May 23, 2018

You Tube: remove clips of captive slow lorises

Target: You Tube Sponsored by: International Animal Rescue Indonesia ( The slow loris is an endangered primate species from South-East Asia. Partly due to videos on You Tube, the slow loris is a very popular pet both in its native countries and internationally. Although the videos show a cute, furry animal which seems to enjoy […]

Yes, you can fight invasive species by eating them

Popular Mechanics Two years ago, Glenn Reynolds reported on how Caribbean divers and chefs are fighting lionfish, an invader from the Indian Ocean, by putting them on restaurant menus. Now he returns to Grand Cayman and finds the result: Yep, it’s been working. A while back, I wrote a piece here on dealing with invasive […]

Ecotourism Can Be Animals’ Pet Peeve

From Scientific American Stingrays that interact with humans at an interactive tourism area change their normal activity patterns and interact with each other more aggressively than animals not dealing with people. Amy Kraft reports. Some ecotourism offers visitors close encounters with different species. But new research suggests that these activities may not be so great […]

National Coastal Awareness Committee to focus efforts on invasive species

From Bahama islands info NASSAU, Bahamas — The Coastal Awareness Committee of The Bahamas, a group of stakeholders from the private and public sectors with an interest in promoting the sustainable development of The Bahamas, has announced the focus for their campaign in 2013 – the effects that Invasive Species have on our coastal environment. […]

Another very active Atlantic hurricane season says all forecasters

Extended range forecast of Atlantic seasonal hurricane activity and landfall strike probability for 2013 from CSU By Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray From Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University (CSU) (as of 10 April 2013) We anticipate that the 2013 Atlantic basin hurricane season will have enhanced activity compared with the 1981-2010 […]

G8 ministers condemn North Korea nuclear moves

BBC Foreign ministers from the G8 group of nations have condemned in the “strongest possible terms” North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes. Tensions have risen on the Korean peninsula in recent weeks. The ministers also expressed “deep concerns about the increasing human tragedy of the conflict in Syria”. They also endorsed what they […]

Living Green Fair Sat April 20

Cayman Islands Departments of Tourism and Environment (DOT) and (DOE) invite everyone to the Living Green Fair on Saturday, April 20, 2013, 10:00am – 4:00pm at the Lions Centre and the admission is Free!! The Cayman Islands Environmental Programme for the Tourism Sector (CEPTS) is a program initiated to encourage the implementation of environmental best […]

DMS Responds to allegations of roundabout road safety

Caymanian business conglomerate DMS would like to respond to allegations, speculation and public discussion on the topic of the DMS Roundabout.  The DMS Roundabout was conceived as a gift to our community, an important collaboration between the public and the private sector providing vital means of communication during special community events, emergencies or natural disasters.  […]

Deadly quake in south-west Iran’s Bushehr province

BBC A 6.3 magnitude earthquake has killed more than 30 people and injured 850 in south-west Iran, officials say. Rescue teams have been sent to the affected area, but darkness is hampering rescue operations. The quake struck 90km (60 miles) south of the country’s only nuclear power station in Bushehr, the US Geological Survey (USGS) […]

Why doesn’t WSPA view the CTF ‘independent inspection’ report as a legitimate basis for constructive dialogue?

Following public pressure from nearly 180,000 individuals across 150 countries (WSPA, 2012), WSPA was encouraged to see that the Cayman Turtle Farm  (CTF) responded to our animal welfare concerns by commissioning an independent inspection to establish whether its operation was conducted in  ‘a humane manner i.e. non-cruel manner’ (Balazs et al, 2013).  However, following a […]