April 24, 2019

Statement on the Terrorist Attacks in Sri Lanka

Chairman of the OECS Authority Dr. The Hon Ralph Gonsalves Monday, April 22, 2019 — Chairman of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. The Hon. Ralph Gonsalves, has on behalf of the Heads of Government of the regional grouping of eleven nations, offered his heartfelt […]

Australia: ‘Not my job’: Barnaby Joyce angrily rejects criticism over controversial water buyback [links to Cayman Islands]

By Nicole Hasam From The Sydney Morning Herald Former water minister Barnaby Joyce signed off on a controversial water buyback deal without questioning key details, including links to the Cayman Islands, because it was “not my job” to know who would benefit from the decision, he says. In an explosive interview on ABC Radio Monday […]

Billions Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: Kappa Beta Dreams

By Elena Nicolaou From Refinery29 Let’s go back to a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in this episode of Billions, “Maximum Recreational Death.” Because in Kate Sacker’s (Condola Rashad) one subtle gesture exists an alternate reading to the entire show. What are the men of Billions when perceived through the eyes of the women in their lives, if not tragically misguided? Rewind to […]

Reggae star and CoP press for Caribbean unity

By Kevin Felmine From Trinidad & Tobago Guardian While re­la­tions be­tween T&T and Ja­maica seems ques­tion­able at times, a hand­shake be­tween Ja­maican reg­gae star Bu­ju Ban­ton and Com­mis­sion­er of Po­lice Gary Grif­fith might just see the start of greater uni­ty be­tween the na­tions. “How can you ever think Trinidad and To­ba­go, don’t ever doubt, we are your […]

The Caribbean International Security and International Law

From Kaieuteur News By Dr Bertrand Ramcharan,Former UN Under-Secretary-Generaland Chancellor of the University of Guyana This is a time of dramatic global change and Caribbean foreign policy must evolve rapidly if we are to protect our security.We will need bold new initiatives at the United Nations and elsewhere.Historically, the Caribbean has contributed in manifold ways […]

The return of the Cold War in the Caribbean

By Scott B. MacDonald From Global Americans The Cold War is back in the Caribbean, but this not your father’s Cold War. While many of the actors are the same, the roles and motivations have changed. China has filled the void left by the Soviet Union as the main challenger to U.S. hegemony. Beijing’s goals […]


From NAN News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. April 23, 2019: Here are the top news making headlines from the Caribbean and its Diaspora for this Tuesday morning, April 23, 2019: The Caribbean nation of Jamaica has recorded a murder rate of 406 in just 110 days of 2019, officials say. An investigating judge has cleared […]

Cayman Islands police respond to Serious Domestic Incident in George Town; 1 man arrested

From RCIPS Just after 5:30PM Monday, 22 April, the 9-1-1 Communications Centre dispatched police to a residence in the Rock Hole neighbourhood of George Town where a man had cut two women known to him with a knife, and was holding a baby. Armed police deployed to the scene with a trained police negotiator.  When they […]

Facial recognition may help you get on a plane or cruise ship faster. Should you worry about your privacy?

By Ron Hurtoise From Phys Say goodbye to standing in long lines clutching boarding passes and other travel documents. Step this way, instead. Look into the camera lens and off you go. Sound convenient? Technology companies working with travel providers and the federal government to install facial recognition systems at airports and cruise terminals hope you think so. But […]

Gordon Barlow: Assange and the evil empire

By Gordon Barlow Whatever else he is, Assange is a master of propaganda. Every seller of goods or services in the world ought to be begging his advice on the subject. He may or may not have the skill to boost sales or revenue, but he sure can destroy his enemies’ credibility. Several years ago, […]