September 15, 2019

Cayman: Breast Cancer Awareness……The 19th ANNUAL CUT-A-THON 2019!

Eclipze 19th Annual Cut-A-Thon for Breast Cancer Awareness ECLIPZE HAIR DESIGN AND DAY SPA is pleased to announce their 19th Annual Cut-A-Thonon SUNDAY, 20st OCTOBER 2019. The Annual Cut-a-thon primary aims are to continue to raise awareness of Breast Cancer in the Cayman Islands. Darla the owner of EHD&DS and her sister Darna (a business […]

T&T CSOs write PM Dr Keith Rowley on Escazú Agreement

Civil society calls on the Government to sign and ratify the Escazú Agreement for good environmental governance in Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain, September 6, 2019 – On September 6, 2019, 60 civil society organisations (CSOs) working on environmental management across Trinidad and Tobago (TT), and other interested CSOs, delivered an open letter to the […]

One year on since repeal of Section 377 in India: a third of the world’s countries continue to criminalize same-sex relations

(New York) On September 6 a year will have passed since the Supreme Court of India made the historic decision to decriminalize same-sex relations, causing reverberations across the world, and symbolizing the global trend towards decriminalization. Maria Sjödin, Deputy Director of OutRight Action International, comments: “Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which made sexual behavior “against the […]

2,900 LGBT+ people killed in Latin America and Caribbean countries in the last five years

By Rebecca Kelly From gcn 2,900 LGBT+ people have been killed in 10 Latin American and Caribbean countries within the last five years “El Prejuicio No Conoce Fronteras” report finds. “El Prejuicio No Conoce Fronteras” is a report that has pulled together comprehensive data on the killing of LGBT+ people in Latin America and the […]

The Editor speaks: Togetherness and Love

I really didn’t know what to write about today. The aftermath and the death of CITN/Cayman27 is still occupying my mind. I happened to say to the lovely Jamaican young lady (Phyllisia) that stays with us, “I don’t know what to write about today” She said, “Write about love. Surely Joan wrote a poem about […]

Lifestyle more important than genetics for heart disease

From Newsmax An unhealthy lifestyle is a bigger contributor to heart disease than genetics for many younger adults, according to a new study. The findings show good health habits should be a key part of prevention efforts, even in people with a family history of early heart disease, researchers said. The study included 1,075 people […]

Appeal to stop gay marriage opens in Cayman Islands

By Rachel Savage From Reuters LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A lawyer representing a lesbian couple whose court victory legalized same-sex marriage in the Cayman Islands five months ago said a government appeal against the ruling, which opened on Wednesday, sought to deny the basic right to marry. Chantelle Day, a Caymanian lawyer, and her […]

“Steve Higgins & Friends Concert series return to The Cayman Islands!” Sun SEP 1 6PM

Consul General Oliver Mair makes debut appearance” August 20, 2019. Ft Lauderdale – For the fourth consecutive year, The Cayman Islands will once more receive a spectacular treat when Steve Higgins & Friends present their 2019 performance from their Annual “Evening of Excellence” concert series. This year’s theme will be “Music of the Heart!” The […]

Everything you need to know about pregnancy and drugs

From Ocean Breeze Recovery MOTHER-FETUS CONNECTION The profound connection between mother and fetus is deeper than most think. While mother and child don’t share blood, the placenta provides a connection between the two, allowing for the exchange of nutrients, wastes, and gasses. The placental wall acts as a barrier, albeit an extremely porous one. Substances […]

Pioneering report exposes global reach of so-called conversion therapy

A groundbreaking report released by OutRight Action International today exposes the global reach of so-called conversion therapy. Drawing on data from survey results with almost 500 respondents from 80 countries, and in-depth interviews with experts and survivors from more than a dozen countries, the report overwhelmingly shows that so-called conversion therapy efforts occur across the world […]