November 18, 2019

OPINION: Turkey’s attempt of genocide against the Kurdish peoples with Russian and American approval

By Jolly Green Russia has taken a fortune out of Syria; they have milked it dry. Sold them arms protected the president while emptying the Syrian gold and monetary reserves. Followed up with protection by Both Russian military conjoined with Russian mercenary private soldiers owned by Russian corporations which Vladimir Putin is a sleeper shareholder […]

The Editor speaks: Miracles do happen Mr. Premier

Like the rest of Cayman’s media houses I have had to go to the Cayman Compass to read our premier, Alden McLaughlin’s, discourse on the Cruise berthing Facility/Referendum. He gave the interview to the newspaper he raged about not so long ago. It seem it is back in his favour. The interview did not sit […]

The Editor speaks: A Radio/Telethon without a Telethon

The 40th NCVO Radio/Telethon is going ahead on Saturday October 19th at The Prospect Playhouse without the Telethon. With only two weeks of being on air CITN, as it was known then, (the for-runner of the marketing name Cayman27) televised the NCVO Telethon as a separate broadcast from the Radiothon. It was 32 years ago. […]

The Editor speaks: Clutching at straws?

I have an open mind about the Cruise Ship Berthing facility and have tried to be as unbiased as I can. I have torn into both the government and the Cayman Port Referendum (CPR) crowd in their one sided views and so called “facts”. Both sides have either sent out misleading information or kept a […]

The Editor speaks: Government, Compass and TV Community Based News

With government, or rather our premier, forcing the closing down of the only free over the air television broadcast station and the only one with local televised news, CITN/Cayman27, we are ‘happy’ to be able to report that once again you can now watch local news. The premier promised he had a solution and he […]

The Publisher speaks: “Month of the Older Person”

By Joan E. Wilson I know this has been published before here on iNews Cayman but Colin has asked me to republish it again. of course I have to obey my husband, don’t I? LOL. I wanted to read this at the government sponsored event at Pedro Castle, last Tuesday (i) but it was not […]

The Editor speaks: Who is an audiophile?

I am. I have been a lover of high-fidelity sound since I was a teenager – over sixty years ago. I was one of the first persons to buy a quadraphonic amplifier that controlled four speakers, instead of the stereo (two speakers) I had enjoyed. This was a forerunner of the surround sound we have […]

The Editor speaks: Older persons

Today, as I write this (Tue October 1), it is International Day of Older Persons. Here, in Cayman, we have a whole month of activities that started today with a Tea Party at Pedro St. James. My wife is currently there taking tea with who knows. However, she knows almost all Caymanians still living, so […]

The Editor speaks: “We didn’t have this ‘green thing’

The following was sent to me by one of our readers. There is absolutely no need to add anything to it. Ponder and enjoy: Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the much older lady that she should bring her own grocery bags, because plastic bags are not good for the environment,. […]

The Editor speaks: Tipping

We have published an article today under the title of “A New Guide to Tipping in the Gig Economy” The story relates “the history of rewarding good service with additional money is murky, but it most likely originated in Europe, possibly in medieval times, when a serf would receive a tip from his lord for […]