January 24, 2018

Someone actually returned their sandwich because it wasn’t cut equally

BY JOHNNY LIEU From Mashable Yes, there are some of us out there who are mad picky about how our food is served. After all, you’ve handed over your hard-earned cash and expect the whole thing won’t be a complete mess, or at the very least, contains the extra avocado you paid for. But not […]

Taste of Cayman prepares to celebrate 30 years of food and drink

The Taste of Cayman Food and Drink Festival organisers are setting the stage for the largest festival yet, as the event prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary with more features and activities than ever before. The festival, which is the Cayman Islands Tourism Association’s largest annual fundraiser, will be held Saturday, January 27, 2018 at the […]

Five Charleston women tapped to serve on Atlanta Food & Wine’s all-female advisory council

By Stephanie Barna From Post and Courier The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival’s 2018 advisory council is made up of more than 60 women, including five from Charleston: Ann Marshall of High Wire Distilling, Michelle Weaver of Charleston Grill, Cynthia Wong of Butcher & Bee, Katy Keefe of McCrady’s and Andrea Upchurch of Magnolias. According […]

New Orleans’ Caribbean chefs give Jerk Chicken Fest authentic flavor

By Ann Maloney From NOLA NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune In an ideal world, jerk chicken would be grilled over an open fire scented with pimento wood, the sounds of sizzling meat mingling with the gentle lapping of waves and a favorite reggae tune. These days, Clinton “Johnny” Haughton of Montego Bay, Jamaica, owner of Johnny’s […]

The one dish Rick Bayless is obsessed with making in his pressure cooker

By MARIA YAGODA From Food & Wine If you’re Italian, this might upset you. Even celebrity chefs are not immune to the allure of the pressure cooker, known to many as the Instant Pot, a device that has revolutionized convenience in the kitchen. Rick Bayless, of Frontera Grill in Chicago, cherishes pressure-cooking so much that […]

Sailing the Caribbean in style onboard Viking Sky

BY JAMES LISTON From TTG Scandi style and charm meet value for money on a Viking Ocean cruise, as James Litston discovers in the Caribbean. Viking Sky West-Indies-ExplorerSHARELINESTwitterFacebook”Agents should feel confident recommending it to clients who enjoy quality, style and understated elegance..” I don’t think I have ever seen waves quite as tall as this. […]

‘Forbidden fruit’ locked up as Tide Pods meme reaches epic proportions

BY BRITTANY LEVINE BECKMAN From Mashable You know a meme has gone too far when people start sharing images of Tide Pods locked up at their local store.Several retailers including Walmart, Walgreens, Ralph’s, and Food 4 Less have locked up Tide Pods in plastic blocks or behind glass doors, according to recent social media reports. […]

Reminder of Cayman Islands Fishery Regulations for the New Year

The Department of Environment (DoE) reminds the public that fishery rules are in effect for a variety of marine life at this time of the year. These fishery rules apply to all individuals and businesses, and should be kept in mind when planning fishing trips. “It is vital that we respect the fishery rules of […]

Recipe of the week

Recipe: Sunken Apple Cake (Versunkener Apfelkuchen) By Luisa Weiss From The Kitchn There are countless apple cakes in Germany, but this one, in which a rather plain batter rises up and bakes around sliced apples, has to be one of the most popular. Cakes like these are often called Mittwochskuchen (Wednesday cakes) because they can […]

Royal Caribbean sick passengers: Outbreak disrupts cruise

By Clyde Hughes    From Newsmax Royal Caribbean has reported 47 sick passengers from a gastrointestinal outbreak on board the Grandeur of the Seas cruise ship, Fox News reported Friday. The ship left Baltimore Jan. 2 with about 2,900 guests and staff with planned stops to Charleston, South Carolina, Orlando, and the Bahamas,according to Fox […]