August 22, 2019

How the customer interview illuminates innovation

By Christie Nicholson From Core77 Few companies set up their customer conversations in ways that lead to accurate and useful data. The key is to ask better questions. Often our most painful experiences lead to our best lessons. Here’s a story of an awkward moment that inspired one of the most widely used practices in […]

Weird to wonderful

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Bringing new ideas, concepts, and radical change to an established way of doing things requires great effort—moving from weird to wonderful. Imagine just a few of the major shifts within our lifetimes: tubes to solid-state, vinyl to CD, records to streaming. Each and every shift began life as the […]

A sonic cyberattack could hijack a device’s speakers

By Rachel Kraus From Mashable Weapons that injure crowds of people by emitting dangerous sounds may seem like the stuff of science fiction. Unfortunately, malicious hackers might be able to do just that — but with Bluetooth- or WiFi-capable smartphones, headphones, speakers, or laptops. Researcher Matt Wixey is unveiling research at the Def Con hacking […]

Another major radio station conglomerate thinks podcasts are the future

By Ashley Carman From The Verge A way to pull in new, younger listeners Entercom, one of the biggest US radio corporations, thinks podcasts are essential to the future of audio. The company announced today that it’s acquired two big names in podcasting: Pineapple Street Media, a content network, and Cadence13, an ad distribution platform and production […]

Shiver me timbers

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Perhaps the greatest compliment a piece of audio gear can get is a shiver down a spine—exactly what Calord experienced on his first listen to the new Steller Phono Preamplifier. Read all his comments here. You’d think designers would get most excited when the magazines launch a great review, or […]

If poverty were based on a ‘Comfortable Wage,’ the new poor may surprise you

Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling In addition to inescapable truths, there are lots of inequality truths – something Pope Francis said was “the root of all social evil.” We live in a country where extraordinary wealth is concentrated in remarkably a few hands.  The financial assets of the richest one percent of Americans equals those of […]

Reaching consensus

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Is it possible to reach consensus among dissenting views? I suspect it’s pretty rare. I think one of the classic problems with communication is how we present differing viewpoints as “evidence” to support our cases. If I hope to help a measurementist see the world from my viewpoint, it […]

Why work at training?

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio When I first got involved in high-end audio I was not a good listener. Sure, I loved music and always have, but I struggled with discerning small differences in the reproduction of music—a skill I would have to acquire if I were to spend the rest of my adult […]

Best Internet radio

10 of the best internet radio stations for music By Andrew Murphy From What Hi-Fi There’s a whole world wide web out there When commercial radio and streaming service playlists can feel more like you’re being advertised to by record labels than the communal sharing of music they promise, where do you go to find […]

Uncovering gems

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio “There’s buried treasure in them thar speakers! I feels it in me bones.” Sometimes I do feel like a pirate in search of buried treasure when I go to listen. Working on new technologies, new firmware, new components is really exciting—not just for the discovery of underlying new sonic delights, but […]