May 26, 2017

The Progressives: STRONGER

From The Progressives 2017 Manifesto A STRONGER CAYMAN BRAC & LITTLE CAYMAN Our vision for Cayman Brac & Little Cayman includes a development plan that encourages economic growth based on the preservation of the environment, culture, and traditions of the Sister Islands. Development must be sufficient to allow Brackers to be able to make a […]

ISIL in the Caribbean: Why Trinidadians fight in Syria and Iraq

By Juliana Ruhfus From AlJazeera How did the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago become the nation with the highest number of ISIS recruits per capita in the Western Hemisphere? Caribbean to Caliphate – there are few films I have made that received similar, curious interest from friends and colleagues. Usually after a few seconds […]

Trump fails to remind Liberty University graduates a ‘Moral Majority’ Crucified Jesus

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling Since people who believe they’re self-made usually worship their creator, or themselves, some theologians think President Donald Trump’s commencement speech Saturday before Liberty University’s soon-to-be graduates did little to advance the historical message and life of Jesus of Nazareth. Speaking in a packed stadium resembling the Roman Empire’s Coliseum, […]

Temple Beth Shalom in Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands

From Temple Beth Shalom. You might not expect to find a synagogue in the Cayman Islands, where the population is almost exclusively Protestant. Yet nestled amidst the lovely gardens behind the Mango Manor inn is one of the smallest and most charming Jewish temples around. The Jewish population of Cayman Brac is comprised […]

Service for candidates

A Service of Worship with the Candidates in the Cayman Islands 2017 General Elections By Georgina Wilcox Elmslie Memorial Church last Sunday was packed to capacity last Sunday (7) when the large majority of the 61 candidates standing in the May 23rd General Elections were present along with their supporters, friends and interested members of […]

Cayman Islands Child Month opens with Annual Church Service

Child Month began with a packed church service at the Cayman Islands Baptist Church on Pedro Castle Road, Sunday, 30 April 2017. Central to the service were remarks, in keeping with this year’s theme “Our Children Today and Tomorrow,” by Minister for Community Affairs, Youth and Sports, Hon. Osbourne Bodden. The Minister reminded the congregation […]

Losing our religion: Your guide to a godless future

By Graham Lawton From New Scientist The human mind is primed to believe in god, so why are so many people abandoning religion – and should we be worried about living in an atheist world? ON AN unseasonably warm Sunday morning in London, I do something I haven’t done for more than 30 years: get […]

Haitians make pilgrimage, pray for a better future

From Caribbean News Service GANTHIER, Haiti, Apr 19 2017 — Arms raised to the heavens, tens of thousands of Haitians flocked to a craggy hillside to pray and seek renewal in one of the spiritually steeped country’s biggest annual pilgrimages — one of many exuberant expressions of Good Friday devotion across the Americas. At a […]

Bahamian master motivator celebrates 30 years in business

From Caribbean News Now NASSAU, Bahamas — Bahamian born international motivational speaker, corporate trainer, bishop of motivation, customer service evangelist, talk show host and author, master motivator Spence Finlayson, is celebrating 30 years in business. Finlayson began his career as a motivational speaker in 1987 while working as an advertising sales consultant for BATELCO’s Yellow […]

Talk of Catholic Church Schism as Conservatives oppose Pope

From newsmax There has been a “growing backlash” in the church to some of Pope Francis’ more progressive ideas, The Los Angeles Times reports. It has been led “largely by German and American bishops who fear the pope may be overturning centuries of doctrine on divorce, among other matters,” the newspaper reports. And it has […]