December 14, 2017

Flu increases other deadly risks in elderly

From Newsmax Even months after recovering from the flu, older people remain at increased risk for a heart attack, stroke or disability, a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases warns. “We all know about the illness influenza causes — obviously fever and making you feel poorly, aches and pains — and that is because it […]

Six Caribbean territories and states eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis

The World Health Organization has validated Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, and Saint Kitts and Nevis as achieving dual elimination Saint Kitts and Nevis/ Geneva, December 1, 2017 – Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Montserrat and Saint Kitts and Nevis were today certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as […]

Hospitals’ cooperation saves Jamaican farmer’s life in the Cayman Islands

Health City Cayman Islands debuts lung machine to treat complications associated with leptospirosis CAYMAN ISLANDS (November 28, 2017) – A Jamaican farmer who had a life-threatening case of leptospirosis is alive today thanks to the cooperation of two major hospitals in the Cayman Islands. Following a referral from the government-owned Health Services Authority (HSA), doctors […]

Cayman Islands Minister of Health’s Message for World AIDS Day Dec 1 2017

Minister for Health, Environment, Culture and Housing Hon. Dwayne Seymour, JP, MLA World AIDS Day 2017 1 December 2017 As the festive season approaches, it is always a poignant time of year for people who have lost loved ones, particularly those who have succumbed to an illness such as HIV and AIDS. It is important, […]

Disaster Resilience Centre to be established in Caribbean

By Tashion Hewitt Stennett From JIS Story Highlights Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Dr. Taleb Rifai, says a resilience recovery centre will be established in the Caribbean. Dr. Rifai said that while the UNWTO may not be the best qualified agency to bring in physical and material aids for crisis-stricken […]

New PAHO/WHO, UNAIDS report puts HIV prevention in the spotlight

World AIDS Day 2017 – December 1 PAHO/WHO, UNAIDS call for stepping up HIV prevention efforts and offering all available options to prevent new infections New report says that expanding access to all prevention options could reduce the 120,000 new cases of HIV reported each year in Latin America and the Caribbean Washington, DC, November […]

Help protect Malokhat TODAY

From Freedom United We must do something now. On November 12, Uzbek police raided the home of journalist and human rights advocate Malokhat Eshonkulova, and confiscated some of her belongings, including electric heaters, in a nearly 11-hour search for her computer and cell phone. Malokhat is being targeted for her work monitoring forced and child labor in Uzbekistan’s government-run cotton harvest.[1] Help protect Malokhat now […]

JCPD and British Council host Summit Nov. 29

By Denise Dennis From JIS Story Highlights The Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities (JCPD) has partnered with the British Council to host an Inclusion and Diversity Summit on Wednesday (November 29) that will explore the economic and social value of making Kingston a more inclusive city for disabled persons. Executive Director of the JCPD, […]

Cayman Islands police: No Tolerance approach to parking in disabled parking place “Blue Spot”

From RCIPS The RCIPS would like to remind members of the public that Disabled Parking Spaces, or “Blue Spots” as they are often called because they are painted blue, are only to be used by persons with a disabled card that is visibly displayed in their vehicle. Able-bodied persons who park their vehicle in disabled […]

World Bank says Haiti needs to invest more in health care

From The Jamaica Gleaner WASHINGTON (CMC): The World Bank says the health sector in Haiti needs more public investments and better allocation of resources so as to improve access to health care for all Haitians. In a report titled ‘Better Spending, Better Care: A Look at Haiti’s Health Financing’, the financial institution notes that public spending […]