June 25, 2018

Judge suggests amnesty for overstayers in Cayman Islanders

From RJR Newsonline A judge in Cayman has suggested an overstayer amnesty in that country after hearing a case involving a Jamaican on Tuesday. The balance between proper punishment and costs to the state was debated in Summary Court when the Jamaican pleaded guilty to overstaying for six years. After passing a sentence of eight […]

iNews Briefs & Community Events

  NOTE: See also Community Events listed in DATE ORDER below articles and notices Cayman Islands: DOI early closure The Department of Immigration Headquarters, including the Visa Office, Enforcement Section, as well as the Passport and Corporate Services front counters will close to the public at 2:00p.m. on Thursday, 28 June 2018. Normal office hours […]

Key marijuana drug approval looms as cannabis goes mainstream

From Newsmax Evidence that cannabis can ease epilepsy and other conditions is building as a British company counts down to what would be the first U.S. government approval for a prescription drug derived from the marijuana plant. GW Pharmaceuticals, which has spent 20 years developing medicines from cannabis, is hoping for a Food and Drug […]

Charge of Animal Cruelty against Cayman Islands police constable

From RCIPS A man, age 26 of George Town, has been charged with one count of Animal Cruelty as a result of an investigation by the Department of Agriculture into an incident in December of 2017, during which it is alleged that the man delayed veterinary treatment to his pet dog after it had been […]

Correction: Wounding in East End Last Friday Night, 15 June

From RCIPS: Correction: 22 June 2018 Further to the below, we can confirm that the investigation indicates that the wounding occurred near a residence on Fiddler’s Way nearby, and not near the Pirates Cove Bar, as earlier reported. The victim was treated and released from hospital, and the incident remains under police investigation.   Wounding […]

Biggest global cybersecurity trends in 2018

With cyber attacks becoming more common and more complex and with new vulnerabilities being regularly exposed, many CSOs and COs around the world have spent billions of dollars preparing themselves for the worst. In fact, a recent report from Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that the global spending on cybersecurity products and services would exceed $1 trillion […]

New laws could make posting memes a punishable offense because nobody has a sense of humor anymore

By Mike Wehner From BGR Memes currently make up about 96% of the entire internet. Okay, that was a mild exaggeration, but it’s pretty obvious how much meme culture has grown in recent years. You can’t visit Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or just about anywhere else without seeing silly viral images and videos, but European lawmakers […]

UK: Police say there’s no evidence a man who died in the street in London was poisoned

By Rob Price from Business Insider A man died in the street in central London on Thursday, and there were fears he had been poisoned. The street was put on lockdown, and specialist police officers arrived at the scene — but there is no evidence of poison, the Metropolitan Police says. It’s not yet clear […]

A welcoming Caribbean shore for high-level Romanian fugitives

BY HULDA MIRANDA (COSTA RICA), NATHAN JACCARD (COLOMBIA), ANA POENARIU, ATTILA BIRO, PAUL RADU From OCCRP They were once two of the most powerful women in Romania — a top government minister and a chief prosecutor. But when they found themselves fugitives, convicted on corruption charges and facing years in prison, they chose the same […]

Man dies after his smartphone explodes and catches fire in his bedroom

By Chris Smith From BGR Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan died a few days ago after one of his two smartphones exploded while charging in his bedroom and the caught fire. From the available reports, it appears that the initial explosion caused some sort of injury that may have incapacitated the man. Smoke from the […]