January 22, 2018

The Editor Speaks: What is transparency?

Politicians love to band the word ‘transparency’ about. Unless you actually get to run the country. Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller used the word ‘transparency’ a number of times when he announced his ‘shadow’ cabinet were going to produce a national social and economic plan called ‘Vision’. Auditor General Sue Winspear, speaking to CNS about the […]

The Editor speaks: Garbage is back to normal

The Radio Cayman Lunchtime Call In show yesterday, I understand, had representatives from our government Environmental Health Department who stated that garbage had been all cleared and back on normal schedule. I did not hear the broadcast but was informed by one of our readers that this was stated. I can say when I contacted […]

The Editor speaks: Much ado about nothing

Here in the Cayman Islands we have had two recent ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. One has thankfully past and the other is ongoing. The first involved a Christian Gospel Concert being held on a Sunday that involved live musicians playing and singing gospel music at an outside venue that according to the media (social, print […]

The Editor speaks: More rubbish

It would seem our rubbish problem is getting worse and more rubbish is coming forth from Press Releases from the Department of Environmental Health (DEH). Before Christmas our rubbish collections were getting further and further behind. The reason given was labour issues, overtime put on hold and vehicular breakdowns. However, the DEH sent out a […]

The Editor speaks: Resolutions

Did you make a resolution or resolutions for this New Year? I used to but that was a long time ago. So long ago I don’t even remember what resolutions I made and if I ever kept them. It’s not a bad idea, though, to resolve to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish […]

The Editor speaks: I am ashamed

It is bad enough when members of our media get on the bandwagon over the Government sponsored Gospel Concert with Russ Taff and Michael English held on Sunday (31 December) night at the Lion’s Centre. This is the same night some businesses in Cayman had to cancel their New Year’s Eve plans due to the […]

The Editor speaks and police officers locate three missing persons in one day!

A very Happy New Year to all our readers and we look forward to a glorious 2018. Everyone at iNews Cayman look forward to serving our readers even better. Let us know what you like what you don’t like and what you would like to see. We promise to look very closely at what you […]

The Editor speaks: Social media

Former US President Barack Obama said social media platforms can lead people to make snap judgements about complex decisions, “Social media is a really powerful tool for people of common interests to convene and get to know each other and connect. “But then it’s important for them to get offline, meet in a pub, meet […]

The Editor speaks: I hope you all had a blessed Christmas

With a year that is nearly at the end and the closest we have come to a nuclear war, it was so nice for Joan and I to have a lovely Christmas and forget the bad and be part of what is good. It started with lunch with old friends on Saturday and then many […]

The Editor speaks: A very Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year

Having lived in the beautiful Cayman Islands for over 35 years I was waiting for the outcry from the business community (and others) that there will be no dancing, singing or live music in public places, after midnight on New Year’s Eve (into New year’s Day). Aghast! One would think from other media Editorials, letters, […]