April 23, 2019

Cayman Islands on a budget

The Cayman Islands is an autonomous British Overseas Territory in the western Caribbean Sea. It is the second-most populated British overseas territory after Bermuda. The territory is often considered a major world offshore financial haven for international businesses and many wealthy individuals. The Cayman Islands is an exotic destination that attracts many people from all over […]

Celebrating the food and drink victories at Taste of Cayman

Taste of Cayman Food and Drink Festival 2019 brought out a buffet of talent to the Festival Green, Camana Bay, on Saturday, April 6. From the long list of talented restaurants there were a few stand out vendors that impressed both the secret panel of judges as well as the festival attendees. The people’s choice […]

Caribbean Countries to benefit from partnership to develop climate-resilient fisheries and aquaculture industries REPORT

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, April 10, 2019. The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) and CCRIF SPC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop climate-resilient fisheries and aquaculture industries in the region. The purpose of the MOU is to formalize collaboration around the Caribbean Oceans and Aquaculture Sustainability Facility (COAST) initiative, which will help to […]

2019′s Dirty Dozen: Which foods have the most pesticides?

By Mary Daly From Care2 Beware the “Dirty Dozen.” The Environmental Working Group has released its annual list of fruits and vegetables most likely to be contaminated with pesticides, based on testing from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And this year’s Dirty Dozen — as the produce is nicknamed — has some unsettling surprises. “Overall, the USDA found 225 different pesticides and pesticide […]

Investigation exposes heartbreaking abuse on dairy farm supplying Nestle

By Alicia Graef From Care2 Many dairy products sit so innocuously on store shelves across the country, but behind them is an industry filled with cruelty and suffering, and dairy cows who continue to pay the ultimate price for them. While the industry itself is no stranger to undercoverinvestigations exposing cruelty, yet another just released by Compassion Over Killing (COK) conducted at Martin […]

iNews Briefs & Community Events

Cayman Islands First Baptist Activities for Seniors in North Side, Bodden Town and East End Older Persons are invited to the following events that have been organised this month by their district’s community development officers: North Side ●Tuesday, 16 April 2019 – Computer classes – North Side Library, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.,  ●Tuesday, 23 April 2019 – Bingo – […]

Drink recipe of the week

Raspberry Beer Margaritas By The Blond Cook From Yummly 6 Ingredients 5 Minutes 40 Calories Ingredients 12 ounces limeade concentrate (thawed) 12 ounces club soda 12 ounces tequila 8 ounces Bud Light Raz-ber-rita lime wedges kosher salt INSTRUCTIONS Rub rim of glass with lime wedge. Dip into kosher salt on a plate to rim glass. Pour limeade concentrate, club soda, tequila and raz-beer-rita in […]

5 Coconut oil facts you should know

By Brian Syuki From Care2 Coconut oil is “pure poison”. Karin Michels Ph.D., a professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, uttered those words. She went on to declare that coconut oil is one of the worst foods you can eat. In fact, she’s not the only one who has taken a strong stand […]


MIT’s ‘cyber-agriculture’ optimizes basil flavors By Devin Coldewey From TechCrunch The days when you could simply grow a basil plant from a seed by placing it on your windowsill and watering it regularly are gone — there’s no point now that machine learning-optimized hydroponic “cyber-agriculture” has produced a superior plant with more robust flavors. The […]

Cayman Islands Easter bun, the junk-food experiment, Summer camps for weight loss and more

Inspired Lifestyles with Donna Spring Programs Begin After EasterScroll Down to Read About:Bun and Cheese – An Easter Tradition in Cayman and JamaicaFresh Start – Achieve Your Healthiest WeightThe BBC Fast Food Experiment – A Game Changer?Specialty-Summer Camps Support Weight Loss for Teens             Although I offer a variety of programs and services, (see my […]