October 22, 2019

Does polish hide perfection?

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Much of modern music is perfect to the point of boredom: Singers not hitting the right notes are tone shifted. Drumkits are replaced by beat samples. Mistakes are corrected. Nothing is left to art. Raw music is far more interesting because it’s believable. When I hear Johnny Cash singing […]

What helps calm agitated dementia patients?

From Newsmax Dealing with the agitation, anxiety, and aggression that often come with dementia is one of the most challenging aspects of caring for someone with this brain disorder. But new research suggests that massage and other non-drug treatments may be more effective than medications. Even just taking people with dementia outdoors can help, said […]

Natural ways to calm your dog

You might think that dogs and humans are very different, but both actually have similar social behaviors and emotions. Dogs and humans can get into a state of distress that could result in restlessness that many tend to leave unchecked. Unchecked restlessness can lead to having high blood pressure, which results in having declining arteries […]

Music’s story

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Music conveys story and emotions more easily than most art forms. Take literature for example. Novels and short stories can evoke emotion and action through the ideas put forward by their authors—but it typically takes some effort and time on the part of the reader to become one with […]

Bob Kingsley dies at age 80

From All Access Music Group Beloved Country music broadcaster and longtime countdown show host BOB KINGSLEY died today (10/17) at his home in WEATHERFORD, TX at the age of 80. He was being treated for bladder cancer, which he had revealed earlier this month (NET NEWS 10/9). KINGSLEY enjoyed a broadcasting career that spanned six […]

Negative voltage

by Paul McGowan from PS Audio When I was first learning electrical engineering one of the terms I struggled with was negative voltage. How could a voltage be negative? There was ground and there was + voltage. To me, voltage was always a higher potential than zero. I understand this is something most people don’t […]

Cayman: Saturday Night Live in GT returns on October 26

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands – The Saturday Night Live in GT series returns to Hog Sty Bay in George Town on Saturday, October 26, 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. The event, which is part of the George Town Revitalisation Initiative, is aimed at creating a modern downtown waterfront atmosphere filled with live music, art, tappas style […]


By Paul McGovern From PS Audio  sometimes get the craziest comments. Following the recent upgrades to DirectStream a flood of people smelling a conspiratorial cover-up have emerged. Weird, right? The general line goes something like this: “If you know how to improve the DAC’s performance why didn’t you just release it like that in the […]

Cayman: Shoppers’ Night Out returns this Thursday [17], offering savings of up to 50% in Camana Bay’s shops

This Thursday, 17 October, sees the seventh annual Shoppers’ Night Out return to the Camana Bay Town Centre. This lively three-hour shopping event runs from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday evening and sees participating shops and restaurants satisfy bargain hunters with discounts of up to 50% off. Hurley’s Media will be broadcasting live on […]

Cayman: Breeze Fusion Walk/Run

With just a few weeks to go, organizers of the 13th Annual Breeze Fusion Family Fun event anticipate another successful staging on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac this year. Radio Cayman and Breeze FM continue to be involved in and make meaningful contributions to society, while promoting healthy family and community activities. Apart from the […]