March 24, 2018

iThought for February 29, 2012

Do not choose to despise a just man who is poor, and do not choose to magnify a sinful man who is rich. Ecclesiaticus 10:26

iThought for February 25 – 27, 2012

Receive a stranger to yourself, and he will overthrow you with a whirlwind, and he will alienate you from what is your very own. Ecclesiasticus 11: 36

iThought for February 24, 2012

All power is of short life. A prolonged sickness is of grave concern to a physician. Ecclesiaticus 10:11

iThought for February 22, 2012

There is nothing more iniquitous than to love money. For such a one has sold even his own soul. For in his life, he casts aside his innermost being. Ecclesiaticus 10:10

iThought for February 21, 2012

But nothing is more wicked than a greedy man. Why should that which is earth and ashes be arrogant? Ecclesiaticus 10:9

iThought for February 18, 2012

A kingdom is transferred from one people to another because of injustices, and injuries, and contempt, and every kind of deceit. Ecclesiaticus 10:8

iThought for February 17, 2012

Arrogance is hateful in the sight of God and of men. And all iniquity among the nations is abominable. Ecclesiaticus 10:7

iThought for February 16, 2012

You should forget all injury done to you by your neighbor, and you should do nothing among the works of injury. Ecclesiaticus 10:6

iThought for February 15, 2012

The prosperity of a man is in the hand of God, and he will place his honor above the face of the scribe. Ecclesiaticus 10:5

iThought for February 14, 2012

Power over the earth is in the hand of God, and, in due time, he will raise up a helpful leader over the earth. Ecclesiaticus 10:4