March 22, 2019

The blessings and burdens of a Cayman Islands trust dispute

From Carey Olsen Raw family wounds, generational rifts, and suspicions of wrong-doing are the bread and butter of trust disputes in the modern world.  It is therefore a brave, and perhaps foolhardy, trustee who would seek to implement momentous change to a trust in the face of such contention – even where expressly empowered to […]

Assessors identify Cayman Islands ‘deficiencies’

By Jonathan Kent from Royal Gazette The Cayman Islands has failed to fully appreciate the risks of money laundering and terrorism financing and has a poor record on investigating and prosecuting financial crime. Those are two of the findings detailed in a report published this week by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force, based on […]

Cayman Islands: Island Heritage announces changes to the Board

Island Heritage Insurance Company, Ltd. (“Island Heritage” or “the Company”) announced the retirement of Mr. Gavin Arton as Chairman of the Board of the Company, effective at the Annual General Meeting of Island Heritage on 19 March 2019. Mr. Arton has served as a Director and Chairman of Island Heritage since 2012. Mr. Conor O’Dea […]

Consistency: The Success of the Cayman Islands

By Jeff Thomas, From PMIFeature Writer for Doug Casey’s International Man and Strategic Wealth Preservation Not surprisingly, as I’m called upon frequently to counsel investors seeking advice on their international diversification, one of the most oft-asked questions is why my principle country of residence, the Cayman Islands, is so uniquely advantageous. Whilst I discuss this subject […]

10 travel safety tips every executive should know

Business travel for executives is very much prone to different health and safety risks. Following some practical safety tips before and while you are on the road might save you from glitches throughout your trip. Considering that you might have a tight and hectic schedule, it is only essential for you to consider the potential […]

Brexit: Theresa May ‘hopes’ UK will leave EU with a deal

From BBC Theresa May has said she “sincerely hopes” the UK will leave the EU with a deal and she is still “working on” ensuring Parliament’s agreement. Arriving in Brussels, she said that she had “personal regret” over her request to delay Brexit, but said it will allow time for MPs to make a “final […]

Invitation to launch & public consultation of OECS development strategy

OECS Media Alert: ‘Its Your Future – Its Your Say’ Public Consultation on the OECS Development Strategy Thursday, March 21, 2019 — The OECS Commission in conjunction with its extensive stakeholders over a period of two years has developed a leading Development Strategy for Member Nations of the OECS to tap into the immense economic opportunities […]

EcoSmart reports remarkable progress of partner Caribbean Energy

By Salpriya Iyer From ConstructionCU EcoSmart Surface & Coating Technologies, a manufacturer of smart surface coatings materials recently announced that Caribbean Energy Solutions, LLC, the company’s international licensee and distribution partner for HVAC industrial coatings vertical, has achieved several milestones that are meaningful for its business development. The achievements are expected to significantly contribute to […]

Cyclone Idai: ‘15,000 people still need to be rescued’

From BBC Some 15,000 people still need to be rescued from the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai, Mozambique officials say. The cyclone victims there are stranded by catastrophic flooding and are clinging to roofs or stuck in trees, charities say. In the port city of Beira, aid workers say there are only two to three […]

RUBiS Cayman Islands launches RUBiS Top Student 2019 awards program

RUBiS Cayman Islands launched the RUBiS Top Student 2019 awards program this week opening the submission period for the program which aims to recognise, reward and motivate children with a financial grant to pursue their passions. The contest is open to students aged 7-12 in the Cayman Islands who demonstrate enthusiasm towards activities they are […]