October 17, 2019


The Editor Speaks: Not a time for rejoicing. A time for healing Christmas is a time for rejoicing and if we are rejoicing at the birthday of Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago then so be it. However, here in the Cayman Islands I saw much celebration, waving and rejoicing after the passing of a […]

The Editor Speaks: Cayman’s crash course in corruption

Never in my wildest dreams would I have known that the two top stories we ran yesterday (11) concerning corruption i.e. “International Anti-Corruption Day” and ”Professor says radical reforms needed to strengthen anti-corruption” would seemingly set in motion a crash course right into our back door the following day. The shocking news to wake up […]

“Stand up for your country” from PPM

Stand up now for your country The letter of 2nd November from the Overseas Minister, Hon. Mark Simmonds, to the Premier must be a matter of grave concern and import to all the people of the Cayman Islands.  Please read the letter and recognize that it uses diplomatic language to condemn: 1.         the Premier’s failure […]

Mother (known as Mama)

    Mother (better known as Mama) ‘Mama’ as we called her was so quiet and sweet To hug and kiss her was really a treat. She was fat like mothers of her day you see Having nine healthy children she was pleased as could be. She never wandered far from home – no way, […]

Sudoku Puzzle Sep 20

Former minister outlines solutions to Cayman Islands woes

Solutions vs Politics By: Charles E. Clifford, JP – Former Minister of Tourism, Environment, Investment & Commerce  I write to discuss the acute political, financial and reputational issues facing our country and the need for our collective behavior and decisions to reflect the seriousness of the situation. The focus must be on solutions. I will […]

Sudoku Puzzle Aug 16

Letter to the Editor

From Florence Nozza First Letter SHOCKING DETAILS ABOUT THE OMOV, ONE MAN ONE VOTE The proposed Cayman Islands One Man One Vote System is controversial and has far too many holes and no stoppers. OMOV  will only establish electoral boundaries, a Political Geography of Immigration Controls  as a Fast Developing Country. A small population of […]

Ban Paraquat in the Cayman Islands

iNews Cayman 100% backs this petition to have the pesticide Paraquat banned in the Cayman Islands. Target: Cayman Islands Government & Local Businesses Sponsored by: Ban Paraquat Cayman More than 20 dogs have died as a result of Paraquat poisioning in Cayman since the end of 2011. Even more alarming, the most recent incidents include deliberate […]

The Editor Speaks: What does the word “fair” mean?

The premier said in the LA when he was speaking about the referendum on the One Man, One Vote (OMOV) issue that he was being as fair as possible. Even knowing Mr. Bush as I do I gasped at that. What does the meaning of “being as fair as possible” mean to you? To me, […]