December 13, 2018

4 Reasons why bananas kind of suck

Just a few days we published an article from Care2 under the title “15 Surprising Uses for Bananas by Katie Waldeck”. Again from Care2 we publish an article by Eric Steinman* that doesn’t exactly sing their praises: If there is one food my wife will not tolerate, it has to be the banana. Her categorical […]

Is Banning Foie Gras the Solution to the Problem?

By Eric Steinman Eric Steinman is a freelance writer based in Rhinebeck, NY. He regularly writes about food, music, art, architecture, and culture and is a regular contributor to Bon Appétit among other publications. Foie gras…. discuss! Considering the highly volatile and controversial nature of the subject, it is almost sufficient to just mention this […]

15 Surprising Uses for Bananas by Katie Waldeck

Katie is a freelance writer focused on pets, food and women’s issues. A Chicago native and longtime resident of the Pacific Northwest, Katie now lives in Oakland, California. Sure, most of us love to enjoy bananas for breakfast or, perhaps, a snack. But bananas have so much more going for them than just a delicious […]

Dishin’ with Dody: The Ewings, Ranch, and Dressing, too!

Dallas is back!  I’m not referring to the third largest city in Texas.  Nor, am I talking about the world famous Cowboy football team.  No, my excitement is the return of the soapiest of soap operas…the best of ‘80’s television…the show that bought the world together with the question, “Who shot J.R.?” There are only […]

8 Healthy Food Swaps You Haven’t Heard Of

By Divine Caroline 1. Quinoa instead of rice or pasta White rice and pasta are “bad” or simple carbs—you know, the ones that don’t provide much in the way of nutrition. But quinoa! This amazing ancient grain not only acts as a perfect platform for soaking up sauces, just like pasta and rice, but also […]

Rajki Delicacies introduce TWO new flavours at Cafe Blue Show

Rajki Delicacies will introduce two new flavours – a delicate taste of coconut  and a hint of cinnamon kurma at Cafe Blue, Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica next Saturday 23 June. The new coconut and cinnamon flavours along with original kurma will be a delicious treat for families heading over to Montego Bay for a fun-filled […]

Rajki Delicacies to exhibit at Café Blue, Montego Bay

Rajki Delicacies of Florida will be showing off their “Kurma” snack line at Café Blue, Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica on Saturday 23rd June Kurma is crunch fried dough coated with sugar syrup and is absolutely delicious. Kurma can be enjoyed at any time and is best enjoyed with hot beverages (coffee, tea, cider, chocolate, […]

Drink Downsizing: Is the Proposed NYC Soda Ban a Good Thing?

Another great article from Care2: By Eric Steinman Without a doubt, the consumption of sugary soda drinks is a major contributing factor to what is deemed as our current “obesity epidemic.” And when you consider consumers are routinely buying such sodas in epic proportions, like the ever-popular Big Gulp sold at 7-Eleven, you start gathering […]

Celebrating Health with Caribbean Nutrition Day

Since 2005, Caribbean Nutrition Day has been designated on 1 June by the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI) to highlight the benefits of healthy eating and an active lifestyle. This year’s theme “Healthy Eating and Active Living: Create an Enabling School/Work/Community Environment” is in line with the Public Health Department’s Be Fit Cayman! wellness […]

Crab lovers fly into Jamaica for Crab Fest

Crab lovers will be in for a treat today as the scenic Paradise Park near Savanna-la-Mar in Westmoreland hosts the 2012 edition of the annual ‘Busha Crab Fest.’ Against a backdrop of intermittent rain last year, chefs such as Randie Anderson, of Rainforest Seafoods cooked up a scrumptious delight – which included curried crab and […]