September 19, 2018

Ipsy has a new $25 Glam Bag subscription with full-sized items and we are in heaven

BY LEAH STODART From Mashable Heads up, makeup addicts: There’s a new makeup subscription box to drop monthly coin on, and it’s one we’ve been (not so) patiently waiting for. Subscription beauty brand ipsy just debuted their new Glam Bag Plus, and yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking — filled with all full-sized products instead […]

Jacqueline Kennedy’s iconic outfits

13 iconic outfits former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wore By Lucy Yang Sep. From Business Insider A lifelong champion of the arts and outspoken preservationist, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was also one of the most influential fashion icons of her era. Known for her chic yet simple style, the former first lady was the subject […]

‘It’s thanks to my patience’: The world’s oldest living married couple share their secret to 80 years of marriage

By Molly Thomson From Insider Masao and Miyako Matsumoto are the oldest living husband and wife, and they have been married for over 80 years. Miyako attributes much of their marital success to her patience. Relationship experts agree that patience is critical for a long and healthy marriage. With the US life expectancy hovering around […]

Low-impact yoga, pilates brings big health benefits to all ages

From Newsmax Yoga and Pilates are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, medical experts say. These low-impact workouts don’t require special equipment and, after initial training, can be done at home to improve physical and mental health. “Both use your own body weight and can be tailored for levels from beginner to […]

Inflammation linked to cancer, but lifestyle changes may help

From central treatment Centers of America Experts have long suspected inflammation may play some role in cancer’s development. In 1863, German scientist and physician Rudolf Virchow was the first to make the connection, observing that cancer often develops at sites of chronic inflammation. But researchers have only recently pinpointed chronic inflammation as a primary risk […]

Bolivian woman might be world’s oldest at nearly 118

From WishTV By Carlos Valdez / Associated Press From Albuquerque Journal SACABA, Bolivia — Julia Flores Colque still sings with joy in her indigenous Quechua tongue and strums the five strings of a tiny Andean guitar known as the charango, despite a recorded age of almost 118 years. In her long life, she has witnessed […]

Quebec City’s bike rack

Design Debacle: Quebec City’s Bike Rack Competition Yields $23,600 Cost Per Rack BY RAIN NOE From Core77 Design is intended to solve problems. And the original hope of industrial design, as promulgated by ID granddaddy Raymond Loewy, was that it would make mass-produced items beautiful, useful, and more economical to produce. But too often modern-day […]

One woman living-home with 7 men, and everybody happy about it

By Dennis Adonis From Guyana Guardian Observation – From her Facebook profile photo, her slightly green eyes seem to dictate that she is from Middle Eastern Europe. But then again, her round face seems to suggest that she is from Mongolia, while her hair was fitting enough to make her Indian. However, her profile says […]

Inside SF’s multi-million-dollar condos

Inside the multi-million-dollar condos of San Francisco’s newly-opened $850 million residential tower — the first one just sold for $15 million By Katie Canales From Business Insider The newest member of San Francisco’s iconic skyline is officially open for use. The new tower opened in May and is notable because it houses one commercial tenant, […]

Hong Kong pop star Ellen Joyce Loo, 32, dies in fall from her Happy Valley flat

By Jeffie Lam From South China Morning Post Singer Ellen Joyce Loo was found dead outside her Happy Valley residence yesterday. She was 32. Police received a report of a person falling from a building on Sing Woo Road at about 9.50am, and a police source confirmed it was Loo. Initial investigations revealed there were […]