October 23, 2019

The Editor speaks: Should security guards be armed?

The answer to that question is not easy? It invites more questions. Where is the security guard going to be placed? What are the working times for the security guard? What weapons will the security guards going to be armed with? What training is given to security guards to protect themselves and others, with and […]

The Editor speaks: The Four JUST Men

I am not discussing “The Four Just Men” detective thriller published in 1905 by the British writer Edgar Wallace. Nor am I discussing the 1959 television series of the same name produced by Sapphire Films for ITC Entertainment. A large proportion of our readers probably have never read the novel nor watched the television series. […]

The Editor speaks: The KEY concerns of the CPR

CPR have been busy over the past weeks to come up with their KEY CONCERNS over the Cruise Port Project. In a Press Release yesterday (19) they have found SIX. But hold on a minute, the release says Part 1.and there is going to be two more parts not yet released. You can bet there […]

The Publisher speaks: Do you remember “Malfunction Junction”?

By Joan Wilson It is one huge traffic jam every weekday evening (and Fridays it is just hell) at the roadworks at the small roundabout that meets at Shedden Road to the Airport Road that leads to Foster’s Supermarket. When the roadworks has been completed I’m sure all will be well – at least some […]

The Editor speaks: The Blame Game

I am not talking about the hit British television show called “The Blame Game” where news and comedy collide in a satirical Northern Ireland chat show, where members of the public get to ask a panel of comedians their burning questions of the week. If you haven’t seen it you can view many of the […]

The Editor speaks: Aren’t our leaders concerned about the rising sea levels?

Have you heard a peep from anyone in government about the rising sea levels? Whether they are worried about it? Whether it is out of their hands so they can’t do anything about it? Whether there are any plans in place to look at all the buildings built close to the sea and to recommend […]

The Publisher speaks: Scrabbling

I wrote this poem twenty plus years ago when chickens were having a bad time scrabbling for food because of the new development in George Town. Yes, this was before Camana Bay changed things. Since then, the chickens moved out, multiplied, and have become a pest. Chickens weren’t the only ones who have moved out […]

The Publisher speaks: Togetherness is one reason I write poems

By Joan Wilson Every night when I watch World News via the BBC and ABC, I am horrified at what I see and hear. I say to Colin, “Not one good peace of news”. He always tells me to wait as both networks nearly always place one tiny tit bit of “heartwarming” news to finish […]

The Editor speaks: Twelve Just Men

My title could easily have been “Twelve (almost the same) Just Men”. Or another one – “Almost Just Men”. You see, there is a woman amongst the twelve just men. The new faces are Jaron Leslie, a lawyer with Harneys; Roland Bodden, a surveyor; and the lone woman, former manager of the National Trust, Christina […]

The Editor speaks: “Those who fly us, Love us”

Soon after winning awards as “The Best Airline”, many now have not been happy with the delays and cancellations over the past week the airline have had. The slogan “Those who fly us, Love us” is not one many passengers have been singing. However, is it Cayman Airways fault? In a new Release the Airline […]