and count to 3

By Alexandra Ma from Business Insider Wikie has become the first killer whale to mimic human speech. The 16-year-old female orca uses her blowhole to say words. Researchers say she might even be able to hold basic conversations with humans in the future. A killer whale in France has become the first of its kind […]